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The Episode starts with Harleen saying you gave 5 lakhs just like that. Sarpal says yes, he is agent and works there. Harleen says and more 5 lakhs. Sartaj says don’t worry, your money will not be lost, I will return it. Bau ji says she did not mean it. They all go to meet agent. The officer says who is Satish. Sartaj says this is remaining 5 lakhs, give petrol pump file. The man says what advance you gave. Sarpal gets angry. Sartaj shows the agent card and says we gave him 5 lakhs advance. The man says Satish is thief, he came to me to ask for work, I made him leave, he fooled you and run away with money, how did you give money like this. He taunts Sartaj. Harleen and Sartaj get shocked. Harleen asks the man not to insult Sartaj, if he can’t give respect. She tells about importance of

soldiers. She scolds the man and says if fighting war is written in fate, we will fight. Sartaj leaves. Harleen goes after him.

Imaan and Nazneen come to restaurant. He asks for his booking. The lady says he has no booking. Imaan asks him to check by Shaira’s name. Nazneen says Shaira did booking, I m surprised. He says I m equally surprised. Imaan and Nazneen see Salim and Payal there, as Shaira called them. Imaan asks Salim to explain Shaira that he did not come to steal her mother, but to give her a father. He asks where did you both meet. Salim and Payal give wrong answers. Payal covers up.

Harleen serves food to Sartaj and everyone. Sartaj is much upset. Harleen asks Sarpal to forget Satish and ask the price to make petrol pump, we have lands, and will sell some piece of land. Sartaj says I don’t want the petrol pump. Harleen asks him not to worry, we will work hard and run the petrol pump. Sartaj says spare me, I m not great like you. He folds hands and goes. She goes after him and says pain gets less by sharing, give me such rights. He says I can bear pain, why do you want to show I m weak, why do you proof I m fool. She cries and swears she did not mean it. He says I m burden on everyone. She says don’t say that. He asks what did everyone get on my return. He leaves. She cries.

Imaan says you know Payal, Salim is perfect husband material, no one understands women better than Salim, he liked Nazneen in first meet and just fell in love with her, he said I can’t get anyone better than her. Salim and Nazneen look at each other. Imaan drinks. Payal says I have work, shall we leave. Imaan asks her to stay and tells Nazneen to say. Nazneen says stay for my sake. Payal says sure. Imaan says if watching episode is imp, come we will request and watch it, tv is downstairs. They go.

Salim asks Nazneen can she answer one thing, do you still accept me. Imaan calls her out and asks her to come. Salim says I got the answer, thanks. Nazneen cries. Salim leaves. Nazneen makes excuse and says Salim has gone to attend call. Imaan says watch this. Nazneen holds Payal and cries. They see the special episode.

Vikram and Duggal see Nazneen and Imaan’s episode. Duggal says Imaan is invited to college for an inspirational talk, I m surprised why is no biography announced. They joke. Vikram smiles. Duggal says film hero, war hero, we have to get serious proof to trap him. They see Imaan’s cooking the specific dish. Duggal says I heard this name somewhere and recalls some chief officer. FB shows Imaan and Sartaj had a feast at the officer’s place. Vikram asks any other name for that officer. Duggal says Lala. Vikram gets shocked.

Imaan tells Shaira that you can’t keep me away from Nazneen. Harleen and Sartaj are seen in dreamy sequence. Vikram clicks pic of Imaan offering namaz.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love this show. the suspense is building up so well

  2. Hi can anyone say imaan and nazneen story? I can’t understand

    1. actually iman and nazneen r husband and wife but after iman went off nazneen moved on with salim , that is iman’s bro . so she is now in a dilemma of whom to chose , it is tough for her to chose between iman and salim for her , she wants to see iman happy but she is not happy without salim


    Yes beth… show is full of suspense…

    Actually Ramya nazeen’s husband was not their for 17yrs so family asked nazeen & imaan to get married for children, i do not know whether they are married or not. But after her husbamd returned imaan is asking nazeen to settle with her husband.. as far i got to know this only.

  4. This is really a very good drama to watch, different from all others. I really like it,

  5. Thank u shraddha and varshini

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