POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram being shocked knowing about Siddhant. Vikram says this time, don’t hide anything, I want to know complete truth. Sartaj says we will just say truth. FB shows Imaan and Sartaj meeting Siddhant in the prison. Sartaj says we met Siddhant there for the first time. Vikram asks did you not meet him before. Sartaj says no, we met him that day. Siddhant introduces himself to Imaan and Sartaj. He says I know everything about navy, army and airforce officers. Imaan says Siddhant tried to know about him and we doubted him. Siddhant asks them about their family. They do not answer. Siddhant says I had dad and sister, my mum left me when I was young, my elder sister became my mum, I feel I m safe when she is around, but I could not get her for war, who are in your family.

Sartaj turns away. Sartaj says he kept talking to us day and night. Siddhant says I saw Sholay many times, I did not wish Jai to die. Sartaj says we felt he is a mean spy, or someone dear who has pain within.

Siddhant says this is problem of films, you can’t change ending, like life. Imaan and Sartaj do not talk to him and doubt on him. Siddhant talks to them about cricket. Imaan sits sad. Siddhant talks to him about festivals. Sartaj looks on. Siddhant says my fav festival is Raksha bandhan, there is purity. Sartaj asks him to stop it. Imaan says Sartaj… Sartaj says I don’t want to hear his nonsense. Siddhant says what to do, there is much to say and nothing to hear. Vikram asks what happened then.

Siddhant shouts to soldiers to behave like nhumans and cries. Imaan and Sartaj stay aloof. Siddhant gets glad on India’s win in cricket match and dances. Soldiers come and beat him up. Sartaj and Imaan look on. Sartaj says they will kill him. Imaan sings Aave mere naal…..Sartaj looks on and sings along. Soldiers take them to beat up too. They all get beaten up. All of them are tied to ropes and hanged. Imaan and Sartaj break their silence and give their introductions to Siddhant. Siddhant laughs. The soldiers beat him more.

Vikram asks did Siddhant share any more info with you. Imaan says how would be be quiet after friendship happened. Vikram says it means you stayed together. Sartaj says no, we lived and died together. FB shows Imaan, Sartaj and Siddhant’s friendly bond. They eat food. Sartaj tells Siddhant that this roti is hot aloo paratha. Imaan says this is butter. Siddhant smiles and says this onion… Sartaj says pickle. Their bond gets strong.

Sartaj says then they have kept us separately and beaten us, they could not break our unity. Vikram asks then. Imaan says same formula, divide and rule. Sartaj tells how they forced him to beat Vikram, Lala asked them to call doctor for Siddhant. He says Lala was a human between those devils. Vikram says it was all Lala’s plan, he designed the torture and stopped it, so that he could become your angel. Imaan says we did what was right. Siddhant asks till when will we bear torture, they can give poison once. He cries. Sartaj says we will bear it together, we are with you. Siddhant says they don’t let us stay happy, till when will we bear this. Imaan says one day these walls will lose out. Siddhant says I can’t bear this.

Sartaj asks him about his sister, she is strong, don’t you want to meet her. Siddhant says I feel I can’t meet her, you meet her. FB ends. Sartaj says if hope ends, things end. FB shows the man asking Sartaj to beat up Siddhant. Sartaj beats up Siddhant. Siddhant dies. Sartaj checks Siddhant if he will say something, but he died. Imaan says Siddhant has fought till 2014 since Kargil, he died as a martyr, and our life is given to us by him. Sartaj says we were weak and could not do anything. Imaan says we could not even speak up truth, we were greedy for family. Vikram says now you have become heroes, whats the use to say truth. Sartaj says truth has one benefit, it makes person free. Imaan says free from prison, sorrow and regret, we accept any punishment for this crime. Sartaj says I have killed Siddhant, you can punish me.

Vikram says you deserve punishment, but you both got punished already, you were forced to do this, it was itself an punishment. Sartaj says I have beaten a senior officer to death. Vikram says if you did not kill Siddhant, maybe Siddhant would have killed you Sartaj and accepted his crime in front of me today, its torture techniques to break soldier’s courage, you are not criminals, you were victims in this, if Siddhant regarded you both innocent, how can I get you both punished, it all happened in past. Shobha talks to imaginary Siddhant.

Flashback of Vikram’s life is shown. Shobha hears the news on radio. Siddhant asks Vikram and Shobha to be a family. Siddhant promises Shobha that he will be around her always. Vikram tells Shobha that Sartaj killed Siddhant. Shobha says wait a sec, Siddhant will come. Vikram stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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