POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sartaj and Imaan returning home and meeting families. They hug the family members. Raahi aave….. Phir bhi kyu…..plays………….. Imaan misses Salim. Imaan recalls Vikram’s words and falls in the pool. Sartaj recalls Vikram’s words and cries. Harleen sees Sartaj and cries. Imaan goes to Shaira and sits by his side. Imaan checks Ayaan.

Imaan and Sartaj on phone. Imaan says its time to tell truth and get free completely. Sartaj says free from the fear and dangerous dreams, regrets. Imaan says yes, its time we tell complete truth to Vikram, there is someone else who has right to know complete truth. Imaan goes to Nazneen and says I have to say something. Sartaj talks to Harleen. Nazneen asks what happened.

Imaan tells about

the Pakistan story, during the cold days, the tortures… Sartaj tells Harleen the same story. Someone pressurizes them to die or kill the other person. Sartaj beats some man. Sartaj says I thought he can bear the beating and survive, but…. Nazneen asks why did you not tell before. Imaan says how could I say, I would have lost all happiness.

Harleen says its not your mistake. Sartaj says this is your perception, I wish everyone thinks same, I did big crime. She asks how. Nazneen says forgiveness has two phases, to accept mistake and bear result, you want forgiveness. Imaan says I m thinking something. Sartaj says complete truth. Nazneen says say it and holds Imaan’s hand. Harleen says we all are with you. Nazneen says we all are with you…. Harleen says always.

Imaan and Sartaj meet Vikram. Vikram asks what truth. Sartaj says there was someone else with me and Imaan, you know Pakistan soldiers tortured us a lot, you know about Lala too, we were tortured such way that we had to beat each other. FB shows soldiers torturing them and asking them to beat each other now, lets play a game, we will choose one of you, the other two will beat each other, else whom we chose, we will beat him till he dies. He chooses Sartaj and beats him.

They force Imaan and the other person to beat each other. They don’t fight. The man aims gun at Sartaj and asks them to fight. Imaan and that man fight. The man says they are cheating and not beating each other, I will teach you how to play game. He tortures Sartaj. Imaan beats that man to save Sartaj. Lala comes there and asks them to stop the drama, they are soldiers, not animals, call doctor. Lala goes. FB ends.

Vikram asks what happened then. FB shows the man asking Sartaj will you die or kill. He asks Sartaj the same again and again, and asks him to beat that man. Sartaj beats that man. FB ends. Vikram asks what was the name of that third soldier. Sartaj cries. Vikram worries and asks who was that whom you killed Sartaj.

Sartaj looks at Imaan. Imaan says Siddhanth Thakur. Vikram gets shocked. Sartaj says Siddhanth Thakur. Vikram falls back. Shobha talks to imaginary Siddhanth and asks him to come to see Rohan’s football match.

Imaan and Sartaj recall Siddhanth and the prison days. Imaan says we agree to any punishment. Vikram says you deserve punishment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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