POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaira getting lawyer’s call. She shuts the room door and answers. He says your work could not happen, court refused your application to meet Avi. She says there would be some way. He says I respect you, you want to bribe me. She says no, I meant something out of the box, please get some scope, why will I bribe you, I will give you fees, which is your right. He says fine, I will try, I can’t promise. She thanks him.

Siddhant’s honor ceremony arrangements are done. Vikram and Rohan polish shoes. Shobha says Siddhant is getting gallantry award. Rohan asks what does gallantry mean. Vikram says I will tell you a story. Its about a brave Indian officer. Siddhant goes for bath. He stands under the shower. Vikram says he was emotional and loved family, but loved

country the most. Rohan asks did his family miss him. Vikram says they missed him a lot, but sometimes we have to take tough decisions in life. He explains sacrifice to Rohan. He says you become big hero when you make big sacrifice. Rohan asks what sacrifice did that soldier do.

Siddhant shaves his beard and moustache. Rohan asks why. Vikram says he went to villain’s country and killed him. Siddhant looks at himself in the mirror. Vikram says its real soldier, now you tell me his name. Rohan says away from family, Indian army, hero, Sid Mamu. Vikram says correct, what Sid did, none did it, gallantry means courage award, any award is less for him. Rohan asks are we going in his award ceremony. Shobha says yes. Siddhant gets dressed in his army uniform and comes there. They look at him. Rohan runs and hugs him. He says you are very brave, you don’t go again please. Siddhant recalls the little boy.

Siddhant says I won’t go anywhere. Shaira gets call. Nazneen says spend time with me, keep the phone away. Shaira makes excuse. Nazneen says look at me, what’s happening. Shaira says nothing, give me 2 mins. She goes and calls lawyer. Lawyer says Avi refused to meet. Shaira says what was the need to ask Avi, I have to meet, I want permission. He says fine, tomorrow noon. She says fine, I will meet you outside jail.

Imaan and Sartaj see Siddhant’s award ceremony on news. Govind tells about the third POW. He says we are proud of an indian civilian who helped us in this rescue mission, she is a woman, we can’t take her name. Shaira and Ayaan hug Nazneen. Govind calls upon Siddhant on stage. Afreen sees Siddhant on tv news channel. Siddhant salutes and shakes hands with Govind. Everyone clap.

Govind says Siddhant has come back by killing our big enemy, who made terrorists attaacks in our country, we are honoring Siddhant with the gallantry award. Govind fixes the medal. Everyone clap. Imaan and Sartaj smile seeing Siddhant on tv.

Govind says now I request Siddhant to say a few words. Siddhant says I don’t know how much I deserve this gallantry award, I just know I m an indian soldier by heart, mind and soul. Afreen cries. Siddhant says no one can change this truth. Reporter asks can you tell that enemy’s name. Other reporter says Imaan and Sartaj came back, you killed the enemy, its dangerous. Siddhant says we have worn uniform and threw danger away, we were afraid of death and prison, but we were taught in training that we have to throw fear of danger to tackle enemy, I was kept in many jails, then the enemy kept me in his house, there was much force that I change, and I changed.

He says I changed religion, clothes, had new relations, but everything was a lie. Afreen lies. Siddhant says it was all fake, they felt they will play with me, but I was playing with them, I was winning their trust, I was finding such chance that I can accomplish my mission, I got the chance and took revenge, I know the world is seeing me today, so I want to make such secret out that will shake the enemy country. Govind permits Siddhant. Siddhant says what you will see now, this happens every day in the neighboring country.

He shows a video and says this is anti India activity details, even women and children are trained in such camps, there are huge amounts of weapons, there is chemical warfare and internet hacking, we need to stop them now. He says to reach here, I had to use some people, I don’t have any regret or sorrow for this, my name is Siddhant…. it means principles, I just have one identity, an Indian. Everyone clap. Afreen looks on and cries.

Yusuf says that man showed his truth, shut all training camps now. He sees Afreen. He calls Maulvi and asks did you see news. Afreen gets sad.

Shaira meets Avi in jail. Imaan, Sartaj and Siddhant dance with everyone and celebrate. Imaan says we left you alone there. Siddhant says I was not alone there, I got someone. Sartaj asks who. Yusuf says Siddhant will get death.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor afeen…

  2. Poor Afreen. Felt bad for her. What’s the problem with Shaira?

  3. Don’t know what Shaira is exactly upto…

    Sid somehow is still being shown as a suspicious character…
    Maybe I shouldn’t but still however m feeping bad for Afreen!!

  4. Nice episode… Many confusion … Curious episode… Wat ever it s Sid s back and team plz no negative character of sid

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