POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Harleen sitting at Gurudwara and thinking. She sits sad. Bua ji comes. She says even Lord has no answer today. He asks her to remember Lord. She says Sartaj’s annoyance did not end, my punishment is still going on. She goes. Bua ji prays to Lord to bless Harleen and give her happiness. Nazneen recalls Imaan’s words. Salim comes to talk.

She says Imaan loved someone else so thought to leave letter and go, and you have hidden letter and I have waited for Imaan like a fool for 17 years, Imaan was never mine, I framed the fake note, like it has Imaan’s memories, his last letter, his love, you left fake note. He says let me explain. She says no. He says I have hidden letter, I felt when Imaan comes back, he will talk and solve matter, but he did not return.

She says and I did not know truth, why, I m a toy, I m not human. He holds her hand.

She gets away and says one left me and other covered is mistake, Imaan broke my trust, you were with me always, Imaan said one lie, you lied for 17 years. He says I did not lie. She says you did not say truth either, what did you get, my happiness, my smile, I felt our relation is pure, you made it fake, go away Salim, I don’t want Imaan or Salim in my life, just me and my children now, all relations over. The family gets sad.

Harleen sits sad. Veera and Satpal see her. Arjun comes to her. Harleen asks are you hiding something. Arjun gives her a rose. He asks will Tau ji come or go away forever. She says he will come, its his house. He says like he went, I don’t think he will come. She says annoyance is such thing, it spoils everything, one who had to came inside has went out, and one who had to go came inside.

She says when you get angry, how you run to fields alone, same way Sartaj is annoyed, he will come back soon. She hugs him. Sartaj thinks to call Indira. She calls him. Harleen sits sad. Shaira comes to Imaan and asks was reading that letter imp. He nods. She says you have hidden for 17 years, could you hide for more, what now. He signs not idea. She says you did that, it was disgusting, and today you did this, its very daring. Salim comes and says everything was fine, you ruined everything intentionally, why, what was the need. Imaan says whatever I did was right and goes to his mum. They sit sad.

Nazneen removes jewelry and cries. Imaan sits in Ayaan’s room and sees Salim’s pic with Ayaan and Shaira on laptop. Nazneen removes the ring. Salim and Mrs. Khan leave. Nazneen cries in her room.

Sartaj asks Bau ji about Harleen. Nazneen stays upset. She asks Shaira to get the mess cleared up, relation ended, not life. Indira talks to Vikram. Vikram sees Sartaj at the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I guess I am the only one who comments here,
    The serial has no plot.
    I stopped watching. But following written updates.
    Now I quit to watch.

    1. The show has much ti explorer stay on… r u their in Twitter?

    2. Nothing like that. Stay put. This show is not like other ones. Every character has many layers. Nobody is without flaw. Like real life, there is no evil villain in it. Everyone ia doing what they are supposed to do and what a normal person would act in a situation like that.
      While imaan and sartaj took so much pain for their country, Vikram and Indira are also ensuring that country stays safe.
      Nazneen and Harleen are both stuck in the outcomes of their decision to move or not to move on.
      And this is how the real life is…

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