POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with lady saying its simple code, you can get decoded message in two days, if you don’t want to do it officially, its good. He says you will get… She says you thought, but I will decide the price. He smiles. Nazneen and Imaan reach her studio. Staff welcomes Imaan. Payal asks Nazneen to come. Imaan takes selfies with others. Payal says this time Imaan will be on show with you, he will be special guest today, Imaan is not complaining. Nazneen looks at Imaan.

Harleen and family get Sartaj to the big mall. Sartaj looks on. He stops at escalator. Ajun asks him to come and goes ahead. Harleen says we all are with you. Arjun comes and shows Sartaj how to get on it. Harleen holds Sartaj’s hand. He gets away and goes. A girl gives the lines to Imaan and asks for

lights. Imaan recalls the lights and tortures. Imaan says its tough and tries. He records the promo for the cooking show.

Nazneen says this is not a good idea. The man says this will be good for our show. Imaan comes to her. The man asks them to get Imaan’ costume. Veera shows nightie to Harleen. Harleen says I did not wear this till now. Veera says where was Sartaj till now. Harleen asks is this cotton. Veera says leave it, its cotton or Satin, who thinks of cloth while buying nightie, Sartaj is shy, maybe you have to take first step, then maybe we will come to baby shop. Harleen goes to shop.

Payal says you became star wife. Nazneen says I did not like to, time made me that. Payal asks did you talk to Saleem. Nazneen signs no. Payal says talk to him, silence gets gap in relations. Nazneen says I have no words so I m silent, I don’t know what I want, I feel emptiness in heart, just like when Imaan went missing in action, even now when he is back. Payal asks her to tell truth to Imaan. Nazneen says I don’t want to hurt Imaan, but I m not happy without Saleem. Payal hugs her. She asks what does Shaira want. Nazneen says she also wants this. Payal says whats wrong, you suffered a lot, don’t you have right to move on, how much will you wait. Nazneen says maybe like Harleen did. She hugs Payal and cries.

Arjun says Sartaj is trying clothes. Veera asks Harleen to go and give clothes to Sartaj. Harleen sees a couple and smiles. Sartaj says its too bright colors of these shirts, where is Sarpal. Harleen says he went to get icecream. She gives some selected shirts and says plan colors will suit you.

Nazneen goes to dressing room and sees wounds on Imaan’s body. He asks blue or yellow, you used to say I look handsome in blue. She cries seeing the wounds. She asks is it paining. He says it used to happen before, now I got habitual, everything is fine and good, I have everything with me today, what all I wanted. She cries holding him. Payal comes there. Imaan says bad timing. Nazneen leaves.

Harleen goes to pay for shopping. Arjun asks whats this strange thing. Sarpal takes him. Veera takes the nightie. Harleen looks at Sartaj. They go inside the lift. People take selfie with Sartaj. He recalls the tortures by seeing the flashlights. He runs out of the lift and sits in fear. Harleen says move, open the lift. He gets in shock. Harleen reaches other floor. She looks for him and runs. Sartaj sees the people and holds his head. She runs to him. He recalls the tortures and shouts on her. He asks her to leave him. He sees people looking on and says why do you show me weaker everywhere, I can take care of myself and do my work. He leaves angrily. Harleen cries.

Nazneen tells on show that the show completed five years, I m here because of my husband, welcome him. Imaan says I m a proud husband of a successful wife. She asks what will you make for me. He tells about the dish. She says I will help you. She assists him, while he cooks. They laugh and enjoy cooking. Naina mila……plays…………Salim comes to studio and gets shocked seeing them. Payal looks at Salim’s reaction.

Harleen tells Sartaj that its sad thing that bed’s right side is still vacant. Sartaj says I m thinking to do some work. Nazneen and Imaan says Salim should go. Imaan asks Shaira to invite Payal as well, is that Saleem’s girlfriend’s name. Shaira sees Nazneen and says no, I was talking of someone else. Imaan turns to Nazneen. Vikram gets the decoded message. Imaan wakes up at night and goes to check something on computer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Plz make us know fast about code… and feeling sad for so many people.. but show is just fantastic

    1. Shradha they will be talking about someone named Lala manytimes and later Vikram and Duggal get to know that it’s Rashid Jamal. Here Imman finds out about Rashid in the internet, actually I think he has helped Imaan and Sartaj in escaping because in later episodes it is shown that Imaan and Sartaj are dinning with Rashid Jamal , but Duggal was telling that he was an ISI member.

    2. And yes you can get all the episodes of this week in hotstar without premium. I saw it on Sunday but just reading the written updates for more information if there are any.

  2. Yes the fav show but i m sorry for imaan ..her wife now loves sum 1 else in his absent …she should not she should wait for him like harleen…..i undestnd her situation ..she is also ryt but yaar ab to usse apne husnand se hi pyar krna chahiye …poor saleeem…..n lots of proudness for imaaan

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