POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with 17 years old scene. Siddhant is leaving from home at night. Shobha stops him and asks him to study. He says I will party and come. She asks how will you come back, I will wake up Papa. He says how will I come, I can’t come by window. She says I will open the door. He says thanks, when I come, there will be a code. She says two knocks. He says fine. FB ends. Vikram knocks twice on the door. Shobha worries. She opens the door and asks why are you knocking door, did electricity go. Vikram says I told you I will solve all problems. He shows Siddhant. Shobha gets shocked. Vikram says its reality. She can’t believe it. Siddhant walks to her. She cries and holds him. Aakhri mod pe……plays……….She says Sid and hugs him.

He says I missed

you. They cry. Imaan asks Sartaj to drink. Harleen gives them juice and asks them not to spoil health to celebrate happiness. Ayaan says its amazing Dadi, by what are these defence guys made, look at them. Dadi says family, forces are like big families. Shaira asks do you also plan to do NDA. He asks why do you care, you can’t do anything, why are you taunting me. She says you are right, I can’t do it. She goes.

Siddhant goes to his room and recalls Shobha’s words. He sits and gets his old trunk. He sees the mirror and recalls his past life. FB shows Siddhant getting ready and asking Shobha for socks. He looks inside the shoes and under the bed. Shobha asks what happened. He asks for socks. She says it will be here, I m not stupid to pack socks. He says don’t move, stop. He asks is there a cockroach. He gets his socks. She laughs. He says you look good when you smile, Vikram is punctual and waiting for me. She stops him from opening cupboard. He asks why. He finds a gift and asks when did you keep this, its for me right. She says its for birthday, keep it back. He asks if I don’t come back on birthday. She says don’t say nonsense, promise me you won’t say this again. He says sorry and keeps gift box back. FB ends. Siddhant gets the gift from cupboard. Shobha says its birthday gift, you will get it on birthday. He goes to keep it back. She says I was joking, open it.

Sid opens the box and gets the gift. He says that was latest model that time. He thanks her. Rohan comes. She asks him to meet Siddhant. Siddhant sees Rohan. Rohan says I m Rohan, what to call you. Siddhant recalls the little boy. Siddhant says friend, Mamu. Shobha laughs.

Lawyer gets Shaira’s call. She says I m Shaira Khan, I wanted to talk to you about Avi Mittal. Surname can be wrong, he was detained for wrong activities. He asks what is your benefit. She says I had some queries. He asks how are you related to Avi, are you from NGO, I don’t entertain media. She says I m Imaan’s daughter, issue is sensitive, I want to meet you.

Shaira meets lawyer and says I m just namesake defence lawyer, its open and shut case, I can’t help. She gets angry. He says Avi is solid trapped, we don’t know the blames on him, I m ordered to be present in court. She says there will be some solution. He says there is no solution, you look from good background, why are you interested in this case. She says I don’t want to help him, I just want to meet him once. He says fine, we will try. She says trying is enough.

Vikram says I will talk to him and ends call. Shobha asks what. He says Govind wants to get Siddhant in some press conference. She says no, he just came, he won’t go anywhere. He says govt. did much tries to get him, Siddhant did a big thing for the country, everyone should know. She says he just came Vikram. He says I made him away from you once, I won’t do again. She says but you got him back too, thanks. He gives him cookie and says sorry.

Siddhant comes and asks are they just seeing each other till now. Vikram says no, else how would Rohan come, you still have sense of humor. He asks Siddhant to decide, Shobha is refusing. Siddhant asks what is it. Vikram says Govind Mehta….

Govind arrives there to meet Siddhant. Govind says defence ministry wants to present Siddhant in press conference, our soldier came back by killing Lala, I want the country to know truth by you, everyone will be proud of you. Shobha says but Sir, Sid just came, give us some time to settle. Vikram says like I said, its Siddhant’s decision. Siddhant says I will go Sir, there are many things which I have to say to country and world, to enemy. He recalls Yusuf and all those men in neighboring country. He says I will come. Govind says good.

Shaira gets a call and hides phone. Nazneen asks what’s happening. Shaira tells lawyer that she will meet outside the jail. Vikram says none did like Siddhant did. Siddhant gets ready and comes. Siddhant dresses up in his army uniform. They go to attend his award ceremony. Siddhant says I know today the world is seeing me, I want to tell something that will shock the enemies. Afreen and Yusuf see Siddhant on the news channel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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