POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Mrs. Khan giving the letter ashed to Imaan. Imaan gets shocked and looks at her. She says letter is destroyed, Shaira rightly said I gave solid upbringing to both sons, what will you do of past, I read this letter at night and thought to forget it, as its for Imaan’s happiness, but there are efforts and intentions to keep relations, which Nazneen showed, lets face facts, Nazneen has good intention and so this relation stayed, we can’t know what you have bear in 17 years, but you can’t guess what Nazneen has bear for 17 years, you were not in prison alone, even Nazneen was there, she was also in war, I thought she is unlucky, and cursed her in heart, that she has come in your life and got bad fate, but then for loving Salim. Imaan gets shocked.

She says

after 17 years, Salim said Qubool Hai, but Nazneen stayed silent, how could she decide, after all she was Mrs. Imaan Khan, she did not know she is widow or not, but had hope, Shaira asked her to marry Salim for her happiness, but when Nazneen said Qubool Hai, I hated her in that moment, I felt completely betrayed. Imaan gets shocked. She says I did not think, why can’t Nazneen not move on, why can’t she not hold that man’s hand who her children regard father, she had waited for 17 years, its all game of fate, after some time, we got news of your return. Nazneen smiled and took decision, she did not let you know that she is not happy, it was not her mistake, I was always praising Imaan who had done a big mistake. Imaan cries.

Abhi comes and says sorry Sir, they are calling you for Nikaah. Mrs. Khan says Salim and Nazneen gave sacrifice, I will see what my Imaan does now. Imaan goes out. Qazi asks Nazneen do you accept this Nikaah. Nazneen says Qubool Hai. Imaan sees Nazneen and Salim. Qazi comes to Imaan and asks do you accept this Nikaah. Imaan sees his mom.

Imaan recalls Nazneen and Salim’s words. He goes to Nazneen. Nazneen asks what. Payal says bride said yes, no need to propose now. Imaan says you remember I said I left a letter for you, actually you never read the real letter. Salim worriedly goes to stop him. Imaan reads the letter. He apologizes for his mistake. He says sorry, I m going away from this relation. Nazneen asks are you joking.

Imaan says her name is Nandini. Everyone get shocked. Salim says Imaan, all this…. Imaan reads the new letter he wrote and says I love her a lot and want to spend my life with her, sorry I m leaving you, I will not apologize that I m in love with someone else, I will ask for divorce after coming back, as I have to spend life with someone else, this is last goodbye from me. Nazneen and Salim get shocked. Salim says its all nonsense and checks the letter.

Nazneen cries and says you once joked badly about plane crash, this is such joke right. Imaan signs no. She looks at Imaan and Salim. She slaps Imaan. She asks Salim did you know this. She cries and leaves from there.

Salim asks what was the need to do this when everything was going on fine. Imaan says whatever I did was right. Harleen says annoyance spoils everything. Indira and Sartaj talk on phone. Nazneen tells Salim that she does not want Imaan and Salim in her life, its just her and her children. Salim cries. Imaan sits with Mrs. Khan and is sad. Nazneen and Harleen cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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