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The Episode starts with Imaan singing Aa chalke tujhe….. Saleem asks him to sing slowly. Nazneen calls out Imaan. Saleem says it was me. Imaan stops singing and says it was me, who has stolen cigarettes, who left pastries, it was me, who has thrown letter in a girl’s room, it was me, Imaan does mistake and Saleem always ready to become shield. Saleem says yes, because whatever I thought you used to do it, whatever it was, I m a hero’s fan. Imaan hugs him and says tell me one thing, Shaira is difficult right. Saleem laughs and says no, she is stubborn, she is 18 year old and everyone’s mum, don’t worry, once Shaira likes anyone, it becomes lifelong choice. Imaan says like you became, I have seen photos, every birthday, happiness, hurts, you were always there, you are a hero. Saleem

says I guess you should sleep, I should leave. Imaan says I have some work.

Imaan goes to Nazneen and wakes her up. She asks why. He says come. They go on a drive on bike, while Saleem follows them in his car.

Harleen, Sartaj and family reach home. Harleen is drunk. Veera teases Sartaj and asks him to lift Harleen and take her to room. Sartaj lifts Harleen and takes her to room. Aa chalke tujhe……plays………..He makes her lie on the bed and sleep. He covers her with the blanket and leaves with the pillow. Bau ji looks on.

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Imaan asks Nazneen to come. She asks whats going on, what do you want to show, tell me, atleast you say Saleem. Imaan asks how can I forget your questions, come. Saleem asks her to come. Imaan asks them to come. He gets them to the top of some building. He holds Nazneen and shows the entire city at the moment of sunrise. Saleem looks on. Imaan says its Saleem and my special place, where we took imp decisions of our life, I wanted to get you here and propose, I was much drunk that day. He gets on his knees. Nazneen and Saleem worry for Imaan who got bit hurt. Imaan signs I m fine. He says I have hurt you being with you and away, guess what, I m back to give you lifelong happiness, the rest my brother will say. Saleem asks Nazneen to hold Imaan’s hand, she won’t get a better option than his brother. Nazneen looks at Saleem and holds Imaan’s hand.

Bau ji calls up Harleen asking for tea. Sartaj looks on and goes to make tea. His brother asks for lassi. Sartaj makes lassi also. Veera comes to kitchen and sees Sartaj. She asks you here, is Harleen still sleeping, you should have told me. Sartaj says its fine, I m soldier. She says how sweet. He says not sweet, its lemon water. She says that’s sweet. Sartaj says I will give this to Harleen, you give tea to Bau ji. She says yes, go and see Harleen. He goes to Harleen and holds her, asking her to have lemon water. She asks about Bau ji’s tea.

Bau ji drinks tea and spits. He calls out Harleen and Veera. He asks Veera did you make this. She says no. He asks who made this. She signs Sartaj. He asks her to sit. He says we have to do something of Sartaj and Harleen. Veera says I understood, you want to click their photo together. He says no, I was saying…. She says we will send them to park. He says you are foolish. She asks what do you want to say. He says I can’t say openly. Veera’s son comes. Bau ji says I was saying this, I mean Sartaj and Harleen’s family. Veera says I understood.

Imaan, Nazneen, Shaira and Ayaan are on the way in car. Imaan says I was thinking to get bike for Ayaan, he may have a GF. Ayaan says yes. Nazneen says no. Shaira says even Saleem has a GF. Imaan asks what, no one told me. Shaira says he will say when you ask him again and again. Nazneen stops the car at the college and says actually Ayaan has a girlfriend. Imaan says don’t give me shocks.

Ayaan hides seeing the girl. Imaan asks whats her name. Ayaan says Naina. Imaan calls out Naina and meets her. Nazneen laughs. Naina says I have seen you on tv Sir. Imaan talks to her and asks Ayaan to complete notes along with Naina. She says you have a really cool dad. Ayaan says yes, I have a cool dad. Imaan smiles. Nazneen asks Shaira what is she doing. Shaira says I m saying heart out and you are hiding it. Nazneen says it takes time. Shaira gets down the car. Imaan asks where did she go, everything is set with Ayaan. Nazneen says of course, you are love guru. They leave.

Vikram comes to the same college. Ayaan greets him and talks of manners. He says I know you, you have hurt my dad Imaan a lot. He leaves. Vikram asks a lady professor to decode the Morse Code.

The lady asks Vikram to give a price for the code. Nazneen cries and tells Payal that she does not want to hurt Imaan, but she is unhappy without Saleem. Sartaj panics seeing the crowd. Harleen runs to him. He shouts on her and asks why does she know always that he is weak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i am liking this sartaj-harleen pair more than nazneen-iman . nice show with awesome cast .

  2. Purap is superb and Satyadeep scarce me sometimes.
    I hope they have not turned against the country or something in the line.the chemistry of all the actors are just toooooooooooo good.

  3. Sartaj -Harleen best..feeling sad for Imaan..Everyone want their family to run in smooth road..but y this Nazneen and shaira think like this????

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