POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Govind Mehta going for the plantation ceremony. Lala sees the live news. Govind addresses media. Imaan and Sartaj look on. Govind gives his speech and sees Vikram and Duggal. Shobha sees Vikram. Govind continues his speech and is tensed. The plant with the bomb is detected. Vikram sees the bomb. Vikram replaces the bomb with a plant. The man takes the bomb. Govind and Duggal go for plantation ceremony. Bomb squad takes the bomb to defuse. The man cuts a wire and bomb gets activated.

The man worries and cuts another wire. Vikram gets tensed. Lala gets doubt and presses the remote button. The man cuts third wire and defuses the bomb. Vikram gets relieved. Lala gets angry. Vikram comes out to Govind and nods. Imaan and Sartaj get relieved. Rohan shows thumbs up

to Vikram. Duggal says he is Vikram’s son. Govind calls Rohan and hugs him. Shobha smiles seeing Vikram. Akhil tells Imaan and Sartaj that bomb is defused. Imaan and Sartaj hug.

Shobha and Rohan stay with Vikram and Govind in the cabinet. Govind praises Vikram and says you will be given big responsibility, start working with govt, come and manage the country security. Vikram sees Rohan and says sorry to say Sir, but maybe I can do work well unofficially. Duggal asks Shobha are you thinking what’s going on. Shobha says it seems big accident was going to happen and suddenly things got fine. Duggal smiles and says something like that, you know who managed, Vikram did, he saved us from a big disaster today. Vikram says I m sure. Duggal says Vikram is the new NSA, I recalled two batsmen and a great inning, some couples create magic when they are together, I m glad to see you with Vikram. Govind says Vikram is saying we don’t inform media and end this matter. Duggal says Vikram is right, we succeeded today, but media may see this other way, they will ask about security breach and how did RDX get inside NSA.

Govind asks what about Imaan and Sartaj, how did they know about the bomb, Vikram has doubt on them before, is there anything wrong. Vikram says no, my doubt was baseless, they both did not do wrong, they helped govt and country. Duggal gets surprised. Vikram says Imaan and Saraj are pride of the nation. Govind says then govt should do something for them, award or medal. Imaan sees Nazneen, Harleen and Shaira coming to NSA. Imaan and Sartaj call themselves lucky, as their families have come.

Akhil says Imaan and Sartaj are fine, they did a big thing for our country, we are so proud of them. Sartaj says what to tell them, I fixed the bomb. Imaan says but you stopped the blast. They see their families. Shaira runs and hugs Imaan. Imaan sees Nazneen. Nazneen goes to him. Sartaj and Harleen walk to each other. He apologizes to her. Nazneen asks is everything fine. Imaan says yes.

Sartaj sees Indira/Kirti. He says you here…. Harleen says she got us here, her officers protected us at home. Sartaj asks officers. Indira shows her card and says I m Kirti, intelligence office, forgive me if possible, it was just work, nothing else. She leaves. Harleen says madam protected us, talk to her. Sartaj calls out Kirti. He folds hands and thanks her. She goes.

Vikram, Shobha and Rohan meet them. Vikram says I m with my family because of them, and they are with their families because of me, no doubt and problem now, past is past. He says my two teams will be monitoring your home and families, no need to be scared, you can freely breath, there is nothing that Lala can blackmail you now. Imaan recalls Lala’s threatening words. Vikram say there is nothing you have hidden, you did right by sharing bomb info, you moved off doubt from your head, this is benefit of truth, it makes you free, spend time with family, call me anytime if you need help. He leaves with Shobha and Rohan.

Sartaj says did you hear, benefit of truth, it makes you free, we are not free even now. Imaan says you are right partner. They recall the tortures.

Imaan says its time we tell everything to Vikram, complete truth. Vikram says this time don’t hide anything. Sartaj and Imaan recall the past.

Update Credit to: Amena

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