POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Duggal calling Vikram. Vikram answers the call. Everyone look on. Vikram smiles and gives them good news of Siddhant arriving Gujarat. They all get happy. Vikram says who says just uniform saves country, if needed, our civilian women are enough. He thanks and hugs her. Harleen calls Bau ji and gives the good news of soldier coming back, Nazneen and Sartaj helped.

Vikram asks Santosh to wrap it up. Nazneen hugs Imli. Harleen goes to Sartaj. Vikram sits and thinks. He calls Shobha. He says I m coming home, sorry can I come. She says yes, its best time, school gave algebra problems, solve it. He says don’t worry, all problems will get solved today. She teaches Rohan. He says you made excuse to stop Vikram. She says this maybe wrong solution. He calls her liar.

She laughs. He says I miss him too.

Harleen goes to Sartaj. Imaan gets ready. Sartaj and Imaan smile. They all prepare to meet Siddhant. Vikram asks them to come. They leave. Everyone mourn for Lala’s death. Afreen cries. She thinks of Siddhant. Dilon ke darmiyaan…..plays……….. She thinks of his words. She thinks of her marriage with Siddhant. She cries seeing Lala’s funeral taken.

Duggal gets Siddhant to NSA. Govind comes there and welcomes Siddhant. He says we are proud of you, 17 years of prison could not break you, and you made more stronger to neutralize biggest enemy. Siddhant says a soldier is always on duty. Duggal says there is routine protocol, tests and interrogation. Govind says don’t tie him in protocol, let hi meet family and friends, there is huge emotions tide in heart.

Vikram, Imaan and Sartaj, Nazneen and Harleen wait outside. Harleen says the time has come to same point, nothing will change. Nazneen says everything is a cycle. Nazneen recalls meeting Imaan after a long time. She thinks of their love, proposal, divorce and moments. She cries. She says some things changed, like relations, some relations spoil and some are made, like ours.

Sartaj says I feel like regret poison has left out from my heart. Imaan holds him. Harleen and Nazneen see them and smile. Imaan asks Vikram about Shobha. Vikram says there is a plan. Imaan asks surprise. Vikram says yes. Sartaj says I have a request, don’t interrogate Siddhant, it irritates a lot. Akhil and Duggal get Siddhant there. They all see Siddhant happily. Vikram goes to Siddhant. Siddhant salutes him. Vikram shakes hands and hugs him. Vikram says sorry, it was my mistake, you got punished worse than death. Siddhant says not punishment, it was a chance, the root ended now, thanks. Vikram says you did not change. Siddhant says I changed, some grey hair, root canal and two rods in knees. Vikram smiles.

Siddhant sees Sartaj and Imaan. He greets Nazneen and Harleen. He goes to Sartaj and signs morse code, which Sartaj said to give him hidden message in tricky code. He sings Aave mere naal…..They sing and hug being tearful eyes. Duggal says Vikram you told me 4 months ago, remember, do you still think so? Vikram says indian soldier can’t change Sir, be it any prison. Sartaj says Siddhant, picture ending changed, Jai came back. Their prison days moment is seen.

Ayaan says its amazing. Shaira asks do you also plan to go in NDU. Ayaan asks why are you taunting me, you can’t do anything right. Lawyer says he will be in jail, you look from good background, why are you interested in his case. Shaira gets silent. Vikram gets Siddhant home and surprises Shobha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is Sid is actually acting NOW!!!! Lala was dying anyway maybe he asked Sadique to kill him and go to India to complete the mission ???

  2. Many twist and turns….Sid negative oops no plz team…. Sid returning only sartaj and Vikram happy…. But can c Sid changing face after reaching home …. Wat ever it s the curiosity s increasing day by day. Keep up d gud work team….

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