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The Episode starts with Harleen making tea. She does all her work. She keeps tea and breakfast for everyone. She irons clothes and keep for Satpal. Bau ji, Satpal and Veera get sad. Sartaj comes with his bag. He says Harleen has made the fields, she bought the tractor and made everyone work, she made this house, I can’t snatch all this from her, I will stay in old house from today. Bau ji asks Harleen not to say anything and let Sartaj go. Sartaj says Harleen, you will not go anywhere and stay here. Harleen cries and says I will lose in any way. Sartaj goes.

Nazneen wakes up and gets Imaan’s letter at the table. She reads about Imaan’s infidelity. She gets shocked and cries. Imaan wakes up from the dream and sees Nazneen sleeping beside. He gets Salim’s call and goes. Salim

says I got the letter, it was in suitcase corner, don’t take stress, now this letter story ends. He burns the letter. Imaan hugs Salim.

Sartaj comes to old house, opposite to his haveli. Harleen sees him from window. He sees her and shuts the door. Nazneen’s mehendi starts. Shaira sings sasural genda phool. Naina goes to Ayaan and takes him to dance. Shaira sees Salim. Salim goes to her. He smiles and asks all okay. Payal says Qazi ji has come. Salim goes. Mrs. Khan calls Shaira and finds her sad. Shaira says you gave solid upbringing and hugs her. Mrs. Khan sees Salim and gets sad.

She recalls the letter and asking Salim can he stay away from Imaan’s life. She sees Imaan and Salim. Imaan goes to room. They all say its bad sign. Imaan says I m closing eyes and goes, sorry. He asks Nazneen for his phone. Nazneen asks how do I look. He jokes. She asks him to say. He sees her and compliments her. He says I think like my life is just a step away, hold my hand. She asks did you see moon and sun together. He says yes, when torture…. She stops him and sees him.

Salim says how did you let Imana go there. He opens the door and says sorry, I spoiled the moment. Imaan says its because of you, thanks Salim and hugs. Salim signs and compliments Nazneen. She gets sad. Imaan and everyone dance. Jugni…..plays………. Mrs. Khan looks on.

Imaan talks to his friend. Nazneen comes there while the veil is held. Salim and Imaan see her and smile. Mrs. Khan asks Imaan to come along. She hands over the letter ashes to him. Imaan gets shocked seeing a small piece of letter in it. He looks at his mum.

Mrs. Khan says I forgot this for your happiness, Nazneen gave sacrifice happily, lets see what you do now Imaan. Nazneen sees Qubool Hai.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Maithlii Sinha

    What is written in Imaan’s letter ??

    1. Abt her affair with nandini

      1. Sorry his affair ….he confessed that he got close to dr.nandini

  2. Suranjana

    I am feeling sad for Harleen. Sartaj can at least try to adjust with her before taking this decision.

  3. Why do always women become sacrificial goats and have to become great all the time. ….Harleen should have left Sartaj immediately when he said he did not love her. ….a woman who is strong enough to live alone and single handedly has been shown to have made everything herself while taking care of his family should not bear this nonsense

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