POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lala seeing media updates of the Chinese delegates meet. Vikram asks Imaan to talk to Avni and decide who is lying. Imaan meets Avni and asks why did you do this. Avi cries. Imaan asks again. Avi says I needed money, I have no connection with them, save me. Imaan asks did you save my brother, get Salim back and I will take your blame on me. Avi says I m scared. Imaan says I can understand, I know you, you can’t bear all this, I regarded you family, you know meaning of this word, when I was tortured, I used to think of my family, when I came back, I got to know their smile was more lovely than my imagination, you snatched their smile, they all gave you just love, you did this, I wish to kill you.

Avi says please… Imaan says whatever you are hiding, tell

them, else I swear I will kill you. He slaps Avi. Avi cries and says I don’t know anything. Imaan says you took the bag from kids, what did you do with money. Avi says I gave money to a man. Vikram asks where is that nursery. Avi gives the details. Imaan asks whom did you pay. Avi says that man covered his face and I can’t identify his face, sorry. Imaan worries.

They find out nursery is shut. Vikram gets a call and rushes out asking Santosh to find out from Avi till he dies. Imaan goes. Avi says sorry and cries. Duggal tells Vikram that meeting ended, a helicopter will come to evacuate minister and chinese delegates, you have that much time. Vikram worries. He goes to Imaan and Sartaj. Sartaj asks did you get bomb. Vikram says no, Duggal initiated backup plan, its good to save more lives, leave from here. Imaan says we were POW, not cowards to run away. Vikram says I m not joking. Imaan says even I m not joking. Sartaj asks can we have last greetings. Bomb is placed in some basket.

Santosh makes Nazneen talk to Imaan. Nazneen asks where are you, when are you coming home. Imaan says this country is my home, I have to fight for it again. Nazneen says we are much worried, come home, Imaan….. Imaan says I m fine, I m here. She asks where are you and cries. Shaira takes the phone and asks are you fine. Imaan says yes Shaira, maybe you will hear bad about me in coming time, just remember whatever your dad did was from heart. She asks why are you saying this, when are you coming home. He cries.

Sartaj calls Harleen. She asks are you fine, everyone is worried, shall I make you talk to Bau ji. He says I just have a min, I kept that min for you, I was the root for your problems. She says don’t say this. He says all your favors are due on me, if I get life again, I will try to repay that. She asks where are you. He says I m away from this life. She asks what do you mean. He says you have bid me bye on wedding night, bid me bye again today. She cries and asks him to promise he will come back soon. He ends call. She cries.

Both the families cry. Aakhri mod pe…..plays….. Imaan and Sartaj sit sad. Harleen prays for Sartaj. Nazneen and everyone pray for Imaan. The man gets the plant to NSA. He sees the media there. He calls Lala and says I have placed the plant. Lala sees the news. Vikram talks to Rohan on video call. Rohan asks Vikram to guess where they are. Shobha tells Vikram that Rohan is chosen by school to give bouquet to defence minister, we are in NSA. Vikram gets shocked. She says there is some program of plantation. Vikram asks her to take care and keep phone handy. He recalls her words and sees the plants kept outside. He rushes to Imaan and Sartaj.

He asks the man did he see any clip of plants carried. The man shows the clips of the ceremony when plants were brought. Vikram checks the footage. Sartaj says this man, I have seen him in morning. Vikram shows the footage to Duggal. Duggal sends Akhil. Imaan says a clip is missing. Vikram says camera is panned. Imaan says that’s this spot was chosen. Vikram shows the man taking the bomb. Akhil says that man left, he wrote his name in exit register as Govind Mehta. Lala watches the news. Govind says evacuation will happen in 5mins.

Vikram says cancel the evacuation, there is some time, if you give me time, you will be hero in elections. Govind says if I m alive, I will fight in elections. Vikram says nothing will happen. Duggal says we don’t have time to loop satellite. Vikram says if Lala feels anything doubtful, he will blast bomb, I have a plan. The kids are asked to come for program. Vikram says Govind will go by west gate instead east gate. Govind says it will be just 30 secs. Vikram says we will reach bomb in 30 secs. Govind says bomb can’t be diffused. Vikram says we will shift bomb, and diffuse it. Duggal says whoever will lift the bomb will die. Govind asks who will take this risk. Vikram, Imaan and Sartaj look on.

Govind gives the speech. He sees Vikram taking the bomb. Bomb squad tries to diffuse the bomb. Lala gets a doubt and presses remote button.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome series… Best thing to have happened to Hindi television.

  2. So true shivani… i always get goosebumps watching this show… all the actors have done a tremendous job… hats off to them…

  3. good strory …

  4. This was one of the best episodes of the series ……I just watched the 14th Jan episode and that was excellent too. Glad that they didn’t drag this bomb sequence until next week, like most daily soaps do. The content and quality of performance by actors and screenplay, direction, fight scenes, songs and music is just excellent ……its like an extended action packed family value film. Hats off to all the actors, director, editors, photographers, and the whole team.

    that song is so heart touching :

    aakhri mod pe jo mile hai raaste
    hai ishaare yahi ek nayi shuruat ke

    jaha pe hai zameen khatam shuru wahi se aasmaan
    phir bhi kyu lage waqt ye hai benishan

  5. Excellent series and of course the background score is so wonderfully heart touching. Great job. The entire team is awesome

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