POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Shaira, Ayaan and everyone dancing in the party. Abhi goes to dance with Shaira. She asks shall I call dad. He goes away and stumbles. She laughs. Hawa hawai….plays……… Imaan sees Nazneen and smiles. The man says its solid idea to start a new life. Mrs. Khan says sorry, I m taking Imaan for a min. Salim says Imaan will marry Nazneen, none can stop him. Mrs. Khan says what to do, he is stuck. She takes Imaan and Nazneen, and says my mum in law gave me this ring, I did not like Nazneen and thought to give this to Salim’s bride, now I like Nazneen, so its here, make her wear this. Nazneen likes the ring.

Mrs. Khan takes them and says I m proud of Imaan and Nazneen. Imaan makes Nazneen wear the ring. Everyone clap. They hug. Harleen packs

her bag. She sees her bridal dress and recalls her marriage. She sees Satpal and Veera coming with their bags. Veera asks about the ticket booking. Harleen says you are not going anywhere, go back to room. Veera says even Arjun is coming along, we will not listen. Harleen says don’t make this matter big, go. Satpal says its already a big matter. Harleen asks why are you doing this. Satpal says I m Harleen’s Devar first and then Sartaj’s brother, you made me what I m today, I m not so useless, we will go with you. Harleen asks what about Bau ji. Satpal asks did Bau ji think of you, why to think of him. Harleen asks him to stop it, you will know when Arjun grows up, Bau ji got his son back after he lost him, how can he let Sartaj go. She asks Veera to go. Satpal says you are not doing this right and goes. Harleen cries and recalls Bau ji’s words.

Bau ji sits sad. Satpal asks how can you make bahu leave and keep son. Bau ji says I m blind in son’s love, I got him after many years, I know I will be punished, I will bear it. Sartaj hears them. Satpal asks Bau ji to think about Harleen. Bau ji says Harleen and Sartaj are my two eyes, whom shall I choose. Satpal says don’t know, you have time till morning, think. He sees Sartaj. Sartaj goes out. He recalls promising his mum that he will become soldier when he grows up, he will protect, country and family.

Naina asks Ayaan to have wine. Ayaan says no, its strict rules of my family, not before 18, but I can try. Salim comes to Imaan. Imaan says I m fine. Salim asks why don’t you forget it. Imaan asks how shall I, you know when I told Nazneen about Sartaj leaving Harleen, she said its not mistake which can be forgiven. Salim says its been many years now. Imaan says this happiness is on lie, it will all get over when truth comes out. Salim says truth will not come out. Imaan asks where is that latter.

Shaira dances with Abhi. Ayaan and Naina take drinks. Mrs. Khan looks on. Ayaan checks for something to open the bottle. He sees Imaan’s suitcase. Salim says don’t worry about the letter. Ayaan checks for opener and letter falls.

Salim rushes to get letter and Payal stops him for dance. Mrs. Khan comes to Ayaan. She asks Ayaan to get back to party and makes Naina keep the bottle. She finds the letter. Salim comes there. Ayaan says I took Naina for some fresh air. Salim says enjoy the party. Salim checks for letter and does not get it. He worriedly goes to Imaan. Imaan asks where is the letter. Salim says its missing, I have kept it in trunk in morning. Imaan asks where can it go. Mrs. Khan reads Imaan’s letter and gets shocked. Imaan looks at Nazneen and recalls her words. Imaan feels guilty.

Nazneen asks how do I look. Imaan says like my life is just a step away from me. Imaan hugs Salim. Salim compliments Nazneen. Nazneen gets sad. Sartaj says I can’t snatch this from Harleen, Harlen won’t go anywhere. Nazneen comes for Nikaah. She sees the letter and reads it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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