POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Duggal getting shocked seeing Sartaj and Imaan talking in codes. Vikram asks are you sure now, they did not run, they are sent. Imaan celebrates with his family. He drinks and makes Sartaj drink as well. He appears too happy. Harleen and Nazneen smile. Imaan hugs Sartaj. Everyone smile. Nazneen and Saleem see each other. Shaira looks at Saleem. He signs her no. Shaira gets sad seeing Saleem and Nazneen away. Imaan’s mom hugs Saleem and asks Shaira to smile. She says family gets happy on soldier’s return. Nazneen says don’t cry, else people will think bahu made you cry. Nazneen and her mom in law taunt each other on their love and hate relation.

Nazneen talks to Harleen. She says we are passengers of one boat, what will you have, come. She gets drinks for

Harleen. Harleen says its been 17 years, Sartaj went to Kargil on wedding day, I got a bottle in his cupboard and drunk it, how much would I cry for long separation, I took support of Lord and family, but some other remedy worked. Nazneen asks hope? Harleen says hope. They smile seeing the airforce officers lifting Imaan and Sartaj, and throwing them in the pool.

Everyone smile. Imaan and Sartaj are happy and hug. Nazneen says they are so happy as if they got married. Ayaan goes to Shaira and says this did not end. Shaira gets angry. Ayaan says its good party. She asks do you want to join defence forces. He says there is something in defence life. She says yes, 17 years of loneliness and then confusion, it was good moment of Qubool Hai between mom and Saleem, now its confused. He says we can’t decide this by some sense. She says some decisions should be taken soon. He says I feel mom and Saleem should decide. She says they should not think more. Saleem hears them. Shaira says maybe they forgot each other in this noise, but I will not let them forget. Saleem says she will trap all of us. She asks them to come back in party.

Imaan asks Sartaj did you think this, we will be in our homes and have hot tea. Sartaj says dreams used to come before. He says this is our second life, we will live it our way. Sartaj says Vikram is after us, I m scared if he makes us say everything. Imaan says Vikram’s chapter is over, he can’t do anything, we will live our life in our way.

Vikram meets Duggal. He says let me investigate once, we will get lead by Imaan and Sartaj’s code. Duggal says it can’t happen, I can’t give you official permission but I can’t stop you from investigating. Vikram and Duggal investigate. Vikram tries to decode. He does not get anything. Duggal says they are doing something in between the codes, any ordinary expert can’t decode this. Vikram says mission is unofficial. Duggal says yes, some unofficial man has to get involved, do you have anyone in your network. Vikram says there is someone, I have to find, don’t know where is he posted. Duggal says then find him.

Saleem plays guitar. Nazneen sings Aa chalke tujhe mai leke chalun……. Imaan and Sartaj, along others look on. Everyone clap. Imaan’s mom hugs Nazneen. Harleen compliments Nazneen’s singing. Imaan says I want to share something, and gets emotional. Imaan and Sartaj recall the tortures. Everyone get sad. Imaan says Sartaj used to sing song and we used to get beaten up every day. FB shows Imaan asking Sartaj how many days it has been. Sartaj signs 3. Imaan asks him to start. Sartaj sings punjabi song. He gets beaten up. FB ends. Imaan says so I want to request Sartaj to sing that song for all of us today. Sartaj says no. Everyone request him. Sartaj sings. Everyone dance. Imaan plays music. Harleen and Nazneen dance. Imaan tells Sartaj to forget everything, live this present, everything will be fine. Shaira and Saleem look on. Shaira asks Saleem to tell Imaan, why are they waiting, Imaan is mature and will understand. Saleem says he has spent your age in prison, shall we snatch his happiness. Shaira says you and mom love each other, stop this drama, I don’t like sacrifice, why to sacrifice own happiness for someone else, tell Imaan, else I will tell him. Imaan and Sartaj get photo clicked with their wives.

Sartaj and Harleen spend some moments. Saleem asks Nazneen to hold Imaan’s hand, she won’t get anyone better than Imaan. Vikram goes to meet someone to get the decode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. All episodes till 19th Nov are available on Hotstar for free! You guys can watch it there before it airs on TV!

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