POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Sartaj where is the bomb. Imaan says Sartaj is saying truth. Sartaj says its in car dickey. Vikram takes them and show car dickey. Sartaj says I kept it here. Vikram asks what game are you playing. Sartaj says shoot me, I have spent 17 years in their prison, I will not spend rest of the years in your prison, kill me. Vikram says I m senior to you, say truth. Sartaj says I m saying truth, do anything you want. Imaan says why will we lie, you said we will die or get saved together, we are standing with you, what else shall we do. Vikram leaves Sartaj.

Sartaj says maybe someone planted bomb somewhere else. Vikram says it means bomb is hidden somewhere else. The officer says it will be like finding coal in darkness to find bomb in such huge NSA. Santosh

tells Vikram about Abhi/Avi sending Imaan’s location to Lala. Vikram asks Santosh to get all info from Avi, remember every second is a Kargil. Santosh beats up Avi and asks him to say what all he knows. Avi says I was told to get close to Khan family and win their trust, heart. I felt I have to give small info, and it will be good for me, I did not know what they wanted, then they said follow Imaan, I followed Imaan and gave his details to Lala, then I kept new phone in Imaan’s pocket, then they killed Salim. I gave them info and they gave me cash, I got greedy. Santosh asks what do you know about function happening at NSA today. Avni says nothing, give me some water.

Imaan says Avi was part of our family. Sartaj says Lala does this, he uses trust. Lala watches the live feeds. Govind asks Duggal do you have anything better than this. Vikram says this happened with everyone, its our test, lets see what happens, its true that Lala has things in his control. Govind asks who is it. Duggal says Vikram Singh, he is handling the operation. Govind asks is there any other option. Vikram says there is no possibility of evacuation, if Lala gets the news, he will press the remote button. Govind asks what can be done. Vikram says let it work as plan, keep a smile on face, in the meantime, we will find the bomb. Govind nods and asks Duggal to come along. They leave.

Vikram calls to talk to Kirti/Indira. Vikram says I tried from all my sources, there is no info, there is bomb fixed in NSA, last hope is from you. Kirti rushes. Shaira goes and slaps Avni asking why did you do this. Nazneen asks what will you do with him. Officer says its tough to say. Shaira cries and says I trusted him. Kirti beats up Lala’s associate and asks what’s Lala’s plan. She breaks his bones and asks him to answer. The other man tries to run away. Kirti shoots him down.

Harleen, Bau ji, Satpal and Veera get shocked seeing Indira’s truth. They go all back inside the house. Vikram, Kirti interrogate Lala’s men. Harleen recalls Indira’s relation with Sartaj. Kirti comes to Singh family. She says I m Kirti, intelligence officer, Indira was a fake name and identity, since one month, I was keeping an eye on Sartaj, it was for national security, not anything personal, I know you all can’t digest this easily, but its truth, there is no use to lie now, I did not come to hurt anyone’s heart here, I was just doing my work, it was my work Harleen, nothing personal. Harleen asks is Sartaj fine. Kirti goes. Vikram says he is saying he does not know anything. Imaan looks at Avi.

Shobha tells Vikram that Rohan is chosen by his school to give plants to delegates. Sartaj tells Harleen to bid him bye again. Imaan tells Nazneen that she will not like what she will hear about him in coming days. Shaira asks Imaan when are you coming home. Imaan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a shame that …..a stupuid fake army show like jaana na dil se door(aisa army show ki fauji saal bhar ghar mein hi rehta hai) is more popular than this show.

  2. True. The army officer is always with wife. Does siloy investigation. How long that other fellow put faces than turn normal. They want Vividha to lead life with army felliw : then Atharv will become normal. Every member in famiky does below average mistakes

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