POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Imaan saying Sartaj is leaving Harleen. Nazneen gets shocked. She takes him to room. They hug. He says I will meet Sartaj and explain him, I will ask Harleen to forgive him. Nazneen says it can’t be forgiven. He thinks of his mistake and apologizes. Harleen cries and tells Bau ji not to worry, everything will be fine. Bau ji and Satpal worry. Indira goes to Sartaj. He holds her hand and sees the burn mark. Harleen comes there and sees them. She folds hands and asks Indira to go from here, I did not ask anything for myself, you just leave. Sartaj says no, if anyone has to go, its me. He goes.

Vikram gets Indira’s message that Sartaj Singh is away from family. Vikram gets worried. He sees Shobha and Rohan’s pic. Salim goes to Ayaan and asks where is that

suitcase, Imaan’s suitcase which I got. Ayaan says its in Imaan and Nazneen’s room. Shaira calls Salim. Nazneen sees the suitcase. Salim tries to rush. Shaira stops him. Nazneen smiles seeing Imaan’s uniform. Shaira says Imaan went to Kishangunj, I don’t know how to finalize his sherwani, help me. He worries and sees the door. He asks Shaira to get ready, he will take her. Nazneen sees the diary and letter falls. Shaira hugs Salim and goes.

Nazneen picks letter. Salim comes there and shouts Naz seeing the letter. She says you scared me, what is it. He says just wake up Ayaan, there is work. She goes. He tries to get letter. Shaira comes and says we have to hurry up come. She takes Salim.

Imaan meets Sartaj and gives the wedding invitation, saying you and Harleen have to come. Sartaj asks me or Harleen. Imaan says she is waiting since many years. Sartaj asks shall I do drama, marriage between strangers happened and even today we are strangers, I don’t love her. Imaan says her heart will break. Sartaj says its better than lying to her. Imaan says we have run from prison and came to family. Sartaj says I can’t stay in another prison. Imaan says enough, you are doing wrong. Sartaj says you are telling me right and wrong, when you have….

Imaan says I know I did mistake, so I m explaining you, don’t take this step, you will regret. Imaan goes his house and meets Bau ji and everyone. Harleen thinks of Sartaj and Indira. Imaan comes to her room. He says you promised me Harleen, I just came to say, when needed break that promise. She cries. He leaves.

Nazneen and Salim are in mall. She asks him not to call Imaan, he went to explain Sartaj who wants to leave Harleen, can you believe this, I would have not bear this, if anyone did this with me, I would have just walked out. Salim worries. Sartaj says I m also leaving this house, but where to go. Indira says you can come with me. Sartaj says don’t misunderstand me, some limits should not be crossed. She says I m there for you, remember. She goes.

Sartaj comes to room and packs his bag. Harleen looks on. Bau ji sees Sartaj leaving and asks are you leaving me alone again. Sartaj asks what shall I do, what option do I have, Harleen and I can’t stay under one roof, she is your bahu, but not my wife, let me go. Bau ji stops him. Sartaj looks at him. Bau ji takes him to Harleen. Bau ji folds hands and asks Harleen to leave. Bau ji cries aloud. Harleen, Satpal and Veera cry. Sartaj looks on.

Harleen asks why are you doing this. Satpal says I m Harleen’s Devar first and then Sartaj’s brother. He asks Bau ji to think well. Sartaj looks on. Imaan and Nazneen see each other. They exchange rings. Imaan asks where is that letter. Salim checks for letter and says letter is missing. Letter falls somewhere.

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