POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nazneen saying on news that she will wait till their husbands are released. Vikram asks everyone not to answer any calls. Duggal is on the way. They see Nazneen’s statement. Nazneen and Saleem are on the way. Saleem talks to his mom. Nazneen asks Payal to spread news on net. Saleem defends Nazneen’s move and asks his mom to have patience. Sartaj’s brother Sarpal asks will there be any problem. Harleen asks them to have patience. Nazneen says its strange whats happening. Harleen says yes, but its fine.

The news of Sartaj and Imaan spreads on social media, and people see their video and help them by voting. The news gets trending. Vikram interrogates Imaan. Imaan says I know Nazneen will spread news, yesterday I got to know she is a celebrity, I m air officer

why you are doubting me, because I m a muslim. Vikram says no, every religion is same for me, I doubt as you are not answering some questions. Imaan asks like what. Vikram asks Sartaj again. Their answers don’t match now. Vikram cross interrogates. Imaan says Sartaj does not know. Vikram calls Sartaj and says lets talk face to face. He asks them together.

Sartaj sees Imaan. Vikram says look at me and say. Vikram asks Imaan to say now. Imaan says so what, we think so, interview over. Vikram says no. Imaan says we answered all questions. Vikram says no, you don’t have answers of some questions, do you want to kill. Imaan says sorry, I forgot to tell you, that man used to beat Sartaj right, I want a lawyer, I will not answer you now. Vikram says you have to answer, you won’t get anyone here to help you escape. Duggal comes and asks Vikram to stop this.

Vikram tells Duggal that Sartaj and Imaan are hiding something, you can check the sheets. The man says govt declared them as heroes, why do you want to prove something else, it was a briefing, not a back end interrogation, leave my way. Imaan and Sartaj are brought out. The families get glad. Media asks Imaan why were they called. The man says you can ask them, I have an announcement, Imaan and Sartaj will be giving gallantry award and honor, over to heroes. Vikram sees the news and throws papers angrily.

Duggal asks Hemant not to allow Vikram in function tomorrow. Saleem and his mom come home. His mom goes to meet Imaan in his room and sees him offering prayers. Nazneen looks on. His mom says that’s a surprise, you did not offer Namaz before. He says a lot changed. She shows his airforce uniform. He smiles. Sartaj wears his army uniform.

Sartaj recalls the torture. Harleen comes to him and gets the pagdi. She ties pagdi to him. Bau ji looks on and smiles. Karpal reads patriotic lines along with Bau ji. Sartaj looks on. Harleen shows mirror to Sartaj. Vikram asks the man for briefing recordings. The man says not possible Sir, its not allowed, sorry. The man happens to be Vikram’s admirer and takes a selfie with him. Vikram sees news and sees Imaan and Sartaj on screen. He observes the man playing music and realizes something. He asks for recording copy and runs. Imaan and Sartaj are at the awards function. Nazneen and Harleen smile.

Vikram asks for recordings. He plays the recording of the briefing. The man asks Vikram to hurry up, else he will lose his post. Vikram asks for their room footage. Minister honors Imaan with the award. Nazneen and family feel proud. Saleem signs Shaira and Ayaan to be happy. Sartaj receives the honor. Harleen and family smile and feel proud of him. Vikram notices and says blo*dy hell, both were talking in codes.

He calls Duggal. Duggal does not answer. Vikram borrows the man’s phone and calls Duggal. Duggal answers. Vikram says my doubt was right, there is some secret of Imaan and Sartaj. Duggal says enough of this nonsense. Vikram says nonsense is infront of you on stage, see their hands, they are talking by codes, if they are not hiding anything, why are they talking by codes. They did not run, they are sent. Duggal looks at them talking in codes…….. and gets shocked.

Nazneen sings Aa chal ke tujhe…..Harleeen smiles seeing Sartaj. Imaan and Sartaj hug. Nazneen and Harleen dance. Sartaj says Vikram is after us. Imaam says his chapter is over, its our life. Duggal talks to Vikram. He says you won’t get official permission to investigate, but I can’t stop you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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