POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with media covering the NSA function. Lala sees the live news. Minister Govind Mehta is in news. Duggal says sorry Vikram, I did not trust you, your doubt was right. Vikram says this is world’s problem, intelligent people have doubts and foolish people are confident, where did bomb squad reach. Vikram checks the security. Imaan and Sartaj see the security moves. Duggal asks will the bomb effect reach the other wing. Sartaj says its heavy amount of RDX, the compound will be beneath the ground. Akhil tells Imaan and Sartaj about Lala’s involvement in terror attacks. Vikram says he is right, Lala would have thought of all options, we have no option, we have to find the bomb. Sartaj worries.

Minister is on the way to NSA. Bomb squad reaches. Vikram asks Sartaj and

Imaan not to come. Imaan says we know the spot. Vikram says if you both said truth, we also know the spot, you both are not needed. Sartaj asks do you think we are lying. Vikram says its about success and failure, none wants to fail, if Lala’s man is present, he will see you and inform Lala, I will not take any chances, we will die or get saved together…… He leaves.

Ayaan, Nazneen and everyone see Vikram’s men. Abhi reaches Imaan’s house. Santosh goes to check. Mrs. Khan says maybe Imaan has come. Abhi calls Shaira. Shaira says its Abhi’s call, I will get him. Santosh angrily stops her and says let me do my job. Shaira gets scared and hugs Nazneen. Nazneen says we know him. Santosh says let me do our work, and asks his man not to leave Abhi.

Imaan and Sartaj wait. Harleen gives tea to Vikram’s men. She asks where is my husband, please tell me, Bau ji is worried. He says sorry, I can’t tell you anything, I m doing my duty. Harleen gives tea to Indira. Indira asks shall I try once. Harleen says fine. Indira asks the man to move his neck and mouth. He nods. She asks him to take out phone. She acts and thanks him. She says he said he can’t tell anything, he is not allowed to say, but he found out Sartaj is fine. Harleen says I wish Lord fulfills your every wish.

Vikram and bomb squad spread to locate the bomb. Vikram recalls Shobha and Rohan. Imaan and Sartaj wait. Sartaj recalls the war and injuries. The war flashes loop in his mind. Imaan says the question was of freedom and prison, not life and death. Imaan recalls how he got hanging after the plane crash, he felt to run away and thought to better get shot than getting caught, it was our biggest failure, we lost everything that was imp than life. Sartaj says family. Imaan says respect, same moment again. Sartaj says if they succeed then not just we will die…. Imaan says we will lose respect and family love too.

Sartaj asks will bomb blast stop in time. Imaan says I wish I had the answer. Minister is still on the way. Reporter says Minister will be reaching NSA in some time. Minister Govind Mehta is shown waving to the crowd. Lala’s man sees him and calls Lala. He informs him in code. Minister reaches NSA. Vikram and team is finding the bomb. Abhi looks inside the house and rings bell. He calls someone. Santosh sends his man. The man shows his card. Abhi races the car seeing him. Vikram’s men aim gun at Abhi and break his car window to get him out. They catch Abhi. Nazneen and Shaira look on. Santoshi gets Abhi’s phone and checks. He tells Nazneen about Abhi’s connection with Pakistan. Shaira, Nazneen and Ayaan look on. Shaira cries seeing Abhi.

Shaira says how could he do this, I trusted him a lot. Santosh comes to them. Nazneen asks what’s happening, can you please explain. He says we can’t give you any info, its top secret mission, we have to ask something about Abhi, when did you get him and how, who was close to him, what type of info did you reveal to him. Nazneen says we regarded him as family. Shaira says say its wrong, we all trusted him, maybe its misunderstanding. Santosh says we have evidence. He goes.

Duggal welcomes minister Govind. Govind says let chinese delegates wait, come. Bomb squad open the car dickey. The car alarm rings. Vikram looks inside the dickey and gets shocked. Vikram goes to Sartaj and aims gun at his head. Cop aims gun at Imaan. Vikram asks them where is the bomb, just answer. Imaan says Sartaj is saying truth. Bomb is shown somewhere else.

Vikram shows the car dickey to Sartaj and asks what game are you playing. Imaan stops Vikram and says we will die or get saved together, we are standing with you. Santosh beats Abhi and asks for whom do you work. Indira beats Lala’s associate and asks what’s Lala’s plan. Shaira goes and slaps Abhi. Nazneen asks what will you do with him. Govind asks Vikram what can be done now. Vikram interrogates someone harshly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a thrilling episode… Eagerly waiting for tomorrow…I hope Sartaj & Imaan lives a dignified & happy life after this but things are not going to be easy after all this mess….when the truth comes out ..it will make life more difficult for them …poor Shaira….God nos …I have a feeling that the officer Santosh & Shaira will be paired next …after watching today…What do you think guys??

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