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The Episode starts with Nazneen recalling Saleem and crying. She says I should have waited more. Shaira hugs her. Saleem calls Nazneen and says I will always stand by you. She cries and ends call. She wipes her tears and calls Imaan. Imaan is with Vikram. Vikram asks what happened at that night. Sartaj asks which night. Vikram interrogates Imaan and Sartaj. Vikram tells about the tortures. Sartaj too gives the statement and tells about the third degree torture.

Harleen recalls Sartaj’s wounds, how he held her neck and his behavior. She thinks of Bau ji’s words of her good fate and gets sad. Vikram asks how did you two meet. Sartaj says they were kept in close cell. FB shows Sartaj singing a punjabi song. Imaan hears him and shouts to the other side of the wall, asking are you Indian,

a punjabi, tell me. Sartaj sings the punjabi song again. Imaan says I m an Indian and beats the wall asking him to reply. Imaan and Sartaj hold the walls and cry. They are in extreme bad state. FB ends.

Vikram asks by nails? How many days? Imaan shows 4. Vikram asks 4 days? Imaan says 4 months. FB shows Imaan and Sartaj digging the wall by their nails to make a small hole. Their nails bleeds. They see each other in wounded bleeding state and cry. Sartaj says we used to see each other by that wall hole for 2 years, then we got shifted. Vikram asks the place. Sartaj says don’t know, I don’t know reading prison. Imaan tells the place name and says same torture again.

Sartaj tells about the next place, and how they were beaten up badly. Sartaj and Imaan tell the officer’s names and tortures. Vikram says you don’t remember place name and know people names. Imaan says place does not give wounds, people give.

Nazneen calls senior and asks how did they take Imaan in their absence. Imaan’s mom gets angry and says Nazneen you should have been here. Shaira says Imaan told mumma. Saleem asks Shaira to be quiet. Imaan’s mom says he is your husband, don’t spoil situation. Nazneen says I m not, he is mu husband.

Vikram says your statements are not matching, Sartaj is saying there was no extreme torture. Imaan asks him to ask correctly. Vikram looks at Imaan. Imaan and Sartaj recall the tortures. Vikram says you would be angry on country, no one came to ask for you, to take you.

Sartaj gets tensed and says let me go home, talk to Imaan. Vikram says you won’t go anywhere. Harleen asks them to call her husband, you said you took him for some time, the day passed. The man says seniors are talking to him, try to understand. She shouts you understand. Vikram comes to her and talks to her. She says send him.

Vikram says your husband is a soldier and served country, we have to know what happened with him, only then we can help him to accept family and society, it will take time right…. don’t worry, let us do our work, everything will be fine. Harleen sits there. Vikram asks did you not leave. She says I m soldier’s wife, I waited for 17 years, few hours is fine, you do your work, I m doing my work. The man asks Sartaj’s brother to explain. Sartaj’s brother says she is Bcom, educated. Nazneen comes and asks where is my husband, where is Imaan.

Imaan and Sartaj are locked and given food. Nazneen asks for Imaan. The man says this can be expected from an immature woman, how can a class one officer’s wife say this. She says every wife is same, my husband is a war hero. She argues with Vikram. He says we will decide on this. Harleen goes to Nazneen. Nazneen asks Payal to connect her to any news anchor. Vikram continues the interrogation. Sartaj gets flashes of the tortures. Vikram asks what are your plan, who are you going to kill. Sartaj says not kill, but dying.

Nazneen tells the news anchor that Vikram Singh is torturing Imaan and Sartaj, he said he will decide that they are war heroes or not. Vikram sees the news. Nazneen says we will wait outside the quarters till they release our husbands.

Nazneen asks Payal to spread this on net. Saleem is on the way. Everyone see the news and it spreads wide. Vikram asks Imaan to answer, he has no option. Imaan asks for a lawyer and refuses to answer any further question.

Update Credit to: Amena

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