POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imaan comes at Vikram’s place. Sartaj also comes and asks him he went to do this work without his partner? Both tell Vikram how they were blackmailed by Lala and they had to do what he asked. Imaan in end threw bomb in river, but now Sartaj planted a new bomb. Vikram asks why they are telling him now. Sartaj says because they regret what they done. Vikram asks how to believe? Sartaj says by finding the RDX. They leave to reach NSA.

They try to call Duggal but he’s busy with all preparations. They then call his secretary and he picks up. At first, he refuses to believe there can be a bomb there. Imaan says then when it explodes, they will tell all how they informed Duggal’s secretary, but he didn’t do anything. Duggal’s secretary goes to him. Vikram sends

security to both Sartaj and Imaan’s houses.

Lala is watching all updates live in news.

Harleen is worried for Sartaj. Her family tells her nothing will happen to him. Harleen wants to talk to him. They call him, but Vikram tells him no phone calls and asks him to switch off his phone.

Seeing security guards at Sartaj place, Lala’s men call him to inform he betrayed them. But on last moment Kirti comes and asks Lala’s men to tell him that Sartaj has returned home. Kirti then gives them to security guards and ask them to watch them.

Security guards get in Sartaj and Imaan’s houses forcefully and tell them they are sent by Sartaj and Imaan. It is for their security and they ask family members to strictly follow what they say. They will not talk to anyone, no one will come in house, no one will go outside. Sartaj’s family asks where Sartaj is and why can’t they talk to him. Security says they can only say that Sartaj is safe for now.

Kirti tells security guards to behave as they don’t know her. She then enters Sartaj house saying he knows her. Security guard asks Harleen whether she knows her.

Finally Duggal talks to Vikram, Imaan, Sartaj. They explain him the situation. Duggal says they will evacuate. Vikram says they won’t do anything else Lala will come to know and he will explode the bomb. He asks Duggal to behave as nothing has happened, let Lala think he’s winning and in the mean time, they will find and defuse the bomb. Duggal is not sure about that, but he has no option. He asks some staff members to scan the CCTV footage and tells them not to tell anything to anyone. It’s only between them.

Vikram, Imaan, Sartaj come to NSA from back entrance. Bomb diffuse team is also on their way.

Precap: Lala activates the bomb. At NSA, they try to find the bomb.

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  1. Very thrilling episode after a long time. All actors are terrific.

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