POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting pleasantly surprised seeing Siddhant with Nazneen. Sartaj says Siddhant. Siddhant asks what are you thinking Sartaj, Sholay’s Jai always died, how did he stay alive this time, I was just taking chance, I did not know you will come so far to save me. Vikram says we don’t leave bodies or buddies behind Sid. Siddhant turns away and says its been so long to hear this name, Sid.

Afreen says I can’t talk to him well. Lala says have patience, he is into many things. She says I know, I m scared like someone dear is going far. He says you maybe saying about me, Siddhant can’t go away, my health is unwell. She says I m going, nothing will happen to you. He says I m sure Siddhant will never go away from you.

Siddhant says I m tired of this

drama, I want to come back home. Vikram says tonight you will come back, Nazneen has flight today, your arrangements are done, you just have to reach airport, RAW will handle everything, you both will leave separately, Siddhant can take disguise. Siddhant says I can’t return tonight. Vikram asks what do you mean. Siddhant says that’s your plan, not mine. Imaan says don’t ruin it, come back. Sartaj says Shobha and we all are waiting. Vikram asks what plan are you talking about.

Yusuf shouts and asks about Siddhant. He asks Lala the same. Lala says think big. Yusuf says I can’t do mistakes. Afreen says Siddhant went out for work purpose. Yusuf says if I get him in hotel then… Lala says he told me, he went to hotel, he wants to reach Nisha. Yusuf asks why does he go there, we can’t kidnap her here, we will lose name. Lala says you think a lot. Yusuf says I have to think if you don’t think. He leaves.

Afreen asks why did you lie. Lala says lie should be said if truth can’t be said, switch on tv, call doctor. They see Nazneen on tv. Yusuf asks the men to call more men and arms. Ishita makes noise in her room and screams. Nazneen’s guard knocks the door and asks is it all fine. Ishita shoots him down.

Nazneen says everyone is waiting for you Siddhant, your plan is not bigger than your life. Siddhant says a soldier’s life belongs to country, not him, we die and kill for the nation.

Someone rings bell. Siddhant switches off the lights. Imaan and everyone ask Nazneen can she hear them, what’s happening. Vikram asks Duggal to call his operative. Nazneen asks who is it. Ishita says its me, I came to ask about your health. Nazneen says she is my fan and is after me since 2 days, but where is my security. Ishita says guard went to bathroom, door is open, shall I come in. Siddhant says tell her to come. Nazneen asks Ishita to come inside. Ishita enters the room. Siddhant asks Nazneen to hide. Ishita comes to shoot Nazneen. Siddhant catches her and makes her gun fall. Ishita bites his leg. Siddhant and Ishita fight. He hits her. He asks Nazneen to manage passport and laptop, I will manage her. Imaan shouts Nazneen. Shaira asks Imaan did he see news. Siddhant takes Ishita to her room. Yusuf open fires in the hotel.

Riyaz and Nisha hide and record Yusuf. Yusuf asks about Nazneen. Nazneen packs her stuff. Yusuf threatens everyone. The light goes. Everyone see news about the attack in Karachi hotel. Afreen hears the shooting sound from hotel. Lala calls the man and asks him what’s happening. The man says Siddhant asked me to be here for your security. Lala asks him to just go and find out.

Siddhant comes to Nazneen’s room. Nazneen worries and hides in cupboard. Yusuf shouts for Siddhant/Sadeq. He looks around and shoots at the door. He enters Nazneen’s room and fires. He checks the cupboard. Nazneen hides outside the window and cries. They leave. Yusuf asks the men to find Nazneen everywhere. Nazneen enters her room. She cries.

Yusuf comes to Ishita’s room and finds Ishita dead. He says Siddhant is somewhere around, come. Nazneen goes out. Siddhant catches her. He takes her away. Yusuf and his men look around and leave. Yusuf beats Riyaz and asks about Nazneen. Riyaz says I don’t know, even if I knew…. Yusuf shoots him.

The man says a car left from the hotel. Yusuf says get men and car, lets leave. Imaan gets angry on Vikram and says Nazneen should be safe. Siddhant calls Vikram and says Nazneen is with me, we are going to airport, men are following us. Vikram asks about Nazneen’s passport and laptop. Siddhant says we are carrying that. Vikram says great, you will get agents at airport, you will get passport and ticket, even clothes, you are coming back with Nazneen. Siddhant says I m not coming back. Imaan and Sartaj ask him not to take risk, and come back. Siddhant says I can’t come back. Vikram says this is an order. Siddhant says sorry, I won’t return without motive. Vikram says think about Shobha, motive can wait. Siddhant says Shobha will wait, country above all, Nazneen will return, that’s a promise, Imaan Sir one more favor due on you. They reach airport. Vikram says move Nazneen to another vehicle. Siddhant sends Nazneen.

She asks him to come, everyone is waiting for him. He says I m not coming, you need to go in. He asks them to take Nazneen. Siddhant leaves. Yusuf and his men come. The guard stops them and says we can’t let you go inside. Yusuf says you know to whom are you talking, move away. The guard says if anything happens with this flight, everyone here will get in problem. Yusuf asks will it be not insult if Nazneen goes alive. The guard says killing a woman will not get respect for this country, we are asked to make her reach flight safely, please leave. Yusuf calls senior officer. Siddhant calls Vikram and says Nazneen entered airport. Vikram asks what’s your motive that you did not come back. Siddhant says I want to kill country’s enemy, Lala, this is my motive, Lala’s death, end of his group.

Siddhant talks to guard and says I m going hospital, Lala is my father in law. Lala coughs and gets unwell. Harleen tells Imaan that Nazneen will be here. Yusuf gets permission to find Nazneen inside airport. Yusuf shouts Nazneen and aims gun at her. Vikram gets some shocking news and looks at Sartaj. Sartaj sees Imaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya mondal

    Very Exiting Very very gooddddddddd

  2. Thanks for the update..

  3. Sally_blr

    Hello ma’am. First thing I wanna thank you for writing this shows update which literally had very less audiences. But you have done a tremendous job. Hats off to you for that. I have loved this show and I’m gonna write a fan fiction for this as it is very close to my heart and I will be happy if you read the intro of it and let me know. If you are busy then no problem I do understand. One thing is I’m gonna miss it badly. Hope Nikhil sir comes up with more shows like this. Every character every character is like a life. And I have one question which is haunting me from yesterday that is why did Sidhant contact them if he did not wanted to go back now. Why did he put Nazneen’s life in danger. I know I’m gonna get my answer today just wanted to share my confusions. And till now my fav scene among all the episodes was Naz finding Sidhant in her hotel room. I know today’s episode gonna blockbuster and full on emotions. I just can’t wait. Once again thank you so much for the written updates. Love you

  4. Sid was waiting for u to cme back… Wat a dialogue we die and kill for the nation…. Seriously wat a show… Awesome acting by all … Credits to d team … One best show presently in star

  5. Another terrific episode.But its very sad that they are going to change the show’s timings to 11.00pm.Its a pity that A serial which shows the sufferings and sacrifices undertaken by our Armed Forces is having very less viewership.
    People want to watch crap serials like SNS where one daughter becomes Saas of another and the mother getting a look alike of her dead husband as her new life partner.Not to leave out YHM where Shagun gets pregnant for the 4th time in the prime slot to name a few.

  6. Its our request to the starplus to repeat the telecast the pow serial during the day hour also

  7. only sensible show i hav watched in indian television for some time now.its really a pity its got so less viewership

  8. who told very little audience! no comments matlab no audience nahi Sally … very good serial of its time

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