Poverty will make a man blind (OS)

Birthday treat of Shan to reader by chatter box

Helloo guys… u all must be thinking who we are?? Hehehehe.. Actually guys from long time we are seeing the joint venture 😉 of many writers who are writing stories by adding two or three writers.. soo we also decided that we will also do a joint venture but this venture is not of two or three writer this is a joint venture of 5 writers Chatter Box.. (Rabia,shan,swarmayi,anniya and shreeyu) we will hope that u all will like our idea of this os…

A village is shown….. the village is not a developed village… it is having a very less facilities… farmers have to use bull and cart for farms there is no facility of tractors and other machinery…. And the village is own by a very cruel and womanizer landlord.. Karthik Ahuja….

Karthik ahuja is a very bad, cheap, and filthy and money minded person… he always have an eye on the women of village… he is having a wife name naina but he never considered her as a wife she was just a mere member of house for him or a bed partner sometimes but not always because most of the time he will be with other women…his wife is a very good person by heart but she can’t do anything against her husband…. She always will be a puppet for her husband…because like old ladies there is also one thing in her mind that husbands are God.. and u have to fulfill their every demand whether it is wrong or right… don’t u dare to open your tongue…

In this village there is a small house shown.. the house is made of mud…. It is not a well-built house…

We can see inside the house a women around 25 is sitting near the handmade stove and trying to light the fire in it…. suddenly a voice came…

Swaraaaa…(yes the girl is swara)

Swara : cominggg…

And she goes towards the voice’s source.. and there we can see a man around 27 is standing in a simple trouser shirt and having a cloth on his head which he tied on his head…

Man : swara plz pack my tiffin i’m getting late for the farms..

Swara : okay sanskar ji.. (yes the man is sanskar)

Sanskar maheswari son of durga prasad maheswari and annupurna maheswari… a farmer by profession….

He is husband of swara both got married 2 yrs before and having a 6 months old son Aryan….both swasan r only primary pass… 3 yrs back dp lost his legs in accident while coming from city on bicycle and now he is on the bed and from that time sanky have to earn for his parents and for his wife and son… there family is very poor… but due to swara’s smartness they r living a peaceful life…

Swara and annupurna also stitch clothes of the neighbors and from there they earn little bit and little bit earned by sanskar soo in this way they r living not a very lavish life but they r living peacefully…

Sanskar ask swara to pack his tiffin..

Swara : why?? Every day I brought the tiffin for u na then why u r asking to give u today??

Sanskar : actually na I have to go to city because I need some medicine for my farms…

Swara : but ji why u all don’t ask the baray saab (karthik) to give u all money for your farms after all 60% money from the farms goes into his pocket…

Sanskar : u know about him naa… we can’t demand anything from him he was a very loose temper person..

(village ppl don’t know exactly about karthik’s bad habits they only knows that he was very strict person and he only lend money to those who r having the capability of returning that money with interest)

Sanskar bids bye to swara and goes to ap,dp room… there he find dp is laying on bed while ap is stitching something on sewing machine and Aryan was in the cradle beside ap..

Sanky take blessings from ap,dp and bids bye to them…

Little did they know that their lives are going to be changed…

Swara’s heart is telling that something bad is going to happen….. She told to annapurna about it…. Annapurna made her relax and resumed her work….. Swara got relaxed at that
time but her heart is beating fast thinking what is going to happen….. Her mind didn’t work at all….. So she thought to go out…. She served food to ap, dp and fed aryan….. Then she went out to her farm…. The nature made her feel better….. She went and sat under the tree shade…… She lost herself in the nature….. Her mind is relaxed now…..

At that time karthik came in jeep just like that…. Suddenly his jeep stopped….. He came down and kicked his jeep and called the man working there…..
Karthick:oii come here….

Seeing him calling the man took his towel from head and tied in his hip and ran to him folded his hand….

Man:ji malik…

Karthick:my jeep got struck…. Go and call the mechanic…..


Karthick:what?? Don’t u want ur job???

Man:saab pls don’t do anything like that….. I will go and call him….

Actually the mechanic is of 3km distance….. So the man hesitated…. But seeing Karthik’s anger the man went to call mechanic…. Then he thought to walk for some distance…..
He walked some distance….. Suddenly his leg stopped and turned to a side….. He was awestruck to see the sight before him…. Its none other than swara…… Seeing her he was immersed in lust…. He went to her…..


Swara didn’t listen as she is immersed in nature….. He went near her and touched her shoulder…. Swara startled and jerked his hand and stood up…. She covered her shoulder with pallu (it’s the tradition in village) karthik smirked seeing this….

Karthick:who r u??

Swara:saab i am farmer sanskar Maheswari’s wife….

Karthick:oh oh ur fil also lost his legs in an accident na???

Swara:s saab….

Karthick:ur husband’s earning alone is not enough to ur family na then what r u doing for ur livelihood????

Swara:saab i and my mil stitch clothes…. We use that money too….

Karthick:mm ok good….

He smirked and goes from there…. At that time the man also came there with the mechanic….. After getting his jeep repaired he went from there not before giving a look to swara…. Swara didn’t see his lusty look as she kept her head down…… As the sun is going to set swara went to her home as its time sanskar will come home…..
It is almost evening now.. Swara is still restless.. she was waiting for sanskar.. After sometime Sanskar arrived.

Swara : ( while giving water to Sanskar ) ji, y r u so late today? U got medicines na? I was feeling so restless from afternoon.

Sanskar : Yes Swara.. I got medicines.. bt that city is quite far from our village na thats why I got late..

Swara : okay ji.. ( again get lost in her thoughts.. sanskar saw this )

Sanskar : Swaraa.. What’s wrong? Where u lost?

Swara : ( jerks ) Ahh.. No..nothing ji.. you go and get fresh.. I’ll set dinner for you……

Sanskar : Ok..

Swara sets dinner.. Meanwhile a boy chotu came…….who works in Sanskar’s farm come there running

Chotu : Sanskar dada.. Sanskar dada.. (panting heavily )

SwaSan come out hearing his voice..

Sanskar : ( come out ) Chotu? What happened? Why are you running like this?

Chotu : Sanskar dada.. our farm.. our farm caught fire dada.. all crops are burning..

SwaSan gets shocked and panicked.

Swara : what.. what are you talking chotu?

Sanskar ji.. this..

She looked at sanskar who was all numb and shocked..

Swara : ( shakes him while crying ) Sanskar ji.. ji.. say something. Our farm.. we have to go..

Sanskar came in his senses and started to run towards his farm.. Swara and chotu followed him. When they reached they get shocked seeing the scene infront of them.. All farm
was burnt.. only ash was remaining there.. Sanskar fell on his knees.. Swara supports him.. Both cries..

Sanskar : ( cries ) Swaraa.. my farm.. my crops.. all my hard work went in vain.. everything is over swara.. everything is finished.  Now what will we do? How will we survive
swara? How we will get money?

Swara : ( cries ) Ji.. please.. don’t break down.. don’t lose hopes.. everything will get fine.. Keep faith on God.. He’s not so merciless. He will show us some way.. u just be strong..

After composing each other.. SwaSan returned to their home.. Sanskar was in deep thoughts.. swara came there and sit beside him..

Swara : ji.. what are you thinking?

Sanskar : Swara! I’m thinking about us.. we don’t have enough money swara.. Then how’ll we manage our home? We need to bring baba’s medicines too.. And now all this happened. I’m not getting anything swara.. I’m all blank..

Swara : ji.. dont worry.. Everything will get fine.. Can I suggest u something? I think, now u shd go to baray saab, to ask for help.. And me n maa ji are doing our stitching work too.. so if he help us little bit also na then we can manage our household..

Sanskar : No Swara.. you know him na.. He’s so cruel person.. I don’t like him. And I’m sure he’ll not help us..

Swara : but sanskar ji.. atleast we can try na..

Sanskar : Swara.. I’ll not go to him.. I’ll try to get loan from bank.. later if we won’t get loan then will see..

Swara : ok ji..

Both lay down.. bt sleep was far away from them..

Next day –

Sanskar tried his best for getting loan.. bt no one helped him.. He came home disappointed. He told swara everything..

Swara : Sanskar ji.. now there is only 1 option. You have to go to baray saab.. Now he can only help us..

Sanskar : ( unwantedly ) Hmm.. I’ll go to him tomorrow.

Both sleeps..

Next day morning

Swara : ji.. don’t get angry on him.. talk with him nicely..

Sanskar : Swaraa.. I don’t get angry without any reason. And yes I’ll talk to him nicely.. Now I should leave..

He bids bye to swara and leaves from there..

At Karthik’s place

Sanskar reached there.. He told his servants that he wants to meet Karthik. After sometime Karthik came there..

Sanskar : Namaste baray saab.

Karthik : ( rudely ) Hmm.. who are you? And why you came here?

Sanskar : baray saab.. m sanskar maheshwari. A farmer..
Hearing his name Karthik remembered Swara.. And his eyes sparkled with lust.. he smirked seeing him..

Karthik : ohh.. so what work do u have with me?

Sanskar : Baray saab actually.. ( tells him everything ) I’m in trouble baray saab.. If u help me I’ll be very grateful to you.. you can give me any kind of job.. I’ll do it..

Karthik : ( smirked ) So you need my help..?

Sanskar : ji saab..

Karthik : Alright! I’ll help you.. in free.. no need to work here.. bt on 1 condition…

Sanskar : what condition saab?

Karthik : ( smirked evilly ) You have to send your beautiful wife, swara, to spend 1 night with me..

Sanskar’s blood boiled listening him.. he holds his collar.

Sanskar : How dare you? How dare you to ask me like that? How dare you to take my swara’s name from your dirty mouth ? You cheap person.. I’ll kill you… ( shouts in anger )

Karthik : ( jerked him ) Be in your limit, sanskar.. Don’t forget who I’m! And I just gave you offer.. best offer.. u hv to do absolutely nothing.. just send your wife here for 1 night and I’ll give you money.. as simple as that..

Sanskar : Enough.. not a single word.. I knew that u are cruel n short tempered bt I dint knw that u r such a cheap person.. chii.. u blo*dy womanizer. How can you even think that I’ll send my swara to you.. never ever.. understand??? ( leaves from there in anger )

Karthik : ( laughs loudly ) You will send her sanskar.. you will.. And I’ll make sure of it..

At sanskar’s house

Swara was crying continuously. Ap was crying too bt trying to console swara.. Sanskar came home and gets shocked seeing swara crying.

Sanskar : swaraa.. swara.. what happened? Why are you crying?

Swara : ( crying bitterly ) Sanskar ji.. my aryan.. my aryan.. they took my baby.. my son..

Ap : Sanskar beta.. when u were not at home sm men come and kidnapped aryan.. they took aryan from swara forcefully..

Sanskar was shocked as well as angry too.. coz; he knew who did this..

Sanskar stood from there and began to go. Swara hold his hand.

Swara: where are you going ji?

Sanskar: for bringing our Aryan.

His parents tried to stop him but without giving any heeds to their pleading he went away.

He reached karthik’s house. He about to enter inside his mansion but katrthik’s man stopped him at gate only.

Man: where are you going?

Sanskar sees him with blood shot eyes.

Sanskar: I want to meet your bade shahab.

Before man could say something to him, other man signal him to let him enter inside.

Karthik: I never expected you will agree so soon.

Sanskar: where is my son?

Karthik started to laugh at him and parted his shoulder.

Karthik: whose son? I don’t know about it.

He turned toward his men.

Karthik: you know where is his son?

All nodded him in no.

Karthik: see no one know about it.

Sanskar: don’t act I know only you are behind it.

Karthik: if you know that much then you also know why I did it?

Sanskar: that you will never get.

He turned to go from there.

Karthik: offer is still open, send your wife and take your son.

Sanskar punch him hard on his nose. His men started to beat him and throw him outside the mansion.

Karthik (shout) : you still have time.

Otherhand, swara’s tension increasing with passing time. Ap tried to console her.

Ap: swara take rest sanskar will bring him back.

Swara: how I can take rest ma, I don’t know how will be my Aryan and also there is no sign of sanskar ji.

Sanskar somehow managed to reach his home.

Seeing sanskar coming swara and ap run toward him. Both become shocked seeing his condition.

Swara: how this happen sanskar ji?

Both ladies take him inside.

Dp: how this happen?

Sanskar: Karthik did it, he only kidnapped our Aryan.

Swara: but why ji?

Ap: ha sanskar, what we have done.

Sanskar closes his fist remembering his condition.

Sanskar; I don’t know.

He moved from there.

Swara: ma I will see him, you take rest.

Swara go behind him and places her hand on his shoulder.

He tightly hug her and started to cry.

Sanskar: I can’t agree with his condition.

She caresses his hair.

Swara: what condition ji? What bade shaheb want? We will give him everything but I want my son. I can’t able to live without him ji.

Sanskar: no swara, I can’t.

Swara: but what he want?

Sanskar parted himself and turned other side.

Sanskar: He wants you.

She moved from there.

Sanskar: but you don’t take tension, I will not let happen anything both of you.

Swara: no sanskar ji, if he wants me I will go. I can’t risk Aryan’s life.

Sanskar: but swara

Swara: for a mother her child is most important even more than her self-respect. I will go to him.

She run inside and started to cry at their helplessness.

After sometimes swara came out being ready.

Swara: take me there sanskar ji.

Ap; bahu think once again.

Swara: no ma, my son is most important for him.

Without having any option he helplessly take swara with him.

Sanskar: think once again swara, we will find some way.

Swara: no sanskar ji, we don’t have enough time. They are very dangerous, if he killed our son then what will we do?

Both reached there, karthik’s men take swara inside.

Man: you go, tmrw morning with her your son will be reach till you.

Both helplessly looked toward each other.

Karthik’s men take swara inside the mansion.

These all scene by naina karthik’s wife.

Naina: one more women

She laughed painfully at her fate.

Swara entered inside the mansion, karthik signal his men to leave this place.

He come toward swara and sensuously touched Swara’s cheeks. She back off from there.

Swara: first free my son.

Karthik: oh so much boldness but not so soon, first let me enjoy your fragrance.

He tried to go close to her. She pushes him back.

Whereas other side, sanskar sitting in dark and crying at his fate. He remembers his and swara happy moments. How swara always used take care of his family, how she always protect their family, how in every situation she not used to lose her hope.

At mansion

Karthik slapped swara hardly and started to drag her. Blood oozes from corner of her lips but no he don’t show any mercy to her. She tried to free herself from his clutches.

Karthik: you pushed me na, now let me show you my power.

Swara: if you are true man then first leave my son. Then I will show what is meaning of woman.

Naina become shocked by seeing her boldness.

Karthik: Tonight I will show you what true man is.

He pushes her inside a room and locked door from outside.

Swara( shout) : you’re impotent.

He angrily went from there and started to drink alcohol.

Other side, sanskar’s condition was same. He still remembers how swara used to give him advice in every situation. At last he remembers how swara agree with karthik’s condition only to save their son. He felt ashamed of himself not able to do anything for his wife.

Sanskar: no swara, I can’t let you happen anything. I will save you both from that man.

He run toward Karthik’s mansion.

Naina reminiscing Karthik’s torture, how he never respect her and any other woman. How he used to force himself on women, tears fall from her eyes.

Naina( monologue) : swara today you open my eyes. I will not let you happen anything.

She went outside the mansion without being notice by anyone.

Sanskar reached Karthik’s house and started to struggle for entering inside his mansion

After taking some pecks karthik entered inside swara’s room.

Swara become afraid by seeing him.

Karthik: now no one able to save you from me.

He went near her and dug his face in her neck. She tried to push him. But he make his grip stronger and started to bite there. She moaned in pain, he held her hair and throw on bed.

Swara: I said na leave me.

She tried to stand from there but karthik come over her.

Karthik: not so soon, first let me enjoy your beauty.

Swara started to hit him but nothing working in her favor. Karthik about to dug his face in her neck, she closes her eyes helplessly. After some seconds she opened her eyes not
feeling any weight over her body.

Swara become shocked seeing karthik being beaten by some village women

Sanskar also entered there, he covered swara with shawl.

Naina: swara you’re fine na.

Swara nodded in yes.

Karthik roared in anger.

Karthik: how dare you all touch me like this.

Naina hold his collar and slap him hard.

Naina: I should have slap you that day only when you force yourself on me.

She started to slap him repeatedly and karthik hold her hand.

Karthik: What you weak women think of yourself.

He pushes her and about slap him, sanskar held his hand.

Swara come forward and slap him hard.

Swara: women not meant to be your servant. If she can give you birth and make u this much big that u start destroying the world then she also have power to destroy you.

All women started to beat him.

Swara: sanskar ji, where is Aryan?

Aryan came there crawling and hugged her by her legs. She picked him up and cupped his face and kiss all over it.

Swara: are you fine na?

Aryan clapss while laughing

Naina : don’t worry swara I may be weak in front of this karthik as a wife but im also having a mother’s heart I fed your son don’t worry and she also kissed aryan.

Swara: thanks Malkin ji.

Naina: no swara, only seeing your courage I’ll be able to free myself from this devil.

U r ready to sacrificed yourself for your son then why can’t I fight back for my own self-respect… u know im pregnant may be today also I will not be able to do anything just to cry on my fate but after seeing your courage I realized that if today I kept quite na then tomorrow my child will also become like his dad sooo I took this step… thankuu sooo much swara thankuuu soooo muchhh and she looked at karthik and goes towards him

Naina again slapped him and pushed him. Police came there and took him from there.

Sanskar: Malkin, today you had a big favor on me you not only saved my son but also my wife self-respect.

Naina : nhe sanskar today your both husband wife opened my eyes… before seeing u I thought that all the husbands are just like my husband but today after seeing u the way u
came back im forced to change my perception related to men…

Kathik were sentenced to be hang till death because due to him many women did suicide after losing their self-respects and many houses lost their male member because karthik killed them for not fulfilling his greedy and lusty demands…

Naina took the control of village… she provided all the basic needs to the villagers and now meheswari family lives with naina….

Sanskar being her manager and swara being the care taker of the haveli… naina also provide funds for dp’s operation and now dp can walk with the help of artificial legs and he sees the progress of farms… he is now the head farmer of the village..

All the village ppl now lives happily without any fear and the village now prospering and progressing…without any fear of the cruel ruler…

No one is weak they just need a lesson or a situation to realize that what r they capable of…

The End

guyss this is our first topic we are also having the topic for combine FF if u like our this idea then tell us that u want us to write the ff or not?? maximum votes will decide the future of coming ff from our side..
thankuuuu 🙂

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