POV of readers regarding mythological characters(siya ke ram and mahabharat) part 3

Hi guys …priya is back with third part☺☺thank u for all of ur cmnts…its really a great pleasure for me…pls cmnt n support me like this….

Sanju -I replied u n last part dont know whether u saw or not pls see it n say dear….

Let’s go to the part….

Ayodhya brothers…..

Ram – incarnation of lord Vishnu… The only man who laid ek patni vrata policy….he is a soft creature…. Who is bounded with rajdarma…. Through which he suffered a lot….he was forced to be away from his wife and sons….even though his ma has sent him to vanvas he never showed hatredness towards her….. He is an ideal son…..husband of siya…. He is loved to be called as SIYA KE RAM

Bharat – he may be a best son, best husband n all but first he is a best brother…..he is the incarnation of Vishnu shanka….. Husband of mandavi..moreover he is shadow of ram….he love his brother to the core he didn’t even turned to his mother …he broked all his relations with her….

Lakshman – he is a dedicated brother….he always has that much love to his brother which cannot be said in words….he always want to be with his brother….. He can hear anything but can’t hear one ill word about his ram bhaiya… Infact he wanted to kill bharat when he came to know about ram’s excile……. Incarnation of sheshnag…… He is said “LAKSHMAN JAISA PYAR KARNE WALE KOI NAHI AUR UN JAISA GUSSA KARNE WALE BHI KOI NAHI…..” Even though he follows his ram bhaiya , when ram said sita to do agnipariksha he opposed him for the first time……. He is an example of good DEVAR…..husband of urmila……

Shatrunghna – incarnation of Vishnu chakra, if lakshman is always with ram, shatrughna is always with bharat… To be said he is the strength of bharat…..husband of shrutakriti….. He sent manthra out of ayodhya when he came to know that bcoz of her ram had gone to vanvas…. Even though he was bounded with emotions he didn’t forgot to do his rajdarma…… He tried to explain bharat bcoz of living a life of vanvasi can’t change the fact….. But bharat didnt accept him in that matter….so he took the rajya on his control for that 14 years……

Hope u all enjoyed it…pls say it through ur cmnts????….

And next part will be of Mahabharata heroes…guys I didn’t add hanuman in this part thought of adding him n sugreev n vibhishana part…..

Thank u for ur cmnts..pls support me like this always…. Love u all….☺☺☺

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Di I want Mahabharata part.. Pandavas and Krishna,.,
    Okay here goes–

    Ram can b considered best of all but his brothers r not much less… They also represented him and were a shadow of him.. To me all are heroes.. All hv suffered alot but even after being bound by their dharma, it never reflects in their karma.. They luv each other very much and also their ? family.. Is said that they can lay down their lives for each other but in real they can do much more for each other.. They all follow their elder bro ram but can’t see each other in sorrow.. N can die for each other.. So can fight with yama for each other…

    1. Ya vanshu sure I m having some idea of writing POV abt Krishna as u want Krishna with pandavas I have to think abt it…..if u want I l add him….ya ur words r true dear….

  2. ram is in 1st catagory but according to best sacrificser award goes to lax.
    bcos he leaved his jaan to save his ram bhaiya. so hats of to him.

    1. Haha ya u r ryt Akka…..

  3. its ram & lakshman

    1. Tq for cmnt vaidehi

  4. guys when ram left sita then i felt like to cry and was continuously telling ram that he shouldn’t leave sita. awesome epi. pls read my ff in yesterday’s page

    1. Ya even I felt like crying dear…

  5. Ram : an ideal husband , ideal brother , ideal son , ideal son in law etc In short an ideal human being

    Bharat : an ideal brother who broke all relations with her mother just because she sent his dear brother to vanvas

    Laxman : an ideal brother who left the luxurious life and went to vanvas with his brother

    Shatrughan : an ideal brother who managed the praja after his brother left !

    According to me all are ideal human beings 🙂

    1. Tq twinkle dear…..and u know u r an ideal sis now…..I m so happy to see ur POV….

      1. aww priya di not only me even you are a ideal sister 🙂 You know I missed everyone soooo much 🙂 🙂 especially you and vanshu 🙂 priya di I liked this POV thing please continue 🙂

      2. Ya I l for sure dear…..just for u….pls dont stop cmntng….actually mei thoda upset hun… Bahut less cmnts hai….ur cmnts r my strength so…..u know I missed u so much dear….twinkle.. Pls pray for me dear tmr my results…

      3. will never stop commenting dear 🙂 less comments I can understand yar how it feels when people don’t comment ! but don’t worry di you are writing superbly ! and don’t be upset yar ! come on di you are very strong now go and play talking tom and talk with tom you will feel better 😛 😛 LOL !
        will surely pray for you 🙂

        (a bit lengthy comment I think )


      4. I can’t say tq twinkle…. n l u do one favour…pls visit may 23rd skr page once….

    2. sure dear 🙂

  6. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Actually priya di I hv posted an article on Krishna ji so… Di post next Mahabharata heroes soon..

    N ya.. Di I try to write small pov.. Otherwise whole page will b full and other friends will keep on scrolling down to comments section lol ?

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Simply all wr equally ideal bros… And y write long one wen can say truth in one sentence.. Am I ryt di???

      1. Oh vanshu…..tq …u want me to write small POV ah????n I l write it soon… I thought nobody is liking it ….as cmtns r less for this part …u see last 2 parts u l come to know….so I thought there r some people who read this…..but ya I l write for them…

  7. Ram- The one who gives is first priority to praja dharma..
    Barat- shadow of RAM..without his mistake experienced too many problems because of fate
    Lakshman- great brother..
    Shatrugnan- always supported barat

    Four are heros in my POV…

    Sorry for late reply priya sis…

    1. Ohooo bhai no sry…. U forgot????and ya I loved ur POV regarding bharat especially…. Ur last line???

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