POV of readers regarding mythological characters (siya ke ram n mahabharat) part 2

Hi guys thanks for ur cmnts……

Guys one more thing I want u all to say ur POINT OF VIEW on CHARACTERS….on each character I post here….. May be its positive or negative… Every thing is accepted….

Mahabharata heroines:

1. Draupadi- a women who suffered a lot in her life??…..wife of pandavas…. Incarnation of goddess Kali…..n she is worshipped as god in south India….Even though she is truthful to all …..all used her for their Betterness…. Friend of Krishna… ☺☺she has alot of names…krishnaa, panchali, yajnaseni, drupadkanya, sairandri,mahabharati, parshati, nitayuvani, malini, yojanagandha…..she is a very beautiful lady in that period…. It is said that her beauty cant be compared?

2.subhadra- young sister of krishna n balram…wife of arjuna….incarnation of durga(yogmaya)…she is said to be arjuna’s lovable wife….

3.hidimbhi-wife of bheema…she is a rakshashi….she is also called as pallavi….there is a temple in manali which is dedicated to her…in other parts of himachal Pradesh she us worshipped as goddess…

4.Uttara- wife of abhimanyu….she became widow in very small age…said that she wanted to burn herself when she knew that abhimanyu is dead….but krishna stopped her….

5.bhanumathi-Wife of duryodhana….it is said that even though she is beautiful she is broken inside after the death of her husband and sons….

Hope u all loved it…say ur views through cmnts…. Ur cmnts r my strength guys so pls dont ignore to cmnt…

I wanted u all to say one thing…u guys want me to post

1. heroes of epics in next part
2. Mothers of epics in next part
I post as u people say…Pls say me if u all want me to continue or not???

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  1. please post your comments about Rukmini..

    1. Ohkay medha dear…. Actually rukmini is not an imp character regarding Mahabharata…so that I didn’t include it here….I l post it alone as Krishna leela …is that ok ???? N ya tq for ur cmnt….. It l consist radha n all I have planned for that… I l post it…pls say me If u want it as a single post or I want to add it in next part????pls say dear….

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Next part di.. It is a poll na??

  2. I like draupadi and subadra.di I think u forgot sashirekha,wife of abhimanyu she was really a trusted and self confident woman in mahabharat

    1. Okay megs ….I hope I clears ur doubts regarding that n hangouts ???

    2. Meghana I didn’t knew that abhimanyu had a another wife also if you know about her you yourself please post about her as we all will love to know about a new character of Mahabharata

  3. I want heroes and mothers both to b posted di

    1. ???? both….l try to post it megs….

  4. N di the way u wrote abt everyone us awesome pls pls pls do continue

    1. Is nt us

    2. Tq dear n I l continue….

  5. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Di heroes and mothers both..

    I’ll vote for my fav draupadi always,, I want heroes first and then mothers.. And draupadi is my first opinion.. Second is uttara..

    1. Dear its not poll its a POV of readers regarding those characters….ok???

  6. hi madam. neenga ipdi oru vela pakurada sollave illa. ok unku god pathi i mean mythology pathi ivlo terium nu nan xpect panla.
    here i learned new names of panchali.nice keep it up.

    1. I l say to u n hangouts di…neenga anga vanga na en sollala nu solra

      1. Hey priya ur results are bearing fruits good response dear will reply later and btw who is aastha and she is in hangouts

      2. I mean work is bearing fruit in the form of results
        I am an idiot lol

      3. Its ok sanju …n she is writing one ff…she is In hangouts… My frnd like u all dear that’s it….n tq l Wait for ur cmnt…n she is not in skr group…. She is in my individual chat my sis….

      4. Akka what ff does she right ?
        And how are u all sisters in hangouts
        And isn’t it magic comments posted within a minute in Tu
        Dear sis u are in posting spree now and u told to come to ind chat on June 3
        Will u be quitting for next year
        Don’t do it Di try to be rare or atleast make it a monthly affair maybe I won’t reply but will surely be ur silent reader

      5. She wrote two ff’s abt swaragini ragsan pair…she is also from tn so we become frns n for chatting she joined in hangouts Thats it sanju….n ya its a magic in tu page…ya I m quitting hangouts just for 2 years as I have to concentrate on studies…. Actually I m thinking to handover my ph to my grandpa again ….as I just want this ph for leave…. Now for studies I m handing it over to him…I promise I l be back after 12….other matters I l say u on June 3…..I l say u clearly…okva????I won’t forgot u when I come back I l definitely chat with u…till then dont forgot me …. Actually I l explain u y I l not be a week or month visit….but ya whatever u want to share with me pls do one mail to me… I l see it n rply to u for sure……

    2. sanju am writing ff on swaragini page.

  7. My fav is subhadra and uttra as giving your only son for justice requires lot of courage and strength and losing your better half at such a tender age is not a small thing

    1. Ya u r ryt…tq for cmntng dear….

  8. priya di for me its draupadi, shubhadra & uttara. i like them all.
    and yes pls pls pls continue. we all r enjoying it.

    1. Tq vaidehi dear….n ya I ll

  9. Draupadi- great women with lot of suffer in her life

    Subhadra- lovable wife of our hero Arjuna

    Hidimbi- I don’t know about her…just i knew that she is the wife of bheema

    Uttara- mastya princess,daughter of King virat…she is the only wife of abhimanyu…sheshirekha is an imaginative character,not given in Mahabharata

    Bhanumati- I know only about her that she is the wife of duryodhana…may be she is
    most neglected character of the epic..

    This is my POV… Sorry if anything wrong…

    Nice poll priya sis….
    Continue with hero’s and mother’s of epic…

    1. Dont worry bhai..

      All r crct…. N tq bhai….

  10. Draupadi : no words ! actually my words will look smaller in front of her !

    Subhadra : she was a lovable wife of Arjuna who saw the death of her only son Abhimanyu !

    Hidimba : she also faced the death of her only son !

    Uttara : she also saw the death of her husband Abhimanyu in such a small age !

    Bhanumati : I don’t know anything about her except the fact that she is the wife of duryodhan !
    but according to your description about her character , she also faced the death of her sons and husband !

    So according to me the heroine of Mahabharata were

    DO continue di 🙂

    these POV’s are awesome 🙂

    1. Tqs a lot twinkle…..n ya words will look smaller in front of draupadi’s sacrifice….

  11. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Oh sorry di.. Actually I didn’t wear my glasses ? so I saw POV as poll.. Okay ? So here it goes

    Draupadi was the most suffering from all the heroines and was a shining star she was the real heroine.. Uttara also was a heroine. She was widowed in a young age.. Unimaginable sorrow broke upon her. She tried to kill herself but was saved by Krishna ji who reminded her that she was pregnant and had to live for her kid.. Draupadi also lived in sorrow all her life. After her cheer Haran , she had to live in forest and then wen she became the queen ?.. She had lost her kids.. These two characters r heroines for me.. The other three also suffered but the most was suffered by these two

    1. Haha its ok vanshu…. N tqs for ur POV….

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