POV of readers regarding mythological characters (siya ke ram and Mahabharata) part 8


Hi guys…priya is back with next part…..i m extremely sorry for this much delay and sorry in advance that i cant be regular ….i may post it if i have Saturday holidays only…please pardon me guys…and ya tq so much for ur lovely cmnts…
Its a fathers pov specially dedicated to all fathers…belated fathers day special….
Lets go to the pov: (it contains both Mahabharata and Ramayana fathers):
Dasaratha: king of ayodhya, fathers of ram, lakshman, bharata,shatrughna….he is always fond of ram..he cant live without him…he had a curse ,as he killed shravana thinking that it is a deer drinking water..so shravana parents had given him curse…he will die at that time when his children are not with him..so he was always get restless when ram is not with him…so that only when ram went to vanvas he got into depression and then he died…really he is so grateful to get a son like ram……

Janak : king of mithila, his life was not like a raja…he always lived the life of rishi so he is called as rajrishi….oh god what to say abt this man as a father…there is no words to express his fatherly character…each and every father will always think that there daughter should be happy wherever she goes…but he is the first father to say that “WHEREVER U GO, SPREAD HAPPINESS AND KEEP THE PEOPLE HAPPY” such a great father he is ???agree???and what he taught sita while she is going to ayodhya..” if the world speaks about ur character or badmouths abt ur self respect….DONT EVEN WIAIT FOR A SECOND, GIVE AGNI PARIKSHA TO PROVE YOURSELF”… we will say that a person is grateful when their child go into his arms when there is nothing in is hands …if it so…janak is grateful as sita was always with him…he was a best friend, role model and everything for sita…a girl will always think that a guy who she is going to get married should be like her father ..sita too had the same thought..as janak is a true person….whenever a hurdle comes in the life of sita, janaks advice echoes in her hear…it doesn’t show how great father he was???

Dhridirashtra: king of hastinapura, a father should support his son…thats right but not in his wrong doings…. if he would have thought to teach his son what is wrong and what is right…MAY BE dhuryodhana would have changed…par unhone toh unke saath milgayi…so that only the destruction of guru dynasty…..his love towards duryodhana was true but duryodhana misused it…he shouldn’t have supported him in his bad deeds…that made his character some what bad..he is neither said to be good nor said to be bad…but just to say he didn’t realize what is love towards and what is trust towards his bad deeds..unhone apne papa hone ka farz ko nazarandaaz kar diya..thats the wrong thing which he shouldn’t have done…
Pandu : he is the father of pandavas…he is fond of children but couldn’t bcoz of his curse…but kunti’s boon from durvasa made him father ..(hope we all know how it happened)..he didn’t spend alot of time with his sons…but how many years he would have spent with them…he proved that he is a good father by providing them support only in THEIR GOOD DEED….he is a good father…

Dhrubadh : king of panchala , first of all he hates girls bcoz of his daughter shikandi as he failed to win arjuna in war so that he lost infront of dhrona..so he gave curse to draupadi while she was born from fire…he said she will face all the problems and hurdles..she will get all sadness in her whole life…we all know this was the reason why draupadi faced that much of problems ….eventhough he changed after that…curse is curse …which cant be changed…he is a good father indeed….

So guys how was the part…sorry can upload once or twice in the month only..pls rectify the mistakes..dont know whether u people liked this or not..cant get so many ideas abt these fathers as a father it was so less in epics…pls don’t IGNORE TO COMMENT…as its my strength..pls do cmnt and say me what TOPIC U WANT NEXT…
1. Villains….

2. Good people in demons group
3. Krishna leela
4. ( if there is some other group which i didn’t give the pov pls notify)
Love u…take care…
by urs priya

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow Priya ur pov is awesome dear and one thing when dhuryodhan was born he made a very unbearable sound and the pandits told that he will become a great cause for the destruction of the kul and told the king to sacrifice him but dhiridhirashtra didn’t do it because of the love towards him…And I think u can go for the topic Krishna leela… just a suggestion?

    1. Priya15

      Ya u r ryt padma dear… Tq so much…. Hmm Krishna Leela.. L see..

  2. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Diiiii u did great job…. Nice one… Next I want Krishna Leela… From these fathers I like Janak the most… Secondly dashrath.. Thirdly drupad.. Fourthly that stupid Dhitrashtra.., seriously I hate him…. Next Krishna Leela ha… No other one…. Only Krishna Leela I want.. These villains eh.. Keep for last.. Love u ?

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much vanshu.. Hmm l see the votes dear n then decide.. I m sure all l say Krishna leela only.. Love u too…

  3. Astha

    every1 is asking krishnaleela so u do krishnaleela but actually i want good ppl in demon grp.
    abt fathers……janak is 1st…..dasarath..???he is very fond of ram…he gave equal love to others??? i dont know. actually i dislike dhirudrastr but after raeding 10ma’s cmnt he is also a nyz father but not sooooo good. pantu…..so sad he likes children very much but he cant gave birth…..for god sake he got kundi.
    nyz pov dear. waitig 4 next one

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di.. Ya l see what is next.. I sent a pm to u… See to it…

  4. Nice priya.well done.???

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di…

  5. Meghana

    Priya di its simply superbb i hv been wtng fr this since long and di i want u to write krishna leela……did u remember i asked u many times to write abt krishnaa pls fulfill my wish and write pov on krishna leela

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much megs.…u should wait for next too……ya l see…love u

  6. Finally POV is back 🙂 I am very much happy 🙂

    okay now coming to the POV

    Janak : no words for him , he was the best father in my eyes 🙂

    Dasaratha : he was a good father but not better than Janak 🙂

    Dhritarashta : I like his love towards his sons !

    Pandu : he was also a good father 🙂

    Drupad : a good father !

    next I want krishna leela or good people in demons group 🙂

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much twinkle dear……ya lets see …till now krishna leela is leading……dekhte hai…

  7. pls priya di i want krishnaleela

    janak- awesome father
    dhritarashtra- nyc father
    drupad- lovely father
    pandu- very very good father
    dashrath- caring father

    1. Priya15

      Ok vaidehi dear…tq so much………

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