POV of readers regarding mythological characters (siya ke ram and Mahabharata) part 7


Hi guys ….sorry for this much delay… I know that’s not good for saying sorry every time… But guys I was busy n my school works… My teachers was very happy regarding my marks…I m the topper n Tamil of my school….I can’t control my happiness.. My teachers who taught me from LKG are fighting for me by saying she is my student…really that moment one of my teacher said she is evergreen student….my Tamil teacher called me and hugged me as I was the first student n my school to get 99 … Really I was just crying now also remaining those things….sorry for this things blah blah…but I thought to share this with u…sorry if I had bored anybody…-priya..

Guys sorry I changed my plan this epi is not abt fathers….its abt teachers… And this part is fully dedicated to my teachers…..it has all teachers from both Ramayana and Mahabharata……

Lets go to the POV:

Vashishta – he is one of the saptarishis…he is the husband of arundathi..one treatise is attributed to him named vashist samhita… A book of vedic system of electional astrology.. Mizar and alcor is considered as vashisht and arundati…he is believed to be lived in banks of ganga near uttarakhand…actually teachers is the first role model of each and every kid…may be bcoz of his quality and non breaking of his promise only ram had never broken his promise after dasharat said a lot to him….that proves how good vashisht as a teacher… Even though vashisht know wts going to happen he never said the future happening to ram or dasharat bcoz as a teacher he wanted ram to do darmastapna and do his duty…..

Dhrona – he is the son of bharadwaja…husband of kripa…he is the teacher of pandavas and kauravas…. We l say that the child grows half on his parents.. If it grows half on his parents it grows another of half on his teachers… Even though eklavya didn’t learn from drona directly he learned from by hiding….. And drona asked his thumb bcoz he unknowingly come to know abt his Students knowledge..even though he won being a teacher by providing arjun he lost in the position of a father…Arjuna always stayed as his favourite student..”Amongst the warriors of both armies, there is no one who can be regarded as his peer.” Bhishma said this to duryodhana…these lines shows the power of dhrona’s teaching…

Parasurama – he is the teacher of great two warriors bhishma and karna…no no the great warriors are his students… The world always says the teacher after the student…but in one students mind always the teacher should be the first…if we see bhishma history u l come to know abt a true student….when parasurama fought with bhishma… bhishma didn’t took his weapon after parasurama ordered only he took his weapon…. This isn’t enough to show abt a true student???but in karna’s matter parasurama cursed him so that only he forgot one mantra… But his angriness crossed the limits at that time… As always he reacted like that common people…. We people know till now caste is ruling over a common human being… Ryt??? Bcoz of that he cursed its wrong but Karna misused his trust…. For a teacher broking his/her trust really hurts…may be that’s bcoz of karna mistake by misusing is trust…but overall he had given a great warriors to India…..

So guys how was this part??? Hope u enjoyed it….I want to say something abt teachers…

Students are like clay and the teachers r a pot makers who mold the clay and make a statue( big human being) if u see n today’s world….. Teacher never takes their students proud on themselves…..a true teacher l never get satisfied bcoz if a teacher get satisfied they can’t give their betterness…. A student may or may not be proud to say abt their teachers but a teacher is always proud of their teacher…there is one saying teachers are our second parent do u know yy ??? Bcoz if u succeed in ur lyf first pride goes to ur parents n the next go to ur teachers…. We l say mata pita guru deivam… We We put god next to our teachers… Our parents l get temper when somebody taunt us…but they l never get temper when a teacher taunt…if we want any other proof to know y the teachers r said second parent???

Now not only abt these three say abt ur POV regarding ur teacher too…have a great nyt!!…pls don’t ignore to cmnt????

Credit to: priya

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  1. My teachers I love them all actually not 4 the lessons they thought me but for the values they gave me. They thought me to love my language they thought me to be tolerant towards every religion now I think I have prestige while saying I’m an Indian woman. Thanks to my teachers who made me complete thank you so much for conducting this POV dear I wanted to tell about my teachers to everyone coz 4 me they r the best u gave me that chance today thank u sooooo much

    One small request dear please don’t say u bored us and please sy in CMNT section what vl b UR next POV about whom so that I can mail pic OK and don’t forget to say about UR teachers @nyt I sent 2 mails to u please check them out

    1. Hi tanu…ya they make us complete.. In my view if teachers r not their then in this period the small age children will become money minded…they r the people who teach us what is good and what is wrong eventhough our parents teach us that l never reach our mind but when teacher says it..that l reach in our mind at the same time itself..

      And y r u breaking our rules han???the next part is abt fathers dear.. I think they r countable so thinking to give the both epic fathers in one part wt say??? N i didn’t get any mail tanu…the last mail i got is replies n u said abt soups di’s blog…did u send any???

  2. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Di is awesome pov I love ur articles and comments… Di u dint bore is its interesting… Nyc info.. Enjoyed it alot love u sweetie di..

    My teachers… They’re like someone who I can’t explain.. They’re my strength after my mom.. They have managed to make me a half good person till now and I’m sure they’ll succeed in making my life successful.. None can b selected as best teacher as teachers r always d best… U know I feel very happy ? wenever principal mam announces the results and I’ve stood up first..i think more than my hard work, their hard work is succeeded. Once wen I stood topper of the school ? I was happy that I made teachers feel sooo good.. Nothing can b said about teachers.. They’re his awesome.. Meanwhile u should hv included Valmiki and Gautam rishi.. Anyways pov is awesome love u sweetie di

    1. I m glad that u love it..love u too cutie..

      Ya dear teachers cant explain by words…and their support is our strength…ha i know what is that feel when we make our teacher proud…and i even know that u r gng to make ur teachers even more to feel proud….valmiki and gautam rishi. Ohkay i didnt know alot abt them..thats y i didnt write..

  3. Nice Pov Priya…. First u want that u didn’t bore us….

    My teachers they made me a good human being by teaching the moral values. They r like someone who I cannot explain…. They encouraged me a lot in many ways…. They r next to my mom….. My last year class teachers made me realise who I am…….. They had faith In me….. Love them a lot
    Nice Pov regarding teachers Priya ..
    Ur just awesome…

    1. U r ryt dear…teachers are the persons who made us realize who we r?? And there r the first people after our parents to enjoy our success without any worries (u can understand what i mean na??)..and u said me awesome na thats bcoz of my teachers…

  4. can someone tell me how to create a fanpage,I want to create on bharat mandavi and also how to log in tellyupdates,I want to write fanfiction.

    1. Bhai u r asking abt fanpage?? In fb???not clear abt it…and fanfiction… There is an option called menu in top of this page..click it…u l have submit article…click it…n fill the required details then do submit the article thats it ..simple bhai..

  5. Priya- Karna was cursed because he didn’t reveal his true identity – When one goes to Guru , he should say the Truth . karna told he was Brahmin -but Karna must have mentioned that He was from Sudra family at least that was what he knew. He didn’t tell his true identification. He was kunti’s son but that he didn’t know . But he didn’t reveal his foster parent’s identity to Guru Parsurama.

    About Drona- what he did was his business. During those time without Guru’s permission -nobody was supposed to learn anything. Ekalavya broke the rule and Drona punished . But Drona was cruel indeed .Drona could have forgiven him
    And yes, Arujna was a born great archer . He had previous association with Narayana/ Lord and in his previous birth He was great . So It was his good deed . Please read The GIta. -Past lives and Reincarnation. As a Hindu- Past lives and Past Karma do influence present live.
    Or if you are westerner -pl read DR Brian Weiss- Many Master and Many lives. You shall believe it

    1. Tq for the info dear…and i m an indian that too south indian..i had only refered vyasa Mahabharata… I m busy n my studies now..once i l become free i l surely read it..once again tqs…and extremely sorry if there is any mistake dear..

  6. vasist good teacher.
    drona – good but showing partiality. he want to arjun bcome 1 so he asked ekalaivan’s thumb. kavravas also can be good warroirs. at least any1. according to my knowladge i never heard that he supported to kauvravas.
    parasuram – a very very good teacher. ya karn misused him. but every1 neglected karn then who will help him. he is also a human being na. kundi leaved him. what is his mistake. in everytime he got insult only. never he got his appriciation. sry u asked abt teachers but am supporting karn.
    soon write abt karn.
    abt my teachers……i love them.
    when my result came then every1 told dont took mat-bio. but i took that bcos i’ve lot trust on them. i know them surely they will make me good n teach me well. i took that grp only on my trust on my teachers. i like all teachers but except only one. my 12 tam teacher. nan vera language apdingaradukaga mattume enna evlo insult panna mudiumo avlo pannuvanga. im not hating her but she hurt me. but she is very good teacher. nalla padam nadathuvanga. but sinna manakasapu thats it. her frnd my 10th tam mam is my fav. she always encourages me till now. i love my all teachers.

    1. Hi akka…check out ur mail..and drona supported kauravas in war time but not by heart…

      Haha u know what sometimes teachers discouragement l become our strength… We l study to prove us best infront of them ryt???u saw strdy neeya naana one guy said abt this…

      1. s ofcourse. bcos of that only i scored 184 in tam.

      2. Hmm…superb… Credit goes to u too…as u have put hardwork too..

  7. Nice POV priya sis about teachers…

    1. I can’t say tqs bhai..but glad that u liked it…

    2. Anil bro meet you after a long time.why you don’t comment in the update page now?

      1. Hi nabanita sis…iam not watching regularly skr now a days because of busy schedule.. So not commenting everyday….I vl try to give one msg in the update page regularly from now..

  8. Priya di priya di priya di how to convey my tnq my sis tnx a lot fr info i really loved all the last sentences they r fabulous ….i too love my teachers a lot they truely support their students THEY R SECOND PARENTS IN OUR LIFE is it!! Good job di i ll b wtng fr the nxt wonder

    1. Haha..tq so much..
      I wrote wt i felt thats it….

  9. So nice of u priya di ur POV made all our skr family remind all our teachers:-):-)

    1. Next wonder.. Its not any wonder.. It looks like wonder for u ????tq cutie… Remind??? Megs we can never forgot our teachers n our lifetime na?? Then wts the need for reminding???….and u r breaking rules… I returned ur tqs…so dont say tqs again…

  10. Priya you are a genius we all know that.it is not very easy work to get 99 marks in language group.so first of all congrats!
    Sis you are younger than me but your thoughts really impressed me??????
    And the Pov is realy great!you are like a nucleus in our skr family.????

    1. Ayyo di….me??? Genius??? Pls dont tease me di???…and i m glad that my POV impressed u…thats all bcoz of u people support…. But trust me ur words means to me alot….

  11. Priya you are a genius we all know that.it is not very easy work to get 99 marks in language group.so first of all congrats!
    Sis you are younger than me but your thoughts really impressed me??????
    And the Pov is realy great!you are like a nucleus in our skr familly.

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