POV of readers regarding mythological characters (siya ke ram and mahabharata) part 6

Hi guys…. Thank u for ur wonderful cmnts.. Pls support me like this always… Ur support or my strength guys…. And sry for this delay – priya…

Let’s go to the POV:

Mothers of Mahabharata:

Satyavati – she is a Fisher women, whom shantanu fell in love… May be we can say that bcoz of her father Mahabharata yudh came.. Y means if he didn’t get that promise from bhishma… Bhishma would have become king as he got one vardan from his dad he would have took care of gurukul… So its obvious that he is also one reason for Mahabharata…. And satyavati she is his daughter and mother of chitrangatha and vichitrvirya… She is the step mom of bhishma but loved and trusted him more than her own children… He doesn’t want bhishma to give that promise to her dad…but bhishma did….she didn’t want to live in palace after pandu’s death so she went to forest with ambika and ambalika… She was told by vyasa that guru dynasty will be ruined in future…

Ambika – princess of kashi, whom bhishma taken from swayamvar forcefully..wife of vichitravirya.. She become widow in a small age…as she couldn’t have any child, ved vyasa went to them to give kid by NIYOGA system… But when he visited ambika’s room she closed her eyes so she got dhridirashtra as blind kid….in some versions of Mahabharata says she didn’t show a motherly love to dhridhirashtra as he is a unwanted kid for her…. When satyavati sent vyasa to ambika for the second time she mad her maid to stay in her place… So her maid son was vidhura…. She accompanied satyavati to van….

Ambalika – she is as same as ambika…..but when vyasa went to her she became pale in fear…so that her kid pandu was pale in appearance…she also accompanied satyavati to vanvas…. They say that ambika and ambalika lived with vichitravirya for 7 years

Gandari – she is the daughter of subhala… Princess of gandhara…gandhari was married to dhridirashtra… She is beloved wife …she closed her eyes with cloth when she know that her husband is blind and he feels that nobody can understand his pain…gandhari was given a boon by vyasa that she l give birth too 100kids….but it took a lot of time for her to give birth to kids…when she come to know that kunti gave birth to a kid..she is frustrated and pounds on her stomach…small grey marks come out of her and vyasa kept it in 101 cool pots… She is fond of duryodhana….later she turns as blind eye for his misdoings…there is one saying in Tamil ” Thai vayiru erindhu sabam ital adhu nichayam balikum” ( if a mother gives a curse that l surely succeed)…that hpnd in gandari matter too…bcoz of her boon only Krishna kul last times was like that bad…bcoz of her boon only Krishna stay in this world just for 100years..

Kunti – she is daughter of shrusena….foster daughter of kuntibhoja… She is the best eg of SINGLE PARENT…. she tested the boon given by dhurvasha and gave birth to karna…she left him in river not being his ma but being a daughter of her father… As she didn’t want to ruin her father’s hope and prestige… She gave birth to first three pandavas but the others really loved her than their own ma…she didn’t commit sati like Madri bcoz she knows as ma she has to succeed… We l say na “a human being l commit one mistake in their life time” kunti’s one misunderstanding as her son told alms..her one mistake made a girl’s life ruined….. But when she said that u all don’t want to marry her …her children said they always take their ma’s words as a order…she said karna that she is his ma and take some boons from him… That he l not kill other four sons except arjun… And he l not use one celestial weapon twice… When pandavas came to know that karna is their brother…. Yudhishtra gave all women a curse that no women can keep anyMatter as a secret…so that only we girls can’t keep any secrets we l say the things to one wall also but we l never keep it inside our hearts…

Madri – princess of madra.. Second wife of pandu…. Pandu died when he desired her company forgetting rishi curse…she said bcoz of me he died so she also committed sati..she proved herself a good patni..but she is a good ma but not like kunti…..

Radha – mother of karna… She is like yashoda… Eventhough she didn’t gave birth to karna… She loved him more than herself… He is meant to be her world…. So that only we all l say that radhayin karnan (radha’s karn) …

Hey guys sry for late update actually I thought to update yesterday my neighbour uncle passed away I was awake for whole nyt… we only took care of them… In afternoon I can’t able to do anything so that I slept… Now also I couldn’t able to do anything my eyes r really red… I need a sleep but I made all of u wait alot..so that I updated and now only I typed radha part I can write a lot guys…my legs and hands r really paining sorry if there is any typo errors …

I want to know all of ur views regarding ur mothers????

I thought to write abt mothers in this part but I can’t I l try to write as cmnt tmr…

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Di thnx for info.. I really appreciate your work.. I can’t place my pov as I don’t know much about mothers.. That’s why I said thnx for info..n di no need to say sorry we understand why you not posted.. We love u alot di.. I didn’t know about satyavati, amvika, ambalika story thnx for telling me.. U r a nyc writer.. Hats off to you

    1. Tq for liking it vanshu….. I didn’t ask abt this mothers I asked ur pov about ur mother…. And btw hw r u???u had fever na??!??

  2. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Di u not write about devki n yashoda maiyya??? ??? they also parts of Mb,, ooo u mustn’t have written as u were unwell,, post soon. ✉? …. N di wat was name of parents of Kunti

    1. I will say abt them on my pov of Krishna Leela type…. Btw kunti Boja is her father don’t know abt her mother…

  3. Nice work Priya….

  4. Superb priya… Iam not giving my opinion because I don’t know much about them…only I knew about kunti…
    But you gave us nice info…

    1. Tq bhai…. But I didn’t ask abt this mothers bhai I asked abt ur mother…

  5. priya ambika n ambalika pathi enku edhum teriyadu…bcos of u only today i learn many things. sply yuthist women ku saabam kuduthadu.
    kundi may be a good maa for pandavas but never for karn.
    i dono y a im always stands for karn only. i accept he got love frm radha kundi wryed for karn. but bcos of her onlu my karn face many insults frm childhood to till death. i never cried for arjun. but i cried a lot for karn only in this mahabharat.

    1. according to me she is the best in the world. she is playing a frnd role sis role. i had only her to fight. we will fight each n everything like small kids.
      r u back to hangouts?

    2. u asked abt abhi na? yaa she is the 1 who wrote ragsan ff.

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    4. Hi akka….oh apa adhu abi… But en ava ff ezhuda matra i m missing her ff’s to the core….and akka actually na en google accounts delete panitan…tdy nyt na pudu account panuvan i l say u my email id….adu en anna delete pana sona so delete panita..n priya ennoda real name illa…ennoda real name anjali… En anna avan ena kupdura perula acc create panita..en real name anjali rajan…..enna anda name la acc create pana solirukan….even i m missing that….i want one help… Actually na ennoda skr frns ku hangouts la bye sollala avangaluku oru msg pananum…. Neenga ishwarya thanmathi nu oru peru hangouts la irukum knjm avaluku na solrada solidureengala…

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  6. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Ooo u asked pov abt my mom.. My mom is probably best known for her scolding to me rather than here love but I love her a lot and so does she… She is a superwoman I guess.. A multitalented lady.. I can’t describe her in words so I’ll describe her in some smiles.. ?????? ? ❤???????????.. My pov is that every mom is best so I am not saying that my mom is the best of all of anything else like that ? .. We cant describe our moms and none can take their place ever..

    I’m a bit well now di but I think it’ll take me abt 2-3 days to get fully well..

    1. Hmmm super ???ok get well soon…

  7. priya di even I will not give my POV as I know very less about them 🙂

    And di you told me about the bashing of ishra on skr page !

    I checked 28th may page and 29th may page !

    and Malvi di bashed but she even asked forgiveness I thought lets end the matter there itself I didn’t wanted to drag the matter ! 🙂

    and priya di waiting eagerly for next part 🙂

    1. Ya u r ryt twinkle…y u r not cmntng n skr pages???

      1. busy na thats why ! 🙂 but will soon start commenting 🙂

  8. Mithrabrinda

    It’s super priya ?

  9. Oriya…its a humble request …plzzz plzzz add urmila …sita and sulochana in ur POV….I love them….the 3 satis…..

    1. Dear read my pov from first…i mean n first part i wrote abt sita and urmila….sulochana i l write…if u want i l give u links…

      1. Plz give me the links…..

      2. I love sulochana too….so plzz

      3. I l dear… But after next two parts OK???? Bcoz next two parts l be of father’s… Is that OK???

      4. I am browsing [POV of readers regarding mythological characters (siya ke ram n mahabharat) part 2]. Have a look at it! http://www.tellyupdates.com/pov-readers-regarding-mythological-characters-siya-ke-ram-n-mahabharat-part-2/

  10. Suprrr priya di noo words tnx fr infooo

    1. Megs do one favour pls ask all of our fam members email id plsss….and say them i l send my mail from my real name thats anjali i l say them the full details through mail… Pls give them this news dear….. Pls may be i l say u my new mail id tonight….

  11. Dear I couldn’t paste the link of pov 1here…see there l be one search box at top of the page… Type pov of readers regarding mythological characters part 1it l come sry for inconvenience..

  12. Ohk priya ……I will wait for sulochana character sketch….

  13. Mithrabrinda

    It’s amazing ?

  14. RADHA maa!!!!!!

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