POV of readers regarding mythological characters (siya ke ram and mahabharata) part 5

Hi guys….I m back with another part of POV….

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Let’s go to the POV…

Mothers of Ramayana:

Kaushalya – mother of ram and Shanta……daughter of king sukaushal….. Elder queen of dhasharath…she is the sweetest queen of ayodhya…..she praises sita when she accompanied ram to van….actually in my POV I l say that kaushalya is really blessed and a great human being….as she was choosen as mom by the god himself…..god himself wanted to take birth in her womb….. kaushalya is a wife will never go against her husband…but a ma has all rights to accuse her children’s father …in kaushalya view of Shanta that is defined that she never gone against her husband as his wife…. when dasharat want a boy to become the next heir Santa sacrificed all her facilities and gone to live in van….kaushalya didn’t even speak to her husband……bcoz its a ma pain… even though she loved to get a son. in that time her life was Shanta. Bcoz a child may be it is a girl or boy…. Ma ke liye sabi bacche kaas hai….maa l have no partiality in showing their love… But if u people go and ask ur mom( if u have siblings) that whom she loves the most she won’t say u the ans bcoz she loves her children equally… But all ma l have a special place for their first kid…bcoz they r the one who gave a ma position to her….. From that kid only she heard the word ma for the first time…… So its obvious that kaushlaya anger towards dasharat Is defined….

Kaikeyi – mother of bharat….. Daughter of ashwapati….she is the bravest queen and may be said a warrior queen of ayodhya…..eventhough She is the biological mother of bharat she always loved ram a lot… She didn’t show false love towards ram….she doesn’t want to send ram to vanvas…. But mantra brainwashed her….even though at that time kaikeyi done a bad thing being ram’s ma she thought to do good with her own son……in some versions of Ramayana that issaid that for the first time she thought abt bharat…bcoz since 4 brothers r born kaikeyi always wished that ram become raja… She never listened anything which mantra said abt ram….but dont know y at that time she thought of his own son, for whom she gave place in her womb for 10 months…
Dont know what she thought at that time…. May be, it can be given a name called “DESTINY”….

Sumitra – mother of lakshmana and shatrughna…wisest Queen of ayodhya…. Princess of kashi….she was the one to first realise that her son ram is an incarnation of Vishnu….. In my view I l say that she is an SELFLESS mother….third queen of dhasarath…. She always said her sons to do service to their brothers….when lakshman went with siyaram for vanvas…. If she was any other ma…she l say that ” take care of urself”….but sumitra is different from all the mother’s she said to her son ” take Care of your bhai and bhabhi…..whatever may happen to u but u should never let anything happen to ur bhai and bhabhi…..they r ur mother and father ” may be or may not be sumitra is the only reason for lakshman and shatrughna being selfless….. For me she is always special…… I l always think y she is selfless……even kaikeyi become selfish when it come to her son…. But sumitra is always been selfless…..

Sunayana – wife of janaka…. Mother of sita and urmila….. She is really a soft lady….we can say that sita is the shadow of her…. She is the reason main reason for those qualities which sita have…. we l say that even though a girl proves herself best everywhere.. But when she proves she is best in her sasural the credits goes to her ma….she is the reason for mithila sisters being best patni and best bahu….. A ma l succeed only when her daughters sasural praises her upbringing…. In that way she is really lucky….eventhough siya is not her own daughter she considered her as own daughter and loved her a lot…..

Chandrabaga – the mother of mandavi and shrutakirti..she is a practical mother as usual sweet and some what strict… There is not much abt her in valmiki Ramayana…

Hope u all enjoyed this part…pls cmnt guys….rectify my mistakes….. Tq sangita for rectifying my mistakes…..

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  1. Awesome job priya well done:-) 🙂

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  4. hi dear i too dont know abt chandrabaga n sunaina. after reading ur pov i like sumi very much. kowsalya is good.
    abt kekeyi she is not bad mistake is mantra’s.
    tamilla oru proverb iruku.
    sirika vendia edathula sirikadadum srika kudada edathula sirichadum dan 2 maha kaviyam uruvanaduku karanam nu solvanga.

    1. Hi Akka….and ya u r ryt… Bcoz if people who didn’t behave crctly at time only epics came….

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  7. Hey priya di how are you ? 🙂
    did you SPA yesterday ?
    If yes then tell me how was it ?
    Priya di I am a ishra fan also so please tell about them also 🙂
    okay now coming to the POV

    Kaushalya : a great mother ! who sacrificed her daughter only because her husband wanted a son ! mother of rama but loved all the 4 brothers equally ! a great mother in law and wife also !

    Kaikeyi : biological mother of bharata but loved rama more than anything ! but her maid like mother filled her ears against rama ! but later she realized her mistake !

    Sumitra : no words for her !! she is such a selfless mother ! first she sent shatrughan to kaikeya with bharata and then she sent laxman to vanvas with rama ! salute to her ! best mother !

    Sunaina : a great mother ! even though sita was not her real daughter she still loved her very much ! a great wife also !

    Chandrabhaga : a sweet and strict mother 🙂 loves her children very much !

    okay priya di will be waiting for your reply 🙂

    1. very lengthy comment 😛 😛 😛 but read it pleaseee!!!!!!!

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    2. Ya I saw spa yesterday dear . that was amazing…..ishra ko describe karne ke liye.. I dont have any worddear??
      They r amazing as always….They won all awards ..it shows their fandom…and divyanka looked gorgeous???….and karan hare yar vo to handsome hunk lag raha tha.??..divan was fabulous…. Their dance was mindblowing….. I loved the expression of divyanka when she for awards one by one.☺☺..she can’t believe her own eyes…and when karan got award her expression was so cute.??…. She was super duper Happy…and best bahu award think so that hug of divan on stage???…. Karan ne sharukh jaise hands open kiya aur divyanaka hugged him ???… And international jodi ki award dene ke vakt karan ka dialogue” Ishita aur Raman jaisa couple aapko kahi nahi dekhne ko milega” ??and her expression on stage….. And their dance??….ishra signature pose??…. Awwww overall it was an ishra nyt??? long comment hogaya……

      Divan and ishra rocks asusual….yhm rocksss????

      1. thank you thank you di ! Ishra rocks!!!!!! other people shocked ! ab to spa dehka na he hoga ! anyhow !

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