POV of readers regarding mythological characters (part 3)

Hi guys…. Sorry for the delay guys ….but the situation was like that…my board results was out….n I scored 484/500….and I was busy so I can’t post it…I m ready to hear ur scoldings but if u can pls forgive me…

And another thing is guys did u people really like my POV… I dont know y but I think I lost the charm in 3rd part which was there in first two parts….bcoz in 3rd part there was just 20cmnts…..guys if I had disappointed u then pls notify me by cmnts….if u want me to end then I l end it as I dont want to waste ur time guys…sorry for this bla bla..but I just want to say it….

Let’s go to the part….


Yudhishtra : the elder son of kunti and pandu…. He is the son of yama…. Husband of draupadi and devaki…he is the leader of kuru dynasty….. To be frank he is so soft and silent son of Kunti….but one mistake of him made the decline of kuru dynasty… I.e. in dice game he kept draupadi as a bet….. That’s a big mistake of him… Even though his truthfulness is his plus point but in dice game that become a biggest mistake of him…..

Bheema – the second son of pandu and kunti…. Son of vaayu …brother of hanuman…. To be said the only pati who loved draupadi a lot…..husband of draupadi n hidimbi…. His name gives the meaning”awful”…. He is the reason for slaying hundred kauravas….from childhood onwards he had a enemity with kauravas (bcoz of sakuni, he is the one who made this type of enemity in children’s mind) …he is a great yodha…..he opposed his own brother when he bet draupadi….but in today’s world we shohld follow the technique of bhima ( like he killed dushasana) to kill the people who misbehaves with a girl….. ( that’s my POV)

Arjuna – the third son of pandu and kunti…..son of indradev…. He is the one who can competate with karna… Husband of draupadi, subhadhra etc..( actually there is one proverb in Tamil “athu manala allinalum allalam arjunan manaivuyai alla mudiyadu… That means U can even take all the sand in seashore….but u can’t count Arjuna’s wives)….he also opposed his brother when he kept draupadi in bet….but he can’t do it….he is said to be draupadi’s fav pati…but I won’t say that he loved only draupadi… For him draupadi married all pandavas but the truth is arjuna was stuck between love and family…he said draupadi to go back to her father as he doesn’t want his love to suffer…. But he is ready to suffer without her….and love of him for draupadi is at first sight like ramsiya…..he is the best son who can’t see tears in his mata….he was always there for draupadi…. Whenever kauravas said bad abt her he stood for her….he defeated karna.. But when he come to know that karna was his brother he really felt bad….moreover best in all…but one minus point in him is he thought himself the best archerer….but in kurukshetra war when karna and arjuna were fighting Krishna made arjun realise that he is not only the best…. At the time he understood everything…..

Nakul – the fourth of the brothers…. The twin brother of sahadev…. Son of pandu and madri…. Son of ashwini kumaras….nephew of salya…. He killed salya….he took care of dhridhirashtra and gandari after kurukshetra war…..he is really talented in horse keeping….

Sahadeva – fifth of the brothers…. Son of pandu and madri…. Son of ashwini kumaras……eventhogh he is a great warrior he has one special quality that is he can recognize which is going to happen next (not exactly he knows whether the thing which is going to happen us good or not)..on the day of dice game he came to know that something bad is going to happen… But all didn’t believe in him…

I didn’t wrote abt Krishna here I have planned some other thing for his POV dears…

Hope u all enjoyed this part…..say through the comments whether u people liked it or not??? ur cmnts r my strength guys….pls say if u all want me to continue or not….. Dont ignore to cmnt….

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  1. It’s super priya….. Awesome information ?

    1. Tq so much dear…..

  2. Not at all priya di v really love ur pov a lot v want u to continue still, pls do continue ur pov
    obviously arjuna is my fac character (fr his patidharm nd his love to draupadi)
    priya di pls make it fast i love krish a lot i ll b wtng fr ur pov

    1. Ya ya baba I l continue….but u should wait for Krishna part….ok????and I can’t say tqs to u….so u just be cmntng like this always… and give support to me megs….

  3. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Di nyc pov… It was part 4 di.. U didn’t write abt Krishna ?????????????‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼ ….Okay alright.,
    My fav is Arjun and he’s a hero indeed.. And secondly bheem.. But the other three .. Yudhishtira made a mistake as v knw.. And nakul and sahdev were followers of him.. But ya in one way all r heroes and I’ll keep Arjun on top.. Is my pov.. Di u nt feel ?
    Disappointed.. I dnt feel evn I get 3-4 comments in my ff, quiz and analysises.. Still I ryt na., so dere r many silent admirer’s also .. Kip writing.. Although I kne all of it I still read it and comment v luv u di ??..

    1. Oops sry dear …mei koi soch mei part 3 likh liya…and tq so much….I love u too dear…..ya I l continue dear…..

  4. First of all CONGRATULATIONS priya di 🙂
    you scored very good marks di 🙂
    I knew you will rock 🙂
    acha di now where is treat ? 😛

    okay now coming to the POV

    Yudhishtra : A very obedient and intelligent son His only mistake was playing the dice game !

    Bheema : a big foodie + a great son and husband who killed all people who disrespected his wife!

    Arjun : a great warrior + a good husband and son ! hero of Mahabharata ! loved his son Abhimanyu the most !

    Nakul : a good warrior, he is very intelligent in horse keeping 🙂 !

    Sahadev : a great warrior , who can guess what is going to happen next !

    continue soon dear 🙂

    1. Tq so much dear and treat I had given in Skr page….think so u didn’t visit it… Koi baat nahi… I l give u….here is it…choose whatever u want….

      I am browsing [http://www.google.co.in/url?q=https://www.marbleslab.ca/products/cakes/ice-cream-cakes&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjA0f-yu_TMAhXIwj4KHSpoC9kQwW4IFygAMAY&usg=AFQjCNH_w_K2Rs5EVGl6Vw78BOwWa7mSiQ]. Have a look at it! http://www.google.co.in/url?q=https://www.marbleslab.ca/products/cakes/ice-cream-cakes&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjA0f-yu_TMAhXIwj4KHSpoC9kQwW4IFygAMAY&usg=AFQjCNH_w_K2Rs5EVGl6Vw78BOwWa7mSiQ

      And I l continue for sure…

      1. thank you darling for your treat 🙂 its yummy 🙂

  5. hi dear. nice part.
    yudist – thinks thousand times b4 do 1 thing. that is the imp quality 4 a emperor. he is a good king.
    beem – very strong. but a short temper
    arjun – thinks well b4 1 think n good warior too.
    nakul – abt him i donno much but i learn from u that he took care after war. he likes animals very much.
    sahadev – he is very loyal. he know that which date he gives to gouravas for war that day they can win. but he gives fortune date for them. but bcos of krishna leela gouravas failed to start a war on that day.
    soon give info abt karn. i like him very much.
    waiting for next update.

    1. Hi Akka…. Tq so much and ya I l keep karna when I l write abt bhishma n all….neenga romba busy pola hangouts la aala kanom????I l try to post soon….

      1. ya im little busy but after 29 am a vetty officer.

      2. Hi I’m Padmaja.I’m new to this family.I’m frm tn.I’m stepping into 11.I’m a die hard skr fan.

      3. Hi padmaja dear…..this is my POV and I m of ur age….by the way hi…welcome to our family…. U can cmnt here dear…if u join in our skr family… that’s my pleasure…hope u l join there too…

  6. Thank you Priya.I am very happy to hear this ??. your pov is just awesome dear.In my point of view Arjun is a great warrior and I like him very much.

  7. Can any1 say how can I join in skr family.

    1. U just cmnt in strdy page of skr…. I l welcome u ….all l welcome u actually….


    1. Ya I l dear…. I l make a POV of him too..thanks doe cmntng…actually I want u people to cmnt so that I can clarify my mistake and ya tqs for remembering that about abimanyu is also a hero…..ya I l say my POV on him with upapandavas….hope u understand….. Aise hi support karte raho yar….

  9. congrats on board exam,
    minor correction, arjun could compete with karna, not competate…

    story of sahadev is that he could predict the future. some story of when pandu died and and an ant was eating a part of his dad and his dad had said that they would become psychics if they they took part of him and he is the only one who did…eat the ant or something, cant remember details,
    lord Krishna knew that he knew all about mahabharat going to happen but had taken an oath not to share future predictions,
    amazing epic and we are blessed to be Indians to have these 7000 years of myths and stories to inspire us because of sadhus, learned ones and verbal history….

    1. Tq so much dear….and tqs for crctng my mistakes…. Pls cmnt like this and crct my mistakes…and tq for this info….

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