POV of readers on mythological characters(part-1)


Hi guys…. I m priya….I thought to write one poll…. Moreover this is the point of view of u people regarding mythological characters…I hope u all will enjoy it…I want u all to participate….

1. I l post the names of characters in Ramayana n Mahabharata..
2. U should say ur POV regarding those characters may be its positive… Or negative…. Both positive n negative cmnts r warmly welcome…
3. Last but not least this is not regarding the actors who played that role…..

Let’s go to the poll…..

Mithila sisters….

1. Sita- wife of ram…. Incarnation of goddess lakshmi…☺☺☺a silent woman who suffered alot….??she was always been a pativrata… Who never wanted her husband to bow his head down…. A caring daughter who always wanted a husband like his dad
..she always followed the skills learnt from her father…. She loves her sisters a lot..moreover she respects all the relation…

2. Urmila- forgotten heroine of ramayana…wife of lakshman….the wife who sacrificed alot for her husband, which can’t even be expected in this generation☺?☺☺sita said to lakshman “EVEN THOUSANDS OF SITA CANT COMPARE HER SACRIFICE”??and she is the one who opposed ram for sending sita to vanvas??she also scolded her husband for supporting his brother in his wrong decision ????moreover she is the shadow of sita????
3. Mandavi- wife of bharata… Who supported her husband in all his decisions…. And supported him for her whole life…..☺☺incarnation of lakshmi shanka

4. Shrutakirti- wife of shatrungna….. Who is a great advisor for her husband….. She has a desire to meet her husband at night time…incarnation of lakshmi chakra

In this part I just posted the princess of Ramayana…. In part 2 we l have abt Mahabharata…say ur POV regarding mithila sisters in the comments???…
Hope u enjoy it…
Say me if i want to continue or not????
Jai siya ram

Credit to: Priya

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  1. I like urmilla and I just admire for her sacrifice becoz ram, Sita, lakshman went to vanvas they all suffered lot of problems but still sita has her husband for her support but urmila…………………….. Guy’s u all just think it

    1. Tq for cmntng dear

  2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Sita.. Please continue di I want Mahabharata.. Asap.. I know Urmila sacrificed alot.. But sita had thi live in forest all life and there r many reasons I chose her.. I know many will vote Urmila and perhaps she’ll win ?. But sita was insulted so much..

    1. Ok vanshu I l post it asap

    2. vanshika arora

      Yeah even i think so…cz urmila ws away frm laxman fr 1st 14 years bt aftr dt they lived together all d life.bt sita ws with ram only fr 13 years.d rest of her lives ws spent in forest without any family members except her 2 sons. She couldn’t even see them or meet them.

  3. My fav is lord sita because she suffered a lot alone when she was asked to abandan the ayodhaya after coming back from vanvas for people’s sake .she was pregnant at that time but have to roam alone in jungles as people didn’t consider her pure till valmiki didn’t found her

    1. Ya u r ryt dear….tq for commenting…..

    2. U r ryt dear .. I’ll vote for siya

  4. My dear sweeeet sis,nice poll u hv conducted I m devotee fr urmila,she is other name fr sacrifice sita mata only said that she can’t compare her sacrifice look how great lakshmila is…and v,this generation kids can compare her sacrifice to sky(even this sky may end somewhere but she does nt).one small defect di u did nt tell which incarnation is urmila??pls say it di I ll b wtng
    Jay siam and Lakshmila

    1. Ok megs….actually i m not sure with her incarnation…i dont want to give wrong info….so that only didnt refer it….sry for that….n ya i l post mb tdy….

      1. No sry di its okk

  5. Sry forgot to tell pls do continue Mahabharata

    1. Tq for commenting joy..

  6. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dear di in Mahabharata u post two parts today…i m willing to vote..

    1. I just now submitted one part dear….next part I l post after u people cmnt there as I have asked one qn… After seeing ur ans I l post…

  7. I think Mandavi is the incarnation of Maha lakhmi’s chakra and Shutkirti is the incarnation of Maha lakhmi’s sankha because Bharat is the incarnation of Vishnu’s chakra and Shatrughan is incarnation of Vishnu’s sankha…. 🙂

    1. Tq medha dear but mandavi n bharat is shanka , shatrughna n shrutakirti is chakra …I refered in Google too dear…

  8. Priya, this article is immensely nice… 🙂 through this we can exchange a lot of information among each other…… 🙂 Great work done!!!!
    Please continue with this….. 🙂

    1. Tq medha dear for cmntng all of ur cmnts r my strength ….I l surely continue this☺☺☺

  9. sita. coz she sacrificed a lot at the end of her life. she was also much insulted but she never put up.

    urmila. coz she was also the 1 who sacrificed a lot during the 14 yrs. of exile of siam and lakshman.

    jai siyaram
    pls continue it

    1. Tq for cmntng dear…I l surely continue…

  10. Guys I didn’t mention urmila’s incarnation as I m not sure I l say it now…I think she is incarnation of bhimla… If I m wrong pls clear it guys .

  11. priya di nice poll 🙂 my vote goes to sita mata because after ramji send her to vanvas she faced much difficulties at that time ! she used to cut woods herself , she used to teach her children herself etc In short she used to do everything herself and she faced all the difficulties,all the hardship , all the pain , alone ! so for this reason my vote goes to SITA MATA 🙂

    1. Tq for cmntng twinkle…

  12. Nice poll priya sis…
    I like urmila for her sacrifice…

    1. Tq bhai…I had posted next part too bhai…see to it…

  13. The 4 sisters sacrificed a lot
    Mandvi she kept her family together during stormy times
    Urmila she let her husband do his duty
    Sita she is not a victim she is the independent goddess who made ram the dependable good
    There are only positives about her but it can’t be addressed in 1 comment
    So Sita will be my answer urmila sacrifice is great but surely Sitas sacrifice is greater

    I think idhu Di would have got results congratulate her on my behalf

    1. Tq sanju n ya u said ryt …I m not sure whether ishu’s rslts came or not she said this week her rslts l be cmng…I l say to her…if it is released I l congratulate her on ur behalf too..

  14. ishu Di

  15. I’ll vote fr sita…she had 2 do everything alone in d forest without anyone’s help though she ws a princess. She had 2 hide her own identity & name not only frm d world bt also frm her own children. What can b more painful dn ds thing dat u can’t even reveal ur sons who u r & what’s ur name!!! She ws much insulted at d end of her life.at 1st she had 2 give agnipariksha in lanka,dn had to leave ayodhya,had to roam in d forests,again had 2 give agnipariksha infrnt of d people of ayodhya.bt she never ever gave up & hadn’t any grudge against anyone.so there is no one in Ramayana comparable to sita mata.

    1. Tq riya for ur cmnt…n I agree to u…that’s more painful for a mom to hide her identity from her own children…

  16. actually, I think the Ramayana has a whole new face when it comes to women.

    for men…

    ram is a good guy who loves HIS Bros and wife. he obeyed HIS father’s words and went vanvas. he fought for HIS wife. he tested HIS wife.

    lakhsman is an ideal brother who accompanied his brother leaving his wife. he served his life. and he loves his wife.

    bharat and shatrukan too obeyed their bro.

    for women

    sita loves her hubby, she went vanvas with him, she’s kidnapped by a talented king, she rejected his proposal, she lived the life of misery, she was alone, she’s been tested by his hubby to clarify others doubts. she raised her son alone. again she left her hubby to prove her purity. cos she’s fed up with the tests and trouble.

    urmila is a brave girl who advised her hubby to serve the couple despite their life.

    mandavi and shrutakirti were serving their sad hubbies who were missing their bros.

    actually Ramayana is a family drama with twist and turns accompanied by tests and troubles.

    so, the actual point is ……

    hubby love wife and wife love hubby.


    1. Tq for ur cmnt…..and ya u r ryt….and ya u said the crct thing….I want all of ur POV only….

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