My Possessive Wife (intro and prologue)

hiiii guys………..
wish you all have a very happy, prosperous and a blissful year ahead. happy new year to all.
well i thought of uploading it on 31st but TU was not accepting any updates, so now here i am presenting you all my new year gift. hope you all like it.

It is a ff on ragsan.

we come across many people with different thoughts, views, opinions, etc. well some times or rather many times people with different views, characters end up together. just like they say ‘opposite poles attract each other’. but its not that every relation will succeed. its just that we should give a try and make it work. lets see what happens with these two people with diff pov end up together. will their relation sustain or it ends up being a disaster.

‘Possessiveness’ its not wrong being possessive about something. we all are possessive towards somethings or someone. just like a small child being possessive about his/her teddy, a mother being possessive towards her child, brother’s possessiveness towards his sister, wife’s possessiveness towards her husband, so on. it just express their love towards their loved ones. its not wrong until and unless we with our possessiveness try to snatch something which was never meant to be ours, or try to hurt others.

LOVE, it a feeling which just cant be expressed coz it contains so many emotions in it. trust is the basis for any relation and most importantly in love. its not that we can fall in love with any one. coz true love happens only once to a person. but to this so called samaj marriage more and most important than love. but for me marriage is just a stupid comprise unless it contains love. just like tipical indian arranged marriage you see. i just dont know how people will be ready to marry someone whom they hardly know and they could have met hardly once or twice. for me its nothing but stupidity. I Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, believe in love but not in marriage.

Sanskar Maheshwari- son of sujata and RP. 26 year old,the only heir or maheshwari empire. MBA graduate. foreign return, angry young man for others but caring and kind hearted man for his loved ones.

LOVE, its just may be a feeling for others, but for me its my life. well actually more than life coz our life will end at some point, but not love. love is immortal.for me the definition of love is marriage. marriage is arranged love by god. god he himself decides whom we belong to. just like love, marriage happens only once for a person, whatever may be the reason, whatever may be the circumstance but once if we are married then we are committed to each other not only in this birth but in all other births. I Ragini Gadodia believe in marriage.

Ragini Gadodia- daughter of shekar and janki. BE graduate. introvert but not mahan as they show in tv’s who are ready to sacrifice for others happiness.

‘i love you plz dont do this to me’
‘lets discuss this afterwards, as of now i am getting late’
‘where are you going’
‘for my… sister’s marriage’
‘you will be back right?’
‘dont forget, i am not the one to sacrifice my love. you know that’
‘its getting late’

a girl and a boy are sitting in mandap. they are taking pheras. he fills her maang with sindhoor. adorns her neck with mangalsuthar.
‘now you both are husband and wife’

‘i dont love you. this marriage was just a compromise. i will give you divorce asap. till then we can be friends’
‘dont do this to me’
‘i dont love you’
‘but i do, lets just give a try’
‘no you cant divorce me. marrying me was your decision but for divorcing me you need my permission as well, which i will never give. i dont want you as just a friend but i want you as MY HUSBAND’

so who are they? will she come back to him? will they ever be together?
will she be able to get her husband? will they ever be together?

so how was it? this will be my new ff on ragsan. i will continue this along with my other ff pyaar. i will update both the ff’s from next week, once after i am done with my exams
till then take care, bye , love you all and do miss me……….
dont forget to drop your comments.

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