My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-37

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Sanskar laid in ragini’s lap,she caresssing his hair..
Ragini:after our marriage also u would love me like this na…
Sanskar(gets up with jerk):what?
Ragini:vo..i heard ,after marriage boys wuld not love like the way they did in it correct..
Sanskar:yeah..u heard crct
Ragini makes a baby cry face…
Sanskar (smiles nd tkes her in his embrace):u na..sometimes ..i feel u r kid..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:my always love..that was jst misunderstanding,girls think like tht..u no need to worry..i love u..i will love u like this till my last breath..
Ragini(hugs him tight):i love u too
Sanskar:dont think stupid things..u should think how to love me more nd more..
Ragini:i knw
Sanskar:tell..what will u do..
Ragini:i will make breakfast ..lunch.. dinner for u
Ragini:coffe also
Sanskar:mom also can do these things
Ragini:then what can i do
Sanskar:u should wakeup me in mornings with sweet kiss ,it should be atleast 15min…later u should make me get ready for office..
Ragini:what will u do then
Sanskar:if u want..i will make u ready frm bath to till dressup..
Ragini hits him playfully..
Sanskar:nxt u should call me at afternoon nd give kiss…nd when i return home evening u should again make me fresh..later night..night.. 1…2…..3..4…
Ragini:what r u counting
Sanskar:im many times we should
Sanskar something told in her ear..
Sanskar:what chi..tell howmany times u want..
Ragini:u knw, i need much sleep..
Sanskar:fine..we will do in mornings
Ragini:dont u go office
Sanskar:laksh, papa all r there na..they will manage there..i w romance here..good idea na..
Ragini:bad idea..
Sanskar:no..good idea..u can sleep all nights..but mornings will be mine..whole day without tiring…
Ragini:sanskar stop na..
Sanskar:no..imagine once..
Ragini:sanskar plzz stop..
Sanskar:ok..ok..we will do later..
Sanskar:now what
Ragini:what if u will have fight with me..
Sanskar:y should wil never happen.
Sanskar(acts as thinking):if i will have fight with u
Ragini:then i wont talk to u
Sanskar:then i will slap u hard .
Sanskar:how can i stay without talking to u..if u get angry on me ,scold me,hit me do what ever u want but dont stop talking with me nd dont dare to stay awy frm me..
Ragini:sorry jst kidding..leave it..come im sleepy..
sanskar nodded both sleeps in eo embrace..
Sanskar getting ready for office..he heard a voice..
Sanskar turns nd sees ragini who holds coffe mug in her hand with her bowed head..sanskar rolled his eyes..
Ragini:jiii..sanskar ji..i brough coffee for u ji..peelo jii..
Sanskar:kya hua..
Ragini:im practicing to become aadarsh bahu..
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar:kya jii(he immitates her)
Ragini:peelo jii
Sanskar:pilavo na jiii
Ragini:no jii
Sanskar:kyun jii
Ragini:mujhe sharam jiii
Sanskar:achha jii
Ragini laughs..sanskar placced coffee mug aside nd pulls her on him..
Ragini:sanskar leave i have to go
Sanskar:u came for me na.
Ragini:noo..swara dii called me to go out
Sanskar:can i come with u both
Ragini:no u hav meeting na..laksh will come..
Sanskar:fine..u tho started practcing
Sanskar:u should practice to give my mng kiss also.. dii is waiting for me
Sanskar:i will talk with bhabi..
Ragini:sa..(before she complpeted he captured her lower lip with his lip’s)..
He sucks it..Ragini closed her eyes…sanskar smiles seeing her nd he bites her lower lip..before he could proceed further ,swara knock door..sanskar brk d kiss..
Ragini:u again bited me(she pouts)
He smoothely pecked her lips..
Swara:sanskar open d door
Sanskar:wait bhabi..
before he open d door they hugs eo..nd sanskar opens d door..
Swara(gives a tesing smile):hogaya..i dont knw what will happen after ur mrg..
Ragini feels embarrssed..
Swara:ok..ok..we r going..
Sanskar:take care my ragini ..bhabi ji
Swara:sure devar ji..
Ragini smiles nd walks with swara..sanskar gives a flying kiss to her..

Ragini nd swara r bsy in shopping..
Laksh:bhabi u both do shopping..i will go out,im feeling bore
Swara:ig u go like this..who will carry our bags..stay
Ragini smiles..
Swara:stay with ragini..i m going to fitting room..
Laksh nodded..
Swara left..
Laksh:this swara bhabi na..i dont n howmuch shopping she will do..
Ragini( smiles):its girls right to do shopping
Laksh:all girls said this only..but my teni is different..(laksh smiles thinking about teni)
Ragini teases him..
both smiles..
laksh gets a call frm unknown number..he lifts d call but he was not able to hear anything,he thought its network pblm..
Laksh:ragini stay here..i will get back in 2mins..
Ragini nodded..
After a while..Laksh came nd sees swara..
Swara:laksh..where is ragini
Laksh:she must be here only na..i went to talk call..
Swara:when i came frm fitting room.i didnt find her..i called her but it got switched off..
Laksh:she must be in fiiting room or anywhere in shop..we will search..
They search whole shop,nd surrounding but ragini was nowhere..
Laksh calls Sanskar..
sanskar:kya laksh
Laksh:is Ragini with u
Sanskar:what she came with u both only na..what happend laksh
laksh told what had happend..
sanskar shocked..
Laksh:bhai u dont wry..she would be fine..
Sanskar:wait there coimg..
Laksh nodded..
they call mm,gadodias nd parth but ragini was nowhere..
they searched whole city..they tracked her mbl but no use..
Half day passed..Sanskar was hell worried..he dont knw what to do..all r in shock by ragini sudden missing…

Where is ragini???

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    Awesome part
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  22. Superb dear

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