My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-36 (Haldi with Hot Romance)

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sanskar gets a ragini call..
Parth:kya yaar..y r u disturbing..plz let us enjoy party..bye…
he cutted d cal before ragini could speak..
sanskar( looked at him shock):u hav told aabout party to ragini
Parth bites his toungue..
Sanskar:u asked me that dont tell, but u told..
Parth:sry yaar..i could not hide anything from her..
Sanskar:u both r na..btw y ragini didnt told that u hav alreadsy told,when im telling her..
PArth:so..u also told her
now sanskar bites his toungue..
both looks at eo nd smiles..
laksh also joins them,they sits nd drinking…
three girls came infrnt of them wearing masks over their faces(obiviously its Rag,teni,divya but our boys dont knw that)..
Parth(looking at sanlak):did u called us..
Sanlak nodded as no..
girls:we heard there is a party,we came to entertain us.. three girls came for us..lets enjoy guys..
Sanlak smiles eeing parth excitement..
parth(luckyly goes to divya nd holds her hand):com’n baby we will enjoy he drags her..
divya in mind i will u tell u tomorrow..
Ragini (moves to sanskar,changes her voice):can u dance with me?
Sanskar:sure dear
Ragini in mind dear???
Laksh(to teni):sahll we dance beautiful
Teni in mind flirt??

parth is dancing nd enjoying with divya…divya cursing him in mind..
Laksh,teni r dancing slowly with rythm..

Here we came to our couple..Ragini jst stood angrily..
Sanskar pulls her nd says y r standing that much away frm me, come close na..ragini burning inside..
he makes her turn nd pulls her close,now her back is touching his front..he sensuously passes her hand through her waist ,while nuzzling her neck,ragini eyes got moist..sanskar pulls her even more close holding her waist tightly nd kissed on her nape..ragini closed her eyes tears rolling down..sanskar kissed her ear lobe nd whispered in her ear do u think i cant recognise u…ragini turns at him..sanskar smiles nd cupped her masked face nd asks stop crying plzz..
sanskar:do u really think that i didnt recognise u..u r my world i can easily recognise ur precense..
Ragini hugs him.nd says sorry..
Sanskar:i love u
Ragini:i love u too
Sanskar:but ragini im fearing about parth see how he is enjoying..he will be gone in divya hands..
Ragini smiles..

Teni drags laksh outside…
Laksh:kya hua
Teni:i love u engaged..
Teni:its ok ..i dont have any ready to be ur second wife
Laksh:shut up..getlost frm here..
He angrily turns to go,teni holds his hand,laksh turns nd sees teni who removes her mask..
teni:ha..u r not expected this na..u didnt recongnise could u..
Laksh:actually u dont hav used to wear this type of dresses na..
Teni:stupid reason..
Teni walks with pout..laksh runs behind her..

@parth divya

divya moving get close to parth,she seductively touchs him,parth feels weird..
Parth pushed her..
Divya( holds his hand):i like u..
Parth:i hav lover
Divya:leave her..u will be happy with ready to give myself..
Parth:stop it..i danced with u that does not mean im cheap like that..
Divya(changed her tone):Achaa
Parth looks at her puzzled hearing divya voice..
Divya removes her mask..
Parth:oh meri jaan tum..
Divya:shut up..y didnnt recognise me..
Parth:u r looking very beautiful in this dress..
Divya:stop angryn on u..
Parth tries to convince her…
Sanskar:where they went..
Ragini:i dont knw
Sanskar:tell this is ur plan only na..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:poor boys..
Ragini:u got saved
Sansakr smiles nd pulls her nd says looking hot in this dress..
Ragini blushes..
he kisses on her red cheeks..he about to kiss on her lips..stopped hearing someone who clears his throat..they turns nd sees par,div,lak,teni..
Parth:wahh..we r fighting there..u both r romancing here..
Ragini:how is my plan duffer..
Parth:what is this yaar..u had planned against us..
Ragini:i thought to give surprise
Parth:but u gave shock
Divya glares at hi8m
Ragini:now all is fine na..
(they had patch up)
Laksh:so,shall we celebrate all together..
All nodded..
all enjoyed the party..

@Ragsan&lakteni haldi..(At ragini,s home)
Ragsan sits side by side but there is white cloth between them holded by parth nd divya..
(same as to lak teni)
Sanskar tries to lift that cloth..
Parth: sanksar noo
Sanskar:i havnt seen her since morning yaar..let me see na..
Parth:suji aunty will scold means no..
Sanskar pouts..
Parth:ragzz see ur sanskar despiration..
ragini smiles..
All elders applies haldi on ragsan(same as with lak teni)
Parth gives cloth to swara..nd he comes to apply..
he goes to ragzz..
Rgini:duffer plz apply little..
parth nodded but he applies her whole face..
Ragini glares at him..parth smiles nd says sry..she smiles nd winked at him nd asks to apply to sanskar..
Parth nodded..
he goes to sanskar smiling mischiviously..
he filled sanskar with haldi..
Sanskar:what is this yaar..
Parth:sry bro..
Haldi got over..take off the cloth which is between them..
Ragini laughs seeing sanskar..
Sanskar(slowly):i will see u later
Ragini stops laugh.. go nd clean urselves..
Sanskar(holds ragini hand):chalo
Suji(stops sanskar):where r u going..ragini u go to ur room..sanskar tum chalo to ur room..
Sanskar pouts,ragini gives helpless look to sanskar,all smiles..
Suji takes sanskar along with her..
Ragini comes out frm washroom nd found sanskar there..
Ragini:how u came
sanskar:i hav my plans..
Ragini smiles..
sanskar pulls her..
Ragini:sanskar..our haldi got over nd i cleaned myself too..dont do anything plzz..
Sanskar:how it got over without im applying..
Ragini:sanskar plz..
he pins her to wall..
he takes off her dupatta..nd leans close to her..
ragini bowed her head with shy..
he lifts her head nd rubs his cheek on her neck..ragini holds his shoulders tight..he nuzzled her cleavage with his nose…he then comes down to her waist nd applied there with his cheek,without leaving an inch..ragini cluched her lehenga..then he gets up nd makes her turn..Ragini breaths heavily…he hugged frm back nd applies on her hands frm palm till shoulder touching sensuously..she leaned on his chest..sanskar kisses on her throat..he untie her blouse knot nd applies haldi on her bare back with his nose..he covered her whole body with haldi..he lifts her in his arms nd takes her to washroom nd makes her stand under shower..Ragini looks at him intensly…
Sanskar(pecks her lips):hav shower..
he leaves..ragini smiles lovingly……..

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