My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-35

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Sanskar sits on bed..ragini sits in his lap leaning her back on his chest..entangling their hands…they kept silent..their hearts only speaking..they r just enjoying the moment in eo embrace..they came out of their world when they heard knock…
Ragini:kya maa
Janki:open d door
Ragini:kyun maa
Janki:what type of question is d door
Ragini:vo..maa im studying dont disturb me…

Janki:stop ur match..
Ragini looks at sanskar smiling sheepishly…sanskar smiles…
Janki:open d dood ragu
Ragini:ha maa

Janki enteted as soon as ragini opens..
Janki:what happenes to a days neighter u r not coming out nor ,u r not letting anyone come to ur room..whsts going on huh..
Ragini:maa..u r doubting me..(she makes a cry face)
Sanskar who was in cupborad sees ragini bw gap of door, smiles seeing her face…
Janki:stop ur drama…here is ur haldi dress ,wear nd check it fit or not
Ragini:maa day after tomorrow haldi he na..i will check tomorrow u go..
Janki:if it was not fit..we hav to give fir fitting tomorrow na..wear..meanwhile i will cean ur room..see how u messed…

Janki bsy in cleaning room..ragini changing dress..sanskar slowly opened cupboard..
Ragini widened her eyes nd signs him to close the door..sanskar nodded as no..ragini requested him..sanskar gives a flying kiss to ragini..ragini makes a puppy face nd says slowly plzzz…sanskar closed d door…
Janki arranged her room nd goes to cupboard to keep some things..

Janki(closee her both ears):kya hua..
Ragini:vo..vo..come help
Janki:wait ,i will come after keeping these..
Ragini:no maa..i will do it later..come

Ragini takes a deep breath…
She wore was white blouse, yellow long lehenga with white nd yellow mixed dupatta..looking stunning..
Janki kissed her forehead nd says beautiful..ragini smiles..
After a while janki leaves taking that dress…
As soon as ragini opend d door ,she sees sanskar fell unconscious..
Ragini got shocked nd worried..
Ragini:sanskar sanskar

No response
Ragini cursed herself for keeping him in cupboard…
She hugs him nd asks to get up…
Sanskar opened his eyes when he sensed tear drop on his cheek..sanskar gets up immediately..ragini hugs him nd says tum teek tho hei na,she cries..
Sanskar:im fine ragini..actually i..
Ragini(brks d hug):did u acted

Ragini:what is this sanskar..u knw how much i got worried.
Sanskar:actually when i saw u like that ,i fainted..
Ragini:its not funny..

She pushed him nd stood angrily..
Sanskar back hugs her nd whispred in her ear sorry..ragini does not say anything..he makes her turn nd hug her tight..ragini slowly encircled her hands around his waist…sanskar kissed her hair nd says sorry..i wont repeat it again…
Both kept like that for sometime…Sanskar sensed ragini fallen asleep..he slowly takes her in hugging position only nd sleeps on bed by hugging her…

@next day
Parth came to sanskar room…
Sanskar:haii parth
Parth:hiii…i want to talk to u..
Parth:u nd laksh getting married i nd laksh planned bachelor party..

Parth:without knowing our girls
Parth:they dont agree for this..nd laado na..never…thats y..
Sanskar:no parth,without knowing way..if she got to knw later ,she will get hurt…
Parth:i will handle…u dont worry..
Sanskar:parth but
Parth:plzzzz sanskar…

Parth:promise me that u wont tell to ragini..if u tell she wont allow to do…
Sanskar promises unwillingly…
Parth:thank u …
Come all r waiting for us …
They goes to their meeting place ,where raglak ,teni divya r there…

Ragini:kya duffer..
Parth:y cant u three(rag teni divya) go to shopping tday evening..
Ragini:y cant u three also come with us..
Parth:no actually we thought to give some free time to girls…
Ragini looks at sanskar who smiles wkly…
Parth:go naa laddo..hav fun…

Ragini nodded…

Sanskar comes to ragini who was getting ready…

Ragini:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar told about their bachelor party…
Ragini:party??thats u all want us to send shopping…
Sanskar:ha..but listen to me once..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:i gave promise to parth that i wont tell u but i could not able to stay…im sry
Ragini:this duffer na..
Sanskar:dont say anything to him..nd dont scold parth…if u wont like i would not go…

Ragini:ha..enjoy..nd dont wry .. i will not scold parth..
Sanskar:thank u..but i will be in my limits..
Ragini:i knw
Sanskar smiles,pecks her lips nd goes…

After a while parth comes…
Ragini:kya..u came to asks,still y i hant go na..

Parth:no yaar..i need to tell u something
Ragini(lifted her eye brow ,recalled sanskar same dialogue):what
Parth closed his eyes nd told about party..nd says sorry…
Ragini:then y r telling this to me..
Parth:u knw na..i could not able to hide anything frm u..i made sanskar promise..but i hav told u..plz dont say this to sanskar..nd dont misunderstand sanskar as he agreed for my sake..
Ragini looks at him angrily(fake)

Parth:dont look at me like thst yaar.let us enjoy one day na…plzzzzz
Ragini(smiles):ok my duffer go nd have full masti..
Parth side hugs her nd leaves happily..ragini got super happy seeing her sanskar love nd bestie love…

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