My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-7

Episode 6

Ragini wakesup nd comes to laun..where janki shekhar present with sanskar..she was shocked to see sanskar with her parents…she in mind..what he was doing here ,is he told that i went to his room last night..what if he told…her thoughts broken by shekhar voice..
Shekhar:princess come y u stopped there
Ragini smiles weakly nd sits..sanskar smiled at her but ragini turns her face…san janki r talking normally..ragini whisperd in shekhar ear..papa what he was doing here..
Shekhar:ur maa only called him for coffee..
Ragini:what why
Shekhar:ur mumma likes him
Ragini widened her eyes
Shekhar:areh its not like that..she likes him as her son in law
Ragini who was drinking coffee splits out with shock..
Shekhar:ur maa told me last night..he was good nd great business man nd good family..y cant we ask ragini for him.. could maa think like that without asking me..
Shekhar:calm down..i told her we will think about it dont think about it..u dont wry ur papa is with u…
Janki:what u both r gossiping ha..guest is here..but u both r bsy in ur talks..
Sanskar:its k not a also like ur family member..
Janki:so sweet of u beta
Ragini glares at janki nd sanskar..sanskar winks at ragini without knowledge shek&janki…after a while shekhar leaves as he got a call..
Sanskar:aunty i want to tell u something
Janki:bolo beta
Ragini in mind what he wants to say..i think he was going to say about that pub matter r last night matter..
Sanskar about to speak
Ragini:maa im getting late for clg
Janki:what can i do..go nd get fresh
Ragini:vo..i want breakfast first
Janki:get fresh first
Ragini:no hungry
Janki(to sanskar):sry beta..we will talk later
Sanskar:no pblm aunty..
Ragini drags janki with her..while going she rurns to sanskar..sanskar gives a flying kiss to her..ragini angrilu turns her face…

Ragini comes to her room after had dinner nd sees sanskar who was sitting on her bed…
Sanskar:ha mein
Ragini:what r doing here nd y did u came
Sanskar:u can came to my room then y cant i..
Ragini:no u cant..go frm here
Sanskar:i want to talk to u
Ragini:no i dont want
Sanskar:u have to listen..or else i wont go
Ragini(irritated):k tell
Before sanskar could speak..ragini mbl rings it was parth…sanskar took d mbl frm ragini hand..he lifts d mbl nd puts speaker on…ragini glares at him..sanskar signs her to talk…
Parth:get ready i will be there in 30min
Parth:areh have u forgt .u only told me that we will go to pub tonight..
Ragini looks at sanskar who was glaring..nd signals her to noo..ragini keeps her palm on mbl..nd says why i cant going..
Sanskar:no..tell him u r not coming
Ragini:no i wont tell..

Sanskar:tell no orelse i will do whatever i want..u knw verywell what i can do..
Ragini cursed him in her mind..
Parth:hello rags r u there
Parth:k get ready
Ragini:im not coming
Parth:what..first time u r saying no..u only planned to go pub na…then what happened
Ragini(looking at sanskar):nothing
Parth:something is there.tell na….is that khadoos said anything to u
Ragini(lifted her eybrow):khadoos??
Parth:ha khadoos maheswari ur neighbour
Sanskar widened his eyes..ragini bited her tongue
Parth:i knw he must say r did something..tell what he did…this time i will not keep quite..whst he was thinking about himself ha..
Ragini:parth listen
Parth:no..he thought im scared of m not scared..i will show him what this parth is..khadoos
Parth:first tell what he did..i will not leave him this time
Sanskar:what will u do
Parth(gulped hearing his voice):h..he..hel..hello
Sanskar:what will u do to me

Parth immediately cuts d call nd says omg he was there…he heard me now what to do..i jst said in flow..if he see me ,he will definitely brk my all bones..he cursed himself..
Sanskar:what is d relation bw u both
Ragini (thought to tell parth is her lover but she remained his kiss)
Sanskar:tell him to stay in his limits
Ragini:u only crossing ur limits
Sanskar:if u want to go anywhere..tell me i will take
Ragini:no.i will not come with u
Sanskar:morning i will drop u to clg also..tell tour frnd not come
Ragini:no..i will vo with my frnd only
Sanskar:now its became late..sleep
Ragini:y u r not listening my talks..
Sanskar:good night.
He kissed her forehead nd goes…ragini looks on..

Its 4AM ..swara is wakinup sanskar..
Sanskar:bhabi its 4 only..let me sleep
Swara:we r going to temple..u should also come
Sanskar:mein..temple r u serious way..u go
Swara:is it ur final decision
Sanskar:ha bhabi..(sayimg he covers himself with blanket)
Swara:k sleep..but i want say onething..ur dil ka dhadkan also coming to temple
Sanskar( immediately gets up frm bed) ragini coming?
Swara:why its to u..u sleep..i will not disturb u
Sanskar:bhabi plz
Swara:ha..thats y only im asking u to come..
Sanskar:u r best bhabi..i will get ready nd come saying he runs to washroom..
Swara smiles..

After sometime mahezwaris comes out frm their home..thrn only shekhar nd janki r coming..sanskar eyrs r searcht for ragini only..
Sanskar:bhabi where is she..
Swara:have patience devar ji
Sanskar:aunty uncle came na..i knw about her..i think she was stil slee..he stopped seeing ragini who was coming wearing half saree loiking damm gorgeous..sanskar stood with mouth opened..swara closed his mouth nd says have control..sanskar composed…ragini sees him but ignores…ragini about to get into her car..
Swara:ragini come we will go in this car
Ragini:diii.its k..i wil come with maa nd papa
Swara:ur dii asking with love..cant u come
Janki:go ragu..
Ragini agress..ap dp rp suji in one car..janki nd sekhar in one car…adarsh about to sit in front beside sanskar..swara stops him nd says come we will sit backside..raginu
Adarsh:but swara
Sanskar:go na bhai..bhabi wants to sit with u..instead of felling happy u r questioning her
Adarsh:if ragini have not a pblm..i thought may be she feel uncomfortable..r u fine with it ragini
Ragini looks at swara who was tightly holding adarsh hand..ragini nodded helplessly..ragsan sits frnt so swadarsh back..

Sorry for late guys…i knw all r happy with d news of our also very excited..very happy our tevar r back but sad too as they r not in one show…hope their two show gonna be u tevar..

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