My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-6

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Parth nd ragini r in ragini room…
Ragini:what r u thinking
Parth:i think he loves u
Parth:ha..i felt like that
Ragini:is this d way to express love
Parth:may be it is his style
Ragini glares at him
Parth:try to understand rags..when u told im ur lover ,i saw his angry nd he kissed u being possessive
Ragini gets thinking

Parth:may be he dont knw how to express his feelings so he was expressing like this..
Ragini:no i think u r mistaken
Parth:think once..
Ragini:i dont understand anything..but the way he was behaving with me is could he do like thst..he dont care about my feeling..he can do what he wants without bothering about my feelings…
Parth:but whatever ..i want to appreciate him seeing his guts to kiss like that..i should have futs like thst then i will also kiss whom i like..he was about to talk further but stopped seeing ragini glare..
Ragini:i should not have kept quite like this..i want to do something
Parth:what will u do..
Ragini gives a i dont knw look..parth gets a call nd leaves…

Ragini in her room roaming here nd there..she was restless.she was not getting sleep..she want to knw why sanskar behaving like that..she says to sanskar what do u think of urself ,y r u doing all these..i want to knw my ans today only…ragini be strong..dont fall weak infront of him..she takes a deep breath..she gets some courage to talk to him…she calls parth..
Parth(in sleepy tone):kya rags
Ragini:im going to talk to him
Ragini:areh duffer come out frm ur sleep..
Parth:that angry bird
Parth:r u mad..see time its night 12…no need to go, sleep..
Ragini:im nit getting sleep bcz of him..i got courage so i will not back going..i jst called to inform u..bye
She cutted d call…

@san room
Ragini comes through d balcony nd sees sanskar was sleeping..she says see he made me sleepless nd he was sleeping peacefully..flirt…she moves towards him nd patted on his shoulder..sanskar doesnt wke up..she murmurs kumbhakarna nd again patted little hardly..she sees sanskar movement, she scared first but consoled herself nd stood straight..sanskar opened her eyes nd looks at ragini..he smiles nd drags her on bed nd covers themselves with blanket nd sleeps holding ragini tight…ragini like “aweee”..she struggles to get out frm his hold…ragini hits him nd ask him to leave..sanskar opend his eyes nd says y r y disturbing me sleep na..ragini pushed him using all her strength nd getsup frm bed..sanskar rubbed his eyes nd looked at ragini who was fuming..

Sanskar:u came out of my dream??
Sanskar:is it real r dream
Sanskar:kiss me once
Sanskar:to knw dream r real
Ragini in mind is he mad..anyone asks pinch to knw dream r real..but he was asking kiss me..
Sanskar:kiss me na
Ragini moves towards him nd pinched him..
Sanskar(rubbing his shoulders where she pinched):i asked to kiss me not pinch me
Ragini:now u got to knw it was real..
Sanskar realized it was not his dream..till he thought it was dream..he smiles nd says u r in my room..its real..omg i cant believe that..he lifts her nd twirls her around..ragini asks him to get her down…sanskar doesnt..ragini shouts..he gets her down..
Sanskar:u came to my very happy..
Ragini:ha..i came to give
Sanskar(excited):give!!! What

Sanskar:warning…cool..i Will take it later..first tell what do u want ..firsr time u came to my room..
Ragini gives a look what
Sanskar:have a seat
Ragini:look mr
Sanskar:im already seeing u only
Ragini:im serious..i came here to give warning..
Sanskar:gave later..wait i will get some juise for u..saying he goes..
Ragini says what his pblm..even he doesnt take serious my words…sanskar came with juise nd asks her to have it..
Ragini:y r u doing all these
Sanskar:drink juise u will get some energy
Ragini(shouts with irritation):ahhh
Sanskar:u r so cute even angry also

Ragini gives a unbelievable look..nd throws a juise glass angrily which was on table..
Sanskar:do u like brk things…
Ragini:ha i like to brk u into pieses
Sanskar:ur ready..
Ragini turns to go after giving irritating look to him..sanskar stops her holding her wrist..ragini widened her eyes..she understand d situation she cursed herself for coming here…
Ragini:le..lea..leave me
Sanskar:what if no
Ragini:i have to go
Sanskar:k..but not through balcony…come i will open main door
Ragini:its k..i will manage
Sanskar:i think u want some dose..then only u will listen to me d door i will come

Sanskar smiles nd opened d door..ragini comes out frm his home nd sees parth who jst came there..sanskar who was abou to close d door stopped seeing parth..
Ragini:parth..u here
Parth:ha..u told u r going to him but im scared what he would do something to i came to see u
Ragini(pulls his cheeks):my duffer so sweet..
Parth:i knw that im sweet..first tell what happened
Before ragini could speak..
Sanskar: what r doing here… this time
Ragparth turns at him..
Sanskar:stop stammering..go to ur home right now..
Parth looks at ragini..ragini signs him to go…he nodded…ragini was looking at parth who was leaving..which is irked by sanskar..
Sanskar:what r u looking ..u too go nd sleep
Ragini gives a glare nd goes…sanskar thought to knw about ragparth relation..


  1. anamika

    awesome awesome awesome
    today only i read all your episodes its pretty good
    upload today itself

    • Lahari



      Ha friend asked me same question..she said im using my brain only to write stories๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  2. Vk

    Awesome sis…Make sanskar more jealous ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚and plz post the next part before Monday ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™I can’t wait till Monday to read the next part

  3. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous dear….Sanky bedroom scenes awesome dear….he always ask kiss….Sanky jealous superbbb dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  4. Anisha

    Awesome episode.First time Sanku talked a lot with Rago, instead of doing something else lol
    Loving his possesiveness

  5. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    Amazing and I think rags will only realise her love for him when he will move on xx
    Love parths comments and sankys actions xx

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