My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-5

Episode 4

Parth sees ragini lost in deep thoughts…he snapped his fingers on her face..
Parth:what happened to a days u r always lost somewhere..
Ragini:this all bcz of thst flirt maheswari..
Parth:flirt maheswari?
Ragini:ha i told u about him na..he was doing too much..
Parth:what u want to do now
Ragini:start ur bike..we r going somewhere
Parth:then clz
Ragini glares at him..parth nodded nd starts his bike..she told some address..afer a while they reached someplace wherw it was written maheswari enterprises…
Parth:where we are
Ragini:that flirt office
Parth(shocked):what nd why
Ragini:now u r going to give warning to him..
Parth:what!!warning !!mein???r u k..u said he has sixpack nd all..

Ragini:so what
Parth:no only son to my parents nd i want to enjoy my life fully..saying he turns to go..
Ragini(holds his wrist):areh nothing can with u na..come
Parth:no rags plz
Ragini:be strong duffer..i told u na im with u..
Ragini in mind u told him to be strong then what about u..u became speechless infront of him(sanskar) can u face him..plz Krishna jii give some strength to face him….
Ragini drags him inside while parth was continuously pleading her…finally they gets inside nd asks about sanskar to receptionist..she said he was in meeting wait for sometime..
Parth:see rags he was bsy..shall we go back
Parth:rags i have an idea..we will arrange some goon to threat him..
Ragini gives a bad idea look
Receptionist tell them to go now meet sanskar last parth gives a pleading look but ragini pulls him along with her…

@san cabin
San hears door knock..he said come in..
Rag parth comes inside nd sees sanskar looking at somefiles..both looks at eo nd takes a deep breath..
Ragini clears her throat to make his attention towards them..sanskar heads up nd surprised to see ragini there nd got angry when he looked ragini holds some one hand…he getsup frm his chair..angrily looks at them..parth sees his angry face nd gulped in fear…
Ragini(tries to speak something):vo…vo…
Ragini signals parth to speak something..parth gets some courage nd looks at him..
Sanskar(angrily):who d hell r u..what r u doing with her

Hearing this parth looks at ragini then sanskar then he runs outside as he could…ragini shocked to see parth run..
Sanskar(coming towards ragini):do u need something
Saying she too runs..sanskar looked at her puzzled…
Ragini came to parth who was sits on bike nd waiting for ragini..
Ragini(hits him):u could u go leaving me like that..
Parth(stops her):im scared rags..try to understand..
He murmurs angry bird
Ragini:i told u na he didnt do anything..u should have warn him..
Parth gives a impossible look..
Ragini:now what will we do…i have an idea..we will talk with his bhabi..
Parth:i will not come anywhere..
Ragini:u dont have any choice duffer..come..parth pouts..
They reached MM..they gets inside nd finds no one..

Ragini:swara dii..swa..stopped middle as she saw sanskar descending stairs..
Parth looks at him nd go..ragini stops him nd says no..we should face him..parth gives a i cant look.
Ragini signs him i will see…
Ragini:wh…wher..where..where is swara dii
Sanskar:who is he(pointing towards parth)
Ragini:i want to meet swara di
Sanskar:first tell who is he lover
Sanskar shocked..where parth utter shocked..
Sanskar(gritting his teeth nd lools at parth):is it true
Parth angrily looks at ragini..
Sanskar:im asking is it true..

Parth gulped nd nodded her head first no then yes..
Sanskar comes close to them..ragini held parth hand tight..he neard them nd drags ragini nd he kissed on her lips…parth mouth opened a big ‘O’ shape..ragini jst stood numb…
Sanskar(brk d kiss):u r telling something before a while..what was that..
Parth ragini r still in shock..sanskar smirking seeing parth..jst then swara comes frm outside..
Swara:areh ragini when did u came…sanskar u too came frm office..
Sanskar nodded smilingly..
Swara(looks at ragparth..shakes ragini):kya hua who Is he..
Ragini(came to sense):i will come after di..saying she runs dragging parth along with her..
Swara:sanskar kya hua
Sanskar:kuch nay bhabi..
Swara:i knw u did something
Sanskar gives a naughty smile nd says i will tell u later..swara smiles….
Parth nd ragini comes to ragini room….parth goes to washroom nd stands under cool shower…ragini jst remaining what sanskar did..he kissed infront of her bestie…


  1. Asw


    |Registered Member

    Amazing he has strong gut to kiss ragini infront of parth πŸ˜‰ post soon as soon as possible keep going

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous akka….omg Sanky oneday u give me a heart attack to us….u kissed ragu infront of Parth…poor boy…loved it alot…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka…

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