My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-40

epiosde 40

Ragini,teni holds eo hands nd looks at eo…
Karan:who r u(to teni)
Ragini:she is my friend..
Karan:friend or did that stupid laksh sent u..
Teni:dont say anyword about laksh..
Karan rolled his eyes..
Teni:vo..vo.he is my friend..i didnt like thae way u spoke..
Ragini:plzz let us go
Karan:No..ur laksh made a great plan..but he dont knw what can i do..
Voice:u cant do anything..
Karan turns nd sees sanlak there..
Teni smiles…
[teni doesnt knw what to do ,her mbl was with karan..gps also not work as mbl got switched off..she was scared to how to inform laksh nd how to save ragini..she comes out of room nd sees karan is sleeping..she noticed his mbl beside him..she takes it nd inform laksh nd goes to ragini room]
Fb ends..
As soon as ragini sees sanskar..she ran ,pushing karan nd hugged him tightly..sanskar too hugged her…
Sanskar brk d hug nd kisses all over her face..ragini gets happy tears..
sanskar:are u fine na..
Ragini:ha sanskar..mein teek hu
Sanskar(looks at her bandaid hand):what happend..did he do something..tell..i will kill him..he about to go to karan..ragini nodded as no nd says plz hold me in ur embrace for sometime..sanskar smiles nd hugged her placing her head on his chest..
Karan was jst numb seeing this..he looks at laksh who was smiling at ragsan….he was confused…
Karan:laksh..r u not feeling anything…
Karan:seeing teni with ur bhai..
Laksh:she was not my teni.. u all r playing withg me..right??
Laksh:its truth karan..she is look alike of teni..first i also confused but she is going to my bhabi..she is ragini..
Karan stood numb still not believing anything..
He remembers ,ragini words nd her loves towards sanskar..nd laksh who was jst adoring ragsan..he thinks laklsh loves teni alot he cant see teni with anyone even his bhai..matlab it is true ,she is not teni…
Laksh:cant u see thier love towards eo..
Karan looks at ragsan..he can see the love effection nd the care towards eo:then where is teni
Laksh(hugs karan tightly):teni was gone karan..she had gone(he said crying dramatically)
Laksh:to god..
Karan shocked..
Laksh:she died..she left leaving us Karan..she left(he cries)
Teni who is stood back chuckles seeing her laksh performance..laksh signs her to chup..she nodded..ragsan smiles..
Laksh(wiping his fake tears):try to forget about teni like me….
Karan stood numb tears rolling down on his cheeks..
He was wrong in his way..but all feels bad for him,especially laksh as he was his friend once(but bcz of teni,both had conflicts)..
Laksh:karan..control urself..u knw how much i love teni..nd u too..but we cant do anything now..we have to move will be difficult for us..but we hve to do it…
Karan goes in trance..he could not able to digest the fact that teni was not in world…
Parth come with police..
Ragini sees parth nd hugs him too..
Parth cries as it was the first time,ragini stayed away from him 2days since their childhood..
Ragini (smiles):missed me??
Parth:so muchh
Ragini:me too duffer..
Sanskar smiles seeing them..
Police arrest karan for kidnapping ragini..kran stood not caring anything..Laksh feels bad for his friend..
Laksh hugs karan nd said dont wry ,all will be fine..
Police takes karan..
All reached mm..all r happy to see ragini..Ragini hugs her family…
Janki cries..
Ragini:maa..arent u happy by my arival..
janki looks at her confusing
Ragini:then y r u crying..i feel u r crying bcz of my arriavl..
(she pouts)
Janki hits her playfully..
Parth:areh..happy tears ragzz..
Ragini hugs janki nd says love u stop crying..
Janki smiles..shekhar too comes nd caressed her hair smiling..
janki:chalo..raagu..u r seems so wk..u need rest..come..
Sanskar:aunty..let u stay her with me tonight..i will take care of her..
All smiles at sanskar..
Janki:but sanskar
Sanskar:plzz aunty..
Janki nodded as she knws how much he missed ragini..she nodded..
shekhar,janki leaves..
Parth:i should leave now..take care ragzz..
Ragini nodded..
Parth leaves..
Teni:laksh what if karan would got to knw about me..
Laksh:dont worry..i will manage..
Teni noddedd..

Sanskar takes ragini to room by lifting her.. nd makes her lie on bed,he sits beside her..
sanskar:take rest
Ragini pecks her lips nd placed her head in his lap nd holds his hand nd kissed it..
Sanskar caresessed her hair..
Ragini:i love u so much
Sanskar smiles nd kissed her forehead..

Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar,who staring at her sitting beside her..
Sanskar:goood mng
Ragini:good mng
Sanskar:how r feeling now
Ragini:perfectly fine..
Sanskar smiles nd kissed her forehead.. i need to go home..
Ragini:no matlab
Sanskar:u r not going anywhere
Sanskar:u r staying here,beside me only..
Ragini:dont u go office
Sanskar:to take care of u..
Ragini:im fine sanskar..u can go..
Sanskar:but i dont want to go leaving u
Ragini:all r with me na..
Sanskar:i dont want loose u again
Ragini:nothing will happend sanskar..Karan got to knw not teni..
Sanskar:but u r look a like her na..what is d gurantee that he would not back of u..
Ragini:he is in jail na..
Sanskar:we made him arrest before also ..he came na..
Ragini:sanskar,u r over thinking.. scaring..
Ragini(understand his fear):but
Sanskar:go nd hav fresh..we have to eat breakfast..
Ragini nodded..

She comes out of washroom nd sees sanskar who is with breakfast waiting for her..she smiles,nd sits beside him..
Both had breakfast,feeding eo…
Ragini:i want to go down
Sanskar:ok..i will come with u
Ragini(feels something weird):i can fine sanskar..
Sanskar( holds her hand):chalo
Ragini nodded looking at sanskar..
Both goes down where all r chitchatting..
Ragini sits on sofa,he sits beside her by holding her hand..
Ragini jst smiles at him..they chitchatted for sometime..
Swara:ok..i have to prepare lunch..ragini will u come with me..
before ragini could speak..
Sanskar:no bhabi..she needs rest..
Ragini:no sanskar..i will go with dii
Sanskar:no..come withg me
Swara:its ok ragini..
Sanskar takes her along with him…

It was night..Ragini who was in sanskar’s embrance thinking about today sanskar behaviour..whole day he besides her,he didnt leave her even 1min also..she feels weird nd a bit uncomfortable..

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