My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-39

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Karan:haii baby..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Karan:dont be angry on me dear..
Ragini:karan..plzz im begging u..let me go to my sanskar..he must be worried about me ..he cant live without me… He will gone mad without me…plzz let me go.
Karan(irritated hearing sanskar name frm her mouth continuously since yesterday):sanskar..sanskar..sanskar..who d hell is he..
Ragini:he is my world..
Karan:stop it…then what about laksh..
Ragini:r u telling u na im not teni who loves getting married to his bhai..
Karan:r u trying to fool me by telling stupid stories..
Ragini getting hell furious but she wss helpless ..
Karan:eat apple(he cuts d slices nd forwarded to her…
Ragini looks at him..she takes d knife frm karan’s hand. nd placed on her neck..which is shocking to karan..
Karan:teni..what r u doing
Ragini:plz let me go orelse i will die..
Karan:plz dont do this..not harm urself plzz..
Ragini:let me go..then..
Karan:fine..u relax..
Karan moves to door..ragini gets relaxed but karan quickly comes to her nd holds ragini hand which she holds knife..
Ragini:leave me..
Karan takes d knife frm her hand..but in that process ragini got cut on her palm..
Ragini screams..blood oozing out… really sorry..plz dont cry nothing will happened to u…im really sorry..he takes d hand key nd about to tie but ragini jerks…karan holds her hand tight nd tied on her hand…
He makes her sit on bed..
Karan:take rest..i will call now itself only..nothing will happend to u…
Saying he leaves locking d door…
********* feeling something strange…ragini teek tho hai naa..
Laksh:ha laksh..she must be fine..we will find her soon.dont wry bhai..
Sanskar gets a call frm parth who was roaming in that area where he saw karan yesterday..
Sanskar:bolo parth..
Parth:karan going somewhere..
Sanskar:ok..u follow him..we will join with u..dont miss him this time..
Parth nodded..
Sanlak,parth r standing near hospital nd waiting for karan..karan comes out with doc nd goes..
Sanskar:where he is taking ragini fine..laksh im scaring..
Parth:if anything happened to ragzz..i wont leave him alive..
Laksh:u both relax..first follow him..
They trio followed karan..but their badluck..they missed him ncz of traffic signal..
Sanskar banged steering with frustration..
Karan cme with doctor nd sees ragini who was in half consicious…nd murmurs sanskar name..karan got worried ,he unnoticed her murmuring voice..doc checks her md told to karan..dont wry she was jst need wry..she gives injection nd left..
Ragini goes into sleep..karan caressesd her hair nd says i love u so much teni..plz understand my love..
Karan sees one girl who comes running straight to his bike..he stopped his bike..the girl comes nd hides behind karan..karan feels some stange feeling…
Girl:help me plz..
Karan:kya hua
Girl:vo..some goons are following me..
Karan:kyun..what u did
Girl:vo..vo..they r my dad rivals..they found me alone nd trying to kill me..plz save me..
Karan heart beating loud being around her..but he brushed of his thoughs..
Girl:what r u thinking
Karan:kuch nay..where u want to go.. not frm Mumbai i came here for somework..i donf knw anyone here..plz give me a shelter for tonight..i wil go tomorrow..kya hai was dark can i go..
Karan could not able to deny,unknown by himself..he agreed…
Girl:thank u
Karan:whats ur name
Karan:what name is tara..
Karan:fine..come with me..
She sits d bike nd sent one msg “done”..
who got msg is laksh..nd that girl was teni….
Laksh messages her”dont worrry ,he cant trecognise u,but u should be carefull..when ever reach there message me address..
Teni gives node symbol..
Laksh told to san parth who sits beside them..oue plan will work definitely…
San parth nodded hoping positive..
Karan takes tara(teni) to one house..but teni was not confirm ,whether ragini is there or he hide her somewhere….

Karan:u can stay here for tonight..dont comes out frm this u have mobile..if u hav, give it to me..
Karan:if u want to stay here..give(he warned)
teni dont knw what to do..
karan checks her bag..
Tara(grbs it back):i will give
Karan:quick..u can collect tomorrow morning
Tara swiched off her mbl nd gives it to karan unwillingly…
Karan takes it nd about to go..
Karan turned at her shocked..she realized what she did..
Karan:how do u knw my name..
Tara:ur praying to my karan..dont u knw him karan in pandavas.arjuna’s fan of praying to him only(she managed)
Tara:btw..r u living alone here..
Karan:its non of ur business..
Karan goes..
Teni she inform about ragini without mbl..
Teni comes out of room nd looks around ,there is one room at upstairs which is locked..she walks towards upstaris but stopped hearing karan voice..
Karan:where r u going..
Tara:vo..vo..i feel boring so im seeing ur house..
Karan:i told u na..dont come out..if u want to go..go frm here..
Tara:ok..ok..sorry..i wont do it again..saying she goes to room..
its midnight..teni comes out of room nd sees karan who sleeps in hall..she slowly went upstaris nd unlocked d door with help of her hair pin..nd sees ragini who is crying,recalling her moments with sanskar..nd parth…
Ragini sees Teni nd runs to her,,teni hugs her…
Teni:relax ragini..nothing happend to u..
Ragini:how is sanskar..he is fine na..
Teni:ha..he jst worried about u..
Ragini cries..
Teni:relx ragini now no need to worry anyone..we will go out frm here..
Ragini:but how u came..y u came..what if he knws about u..
Teni:he cant..come we will go before he wke up..
Ragini nodded both comes out of room nd shocked to see karan who looks at them angrily…
both shocked..

here laksh is waiting for teni’s message..he thinks its so long since she went,y she havnt msg him…
Sanskar looks at ragini photo nd kissed it with moisty eyes..
Parth(placed his hand on his shoulder):we will find her soon..
sanskar gives a wk smile..

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