My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-38

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Sanskar was roaming whole city madly for ragini..but no use…whole day passed ,there is no information about ragini..he shattered…he collapsed on ground nd shouts ragini name loudly….other side path also checks their frnds houses nd asking everyone about ragini..he shouts ragzz ,where u went leaving ur duffer..missing u..plzz come back….

A dark room is shown where ragini on bed ,unconscious…Nd one man sits beside her nd admiring her beautiful face..his face revealed to be karan(Teni obsessive lover.)..
[karan came to knw..teni nd laksh r in he came to mumbai..In mall he noticed raglak who r laughing..his blood boiled seeing them like he only called laksh to make aside him..when laksh went aside..karan comes frm ragini behind nd keeps hand key which had chloroform in it..ragini became unconscious..he slowly takes her without knowledge anyone]
Ragini opens her eyes slowly murmuring sanskar name…she is shocked to see karan who is smiling at her..
Karan:ha baby..mein
Ragini:where im..why u took me here…
Karan:u knw very well.. y i took u here..
Ragini(getting up frm bed):plzz let me go..
Karan:no baby ..never…u r mine..y cant u understand my love..
Ragini:im not teni..
Karan:oh..really..he laughs
Ragini:plz believe not ur teni
Karan:ok..then where is my teni
Ragini(in mind if i told ,teni will be in trouble):vo..vo..ur teni was dead..
Karan:good story
Ragini:im telling truth..plz let me go
Karan:do u think im blind..i have seen u nd laksh in mall..u both r seems so happy na,making me mad..
Ragini:u r not teni..
Karan:dont make me fool..take rest baby..i Wil be back..
Saying he leaves..
Ragini doesnt understand what to do..he thinks about sanskar.she looks around it ws closed room..there is no windows only it had one main door which is locked by Karan…ragini banged d door nd says ..plz leave me..let me go to my sanskar..plzzz…she cries…
Laksh consoling sanskar..
laksh:plzz bhai..control..
Sanskar:how can i day passed there is no information about ragini..
laksh:bhai but u have to be strong na..dont wry bhai..
jst then teni comes tensed..
Laksh:kya hua teni..r u ok..
Teni:ha..he is in mumbai only..i saw him near xyz place..he didnt recognised me..
Laksh gets thinking..
Teni:laksh..what r u thinking..
Laksh:karan kidnapped ragini..
Sanskar:what r u saying laksh..
Laksh:ha bhai..he thought ragini as teni so he kidnapped her..
Teni shocked..
Sanskar:karan..i will kill him..sanskar in rage..
Laksh:bhai..calm we got to knw where is ragini..u no need to wry about her bhai..he cant do anything to her as he loves madly..she must be safe..
Teni:bcz of me,ragini was in trouble..laksh i will go to karan nd tell teni..leave ragini..
Sanskar:no need teni..if u will be more difficult..i knw how to get back my ragini..
Teni nodded but she feels guilt..laksh signed him as all will be fine..teni nodded..
sanskar:where u saw him..
Teni told some xyz place..
Sanskar calls parth..
Parth:hello sanskar..any infirmation about ragini..
Sanskar told about karan..
Parth:what…but she was not teni na..
sanskar:we knw that but he dont no one thing..
go to xyz place..its near to ur home for karan..
Parth:if i see him..i will kill him..for kidnapping my frnd..
Sanskar:no parth..ragini was in his custody..we hav to be carefull..i will sent u photo..if u see him ,follow him..we will reach soon..
Parth nodded..
Sanskar cuts d call..
karan came with food..
Ragini:plzz let me sanskar must be worried about me..
Karan:sanskar??did laksh changed his name into sanskar..
Ragini:im telling u not teni..
Karan:stop nonsense..hav food
karan:if u hav this food..i will give a chance to talk with laksh..
Ragini thinks nd nodded,she grabs d plate nd had food quckly..
Karan:wow,so much of love..
Ragini:give mobile
karan:sure dear..
he dials laksh num nd put it in speaker…
laksh lifts d call..
Ragini:hello laksh
laksh(felt happy hearing her voice):hello ra(before he could complete karan cutted d call)
Ragini:y did u cutted..
karan:u heard his voice na..enough for today..
ragini looked at him annoyed..
Karan:take rest..i will get cloths for u..
Ragini:plzz let me go..
Karan closed d door…
he gets call frm laksh.. r u
Laksh:karan leave her..dont do this..
he cuts d call nd takes the sim nd throws it on dustbin,laughing evilly..
Parth roaming in that area for karan..he found karan who entering into mall..parth calls san nd informed him..nd follows him..
Karan bought some dreasses for ragini..parth wants to punch him hard but he was helpless..parth followed him,whereever karan goes..but last min he missed him..
Sanlak reachead there..
Sanskar:where is he..
Parth:sorry sanskar..he missed..
Sanlak felt disappointed..
Sanskar:its ok..parth..he must be in this area..we will find her soon..
Parth nodded..
Karan comes nd gives dresses to ragini..
karan:see baby.. i bought all ur fav color dresses..
Ragini:are u telling u not ragini nd i love sanskar not laksh…
Karan:u cookup great story..
Ragini gets angry:did u really loves teni…
Karan:u knw na baby how much i loves u..
Ragini:if u truely loves her ,u cant do like u even knw what is love..this is not love ur madness..
Karan:ha..madness about u..
Ragini feels disgusting..
Karan:u will understand soon..nd we r going australia in 2days..leaving ur laksh nd all..only u nd me..we will start new life stop thinking about laksh..
Saying he left..
ragini stood blank with shock…
Sanskar was in ragini thoughts…
[Sanskar comes to ragini ,nd hugged her tightly..
Ragini:kya hua..
Sanskar:i had bad dream
Sanskar:u left me leaving me alone..
Ragini:dont worry i wont go anywhere leaving u alone..
Sanskar:i want to be with u every moment..
Ragini:i too..every moment special to me when u r around…
Sanskar tighten his grip nd said i love u kissing her shoulder…]
Sanskar opens his eyes nd says missing u badly…
Here ragini cries thinking about karan words..she says sanskar plz take me frm here..
here sanskar dont worry ragini..i will find u soon..
Ragini:i love u
sanskar:i love u so much..

ARe u guys ok with ragsan separation?????
Lovely sis:my next update will be becoz i love u ff..dear

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