My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-3

Episode 2

It was night nearly 11pm…sanskar who was seeing ragini was going out with one man..he didnt see his face…he wondered where she was going daily at this time that too one man..

@xyz pub
Sanskar who was came by following them sees ragini dancing with d man,some girls nd boys also there..sanskar clenched his fist..but he stood there only as he dont want to create issue there…after a while ragini stops dancing nd sits aside…that man still dancing with some girls…sanskar was about to move towards ragini but stoped hearing ragini who was calling”papa enough come”..his face revealed to be shekhar…
Sanskar gasped papa nd a smile appeared om his face….shekhar comes to ragini…she gave him to water..sanskar admiring ragini standing some distance away frm them..
Shekhar:where is parth
Ragini:he went to date
Ragini:kya hua papa
Shekhar:he told me that he would arrange date for me with beautiful girl..but he went without telling me..i wont talk to him..
Ragini:u both na
Shekhar:k leave all..lets go before ur mom could wakeup…
Ragini nodded they left..sanskar too…

Ragini was in deep sleep..suddenly she wakesup hearing some noise..she was shockd to see sanskar there..
Ragini:tu..tu..tum..what r u doing here
Sanskar doesnt hear anything just moving towards her…ragini scared nd ask him to go…sanskar neard her nd pins her to wall..ragini widened her eyes..he leaned to her lips..ragini shouts nooooo…ragini who was sleeping wakesup wiyh jerk nd realizes it was dream…she takes a sigh nd thinks y he came to my dream nd decided to stay away frm him…

Ragini ,shekhar coming to garden nd noticed janki who was observing ladder there..rag&shekhar looks at eo nd bites their toungues nd realized they forgot to keep ladder aaide last night..
janki( looks at them):what is this
Shekhar:areh jaanu darling..this is a ladder..dont u knw
Ragini giggles..
Janki(glares at her she stops):what it was doing here…last night u both r in home itself na
Ragini:ha maa..
Shekhar:vo…vo..actually darling..we played a game..
Janki:which game
Shekhar:vo..firsr i should go to princess room through this ladder nd then to our room next kitchen..
Ragini:no papa..after my room u should go kitchen
Shekhar:no princess..i
Janki:u both shut up..i didnt understand anything
Rag&shek:we also want that only
Shekhar:kuch nay..i will tell u later..
Janki:did u both hiding something..if it yes..then
Shekhar:areh nothing like that darling..dont angry see how u became red..but u r looking cute..saying he kissed janki cheek..
Janki glares at him..ragini chuckles..sanskar who was seen this frm his home smiled at notanki family…
Ragini nd parth sits in their class…
Ragini told him about her dream..
Parth(lost in his thoughts):i should have get a dream like beautiful girl kissed me..
Ragini:shut up
Parth:sry…k..leave.. it was dream only na..
Ragini:how can i leave.. He was married..he kissed me real nd he was coming in dreams also..
Parth:r u disappointed whether he kissed u or he was married..
Ragini hits him..

Ragini comes home frm clg nd shocked to sanskar there with one lady(suji)…ragini thinks is it dream r not..
Janki:ragini y r u standing there..come
Ragini(moves to janki nd slowly said):maa pinch me once
Janki:what..see guest r here..nd u
Ragini:maa plz
Janki:ragu dont do mad things
Ragini:maa will u do r not
Janki pinched her..
Ragini shouts lightly ahhh..that means it was real..what he was doing here nd who was thst lady..hee throughs brkn by janki..
Janki:ap ji..she is my daughter ragini..nd ragu beta she is sujatha ji nd he is her son sanskar..
Ragini takes blessings frm suji nd she looks at sanskar ,he gave flying kiss to her without janki suji knowledge..ragini widened her eyes..sanskar smiles…
Janki:vo ragu..actually they wants buy some things but they r new to this place ,they dont knw any shops they asked help..i told u will took them as u knw all places here very well.
Ragini in mind what..i should go with him no can
Janki:ragu..what r u thinking
Ragini:vo..maa ..i have some work..i cant go
Suji:its k janki ji..we will manage no pblm
Janki(in ragini ear):i knw about ur work very well..dont do drama..go nd help them..
Ragini(unwillingly):i will come aunty..
Suji:thank u beta..u go nd fresh..after sometime we will go..
Ragini nodded looking at sanskar who was giving naughty smile to her …suji san left

After sometime..ragini comes to sanskar home as janki asks her to go…swara opens d door,ragini nervously looking at her..
Swara(smiles):ragini right?
Ragini:ji..vo..suji aunty
Swara asks her to come inside nd sit..ragini sits quitely..
Swara:im swara..bade bahu of this house..i knw u r ragini..sanky told
Ragini in mind what?he told my name to her..
Swara:y r u kept silent..sanskar told u talk without giving any break but u kept silent..
Ragini in mind what ?he told everything about me then about kiss..does she knw? could he told about that..
Swara:what r u thinking.
Ragini :no..she stopped aa she saw sanskar who was descending stairs..
Swara:sanskar come accompany her..i will get coffee
Sanskar(winks at ragini):sure
Ragini(scared being alone with sanskar):no.i dont want coffee
Swara:k..i will get tea
Ragini:no..i dont have tea also
Swara:k i will get juise
Before ragini could speak swara left…sanskar comes towards her..ragini heart beat increased..he sits beside her..ragini in mind god plz save me..he looks at sanskar..his naughty smile giving her more fear..


  1. Shraddha

    Amazing… Mind blowing.. Eager for next part update soon..ragini’s reaction was awesome… Loved if ..keep updating:)

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