My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-28

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Ragini comes to clz nd sees parth who seems upset..
Ragini:hiii duffer
Parth turns his face other side
Ragini:kya hua yaar..
Parth:kya hua!!it has been 2days no calls no msges no outings no meetings..u totally forgot about u knw how much i missed u..
Ragini:me too yaar..i missed u so much
Parth:dont lie

Ragini:really duffer…do u knw whar happend..teni cme..
Parth:what..u told she had died..
Ragini told laksh teni reunion..about teasing sanskar..nd how sanskar teased her nd all..
Parth:this much happened ..u even didnt told me..
Ragini:sorry duffer..actually na..i was bsy with stupid thoughts..sry..i wont repeat again..sorry..
Parth:fine..finally laksh pblm solved..

Ragini:ja..u knw he was so funny..we becme friends..
Parth:friends???so u got new friend..u forgot about me right
Ragini:r u feeling jealous
Parth:ha..i cant give my place to only ur bestie..
Ragini:ha one can replace ur place..he is jst friend..u r my sweet bestie..
Ragini:areh duffer..i will kill u..u r doubting me..
Parth:ok..ok..tonight pub???

Parth gives a sweet smile..
Ragini:one side my possessive lover nd one side my possessve friend…thanks to god(sarcastically)..
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All r having dinner(with rag family also as ap invited them).. Ragsan sits beside eo..ragni whispered in sanskar ear without knowledge anyone,im happy tday see our whole family..sanskar looks at all nd smiles..
Suji(noticed sanskar):sanskar y r u smiling
Suji:i knw u r thinking about ur love na..

Sanskar smiles
Suji:we r very curious to knw least tell her name na..
All r looked at laksh shocked..
Laksh:y r u all staring at asking ragini to pass that bowl..
Ragini gets a relief..
Sanskar glares at laksh who gives teasing smile to sanskar..
Suji:laksh tu chup..sanskar u tell
Sanskar:kya mom i have told already..

Suji:ok..can i ask one thing..
Suji:what if we wouldn’t like her
Sanskar:u will definitely like her
Ragini smiles..
Suji:what if no..will u leave her..

Ragini looks at him curious..
Sanskar:what type of question is this mom..i loves her truly..she is my life..i cant live without her..i will never leave her..
Ragini smiles emotionally..
Suji:calm down sanskar..i jst joked..sry..we respect ur decision..whoever she is..we accept..
Sanskar:sry mom
Suji (smiles):u loves her so much na..
Sanskar nodded smilingly..

Janki:i dont knw who is she..but she is very lucky to have u sanskar..
Ragini feels proud..
Lucky(eying on ragini):ha ha very lucky he na ragini..
Ragini gives a nervous smile…
After having din gadodias left..

Sanskar gets ragini call..
Sanskar:missing me..can i cme there going to pub with parth..can u cme..
Sanskar:obviously dear..
Ragini:ok..bye..i have to get ready
Sanskar:do u want any help
Ragini(smiles):no need..bye
She cutted d call..sanskar smiles..

As usual ragsan,parth divya spent that night happily…
@next day
When sanskar was in office..he got a call frm ragini..
Sanskar:kya dear

Sanskar(worried):kua hua..are u fine..
Ragini:i dnt knw what happened to ny parents suddenly..they said one boy is coming to see me..
Ragini:ha..they r listening to afraid sanskar..
Sanskar:u dont coming..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar calls swara but suji lifts d call..
Suji:kya sanskar
Sanskar:mom where is bhabi

Suji:she went to ragini’s ragini mrg lookings she makes ragini ready..we r also going..
Sanskar cutted call angrily..
Janki:get ready na ragu
Ragini:maa..y this suddenly..i need to say something
Janki:not now..we will talk later..

Janki:first see him..later we will listen to u..
Ragini:if i wouldn’t like..u have to agree my wish
Janki:fine..get ready
Sanskar comes to GM with rage ,he ignores all who’s r presented in hall ,called out ragini name..
Ragini who was in her room comes out nd hugs sanskar….
Sanskar(brkd d hug):who d hell is here cme to see her.
I will kill him..she is mine..only mine..

All looked at him..
Sanskar:bhabi(swara) u knw na ww both love eo..u should have try to stop na..
Sanskar:laksh tum bhi..
Laksh:vo bhsi
Sanskar:ask him to cme..i will brk his legs..
Laksh(smiling):he cme
Sanskar:where is he..tell laksh..

Laksh points towards sanskar..
Sanskar:what the
All bursting into laugh..
Ragsan looks at them puzzled..
Laksh:calm down bhai..u r only her groom..
Ragsan surprised..
Swara:sry devar ji..i had to act..actually they got to knw about ur love..

[last night when ragsan return frm pub ,suji who came for water comes our hearing car horn nd shocked to see ragsan that time…to clarify her doubt she came to sanskar room when he was in washroom,she unlocked his mbl nd sees the love msges bw ragsan…suji cinfirmed sanskar loves ragini..she got happy as she likes ragini..she shared this to family…all r happy for ragini..later they went to ragini house to talk about ragsan..janki shekhar also agreed as janki always wants sanskar as her sil…so they planned this to surprise them]
Janki:ragu if u loves him this much u should have told us na..u knw we never go against ur wish..
Ragini:i knw maa..i thought to tell after completing my exams..
Suji:thank u sanskar to giving ragini as my bahu..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini took blessings frm all..

Shekhar:tell my boy(san) when u both want to marry
Sanskar( looks at ragini):her wish..
Ragini:no..his wish
All gives a teasing look..

Ram:ok we will do engagement ,after ragini exams wil fix marrrige..
All r agreed..
Ragsan looks at eo smilingly…

Sry ,if any grammer nd typing mistakes r there..i dnt knw what i wrote..i placed what came into my mind..
Sry if it boring..nxt episodes will be interesting…

Cover pic credit:Anisha sis(crazy tevar/ragsan fan like me)
Thanks for beautiful edit dear

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