My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-27

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Ragini was gulped hearing her balcony door closing sound..she closed her eyes tight..sanskar came..
Sanskar:r u ready baby..
Ragini(opend her eyes slowly):vo sa..san..sankar
Sanskar(moving close to her nd dragged her close to him):u r looking beautiful
Sanskar(running his finger on her face seductively):u r loving me na..
Sanskar(huskily):dont u have trust on me
sanskar lifts her in his arms nd made her lie on bed..
Ragini gulping her saliva..
Sanskar kissed her neck..
Sanskar kissed her lips hardly,while touching her bare waist..
Ragini losses her control..sanskar takes off her clothes..he comes over her nd cover them with blanket..
Ragini (shouts loudly):nooooooo
She jerked nd opend her eyes nd realized it was a dream..she takes a relife..nd murmurs no it cant be true..
She drinks water..suddenly power goes off
Ragini:this power na..cut off in crt time..she cursed..
Power cme..ragini says thank god..nd she turns nd sees sanskar who was smiling at her standing at balcony door..looking hot in black shirt with his gell hair…
Ragini recalling her dream nd murmurs same shirt..
Sanskar:r u waiting for me..
Ragini gives a faint smile..
Sanskar:did u closed all doors properly..(he cheks)
Sanskar:ha dear..
(he opens his top 2buttons of his shirt)
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar:u can do anything for me na..
Ragini nodded wkly..
He coming towards her..ragini steps back..he steps towards her..ragini steps back till she hits her cupboard..
Sanskar blocked her ways with his both hands..
Sanskar:r u feeling shy
Sanskar moves close to her..ragini shivers..he moves even more close..she can hear his heart beat..
He whispered in her ear open ur cup board..
Ragini looks at him puzzled..
Sanskar:im ur cupboard..
Ragini nodded nd opens nd finds one packet..
She looks at sanskar ,who was asking her to open..
She opens it nd see shoulder less red short dress..
Sanskar:special dress for special night..(he winks)
Ragini:san..sankar..i want to talk to u..
Sanskar:no talking today..only (he again winks at her)..change nd cme..he pushes her into washroom..
Ragini says to herself y r u not able to talk with him..she cursed heself for teasing him..she wears that dress.which is too short..she was looking damm hot…

Sanskar plays a song ” Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai”..
Ragini who cms out..widened her eyes hearing sng seeing sanskar who was decorating room with rose petals…
Sanskar looks at her nd frozen seeing her..
Ragini stops d music..
Sanskar(came to sense):y did u na..its so romantic..
Ragini(murmurs):that is my pblm
Sanskar grabs d remote nd again plays d song..
He drags ragini nd starts dancing with her romantically..she tries to talk with him,but he doesn’t give chance..
Song ends..
Sanskar drags her close nd whispered in her ear huskily..u r looking stunning i cant able to control..she bites her earlobe..ragini shivers nd closed her eyes..
He lifts her in his arms nd makes her lie on bed..he takes rose petals nd blows on her..ragini closed her eyes..
Sanskar:i love u
He kissed her forehead
He kissed her both eyes..
Sanskar:kissed her chin
Ragini looks at him who was staring at her lovingly..she can clearly see d pure love for her but she cant do this before mrg..she scares how sanskar will react when she rejects..
Sanskar removes rose petals frm her neck with his lips..ragini gasped sanskar name..he looks into her eyes..ragini lost into his eyes..sanskar leaned to her lips..ragini closed her eyes allowing him to kiss…
Ragini opened her eyes when she doesnt feel his presence..she opened her eyes nd sees sanskar who was standing nd smiling at her..
Ragini gets up nd composed herself..
Sanskar:r u feeling bad..that i stopped it middle.
Sanskar smiles nd asks her to close her eyes..
Sanskar:close ur eyes.
Ragini closed her eyes..nd opens when sanskar asked…she surprised to see chocolate cake in front of her happy 6mnths anniversary written on it..
Ragini smiles widely..
Sanskar:it has been 6 months i met u..we should celebrate na..
Ragini(happy):thats means u talked about this…we r not doing that na
Ragini:vahi..we(she stopped),kuch nay
Sanskar:if u want we can(he winks at her)
Ragini(she hits him playfully):u scared me..
Sanskar:its my revenge baby..not only u,i also knw how to tease u..
Ragini:but u did too much
Sanskar:still i can do many things
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar(smiles):chalo cut d cake..
Ragini smiles nd drags him both cut d cake nd feeds eo..
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar:i love u too..
Ragini:thank u so much for this special night..loved it..
Sanskar:only thank u??give something sweet
Ragini:u want more cake..have.
Sanskar hits his forehead..
Ragini smiles nd drags him close holding his coaller..sanskar rolled his eyes..she kissed on his bare chest..sanskar wrapped his arms around her nd kissed on her lips..they have a passionate kiss..
Ragini(brks kiss nd hugs him):thank u sooo much for coming into my life nd make me special in ur life..i love u so much
Sanskar kissed her forehead…

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