My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-26

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Laksh:sry to me
Sanskar looks away
Laksh:u r my sweet bhai na..plz forgive me na(he holds his ears)
Sanskar takes off laks hands frm ears nd hugs him..laksh smiles..
Ragini:i will also hold my ears..forgive me also
Ragini:this is not fair..u have forgiven ur bro na..u should me also
Sanskar:he did only by ur saying fault is urs..u didnt even bothered how much i gt hurt..

Sanskar(ignoring her):laksh u tell..actually we heard teni have died..
Karan waa shocked to see teni in pool of blood..he was numb hearing someone who said she died..he gets into shock nd walks on road lifeless without caring himself…
Here Someone who noficed teni pulse was still beating..he immediately called ambulance nd takes her to hospital..
Karan walks without bothering any vehicles around him so he hitted by car nd felt unconscious(small accident)..
Whenever he got conscious in hospital ,shouts teni name..nd after he tried to knw about teni deadbody whereabouts nd all but he failed..

Teni got a plastic surgery as her face got damaged..(guys understand im not a giving proper explanation)…after 10days she gets conscious nd shocked to see her face..she rememberd about karan nd her accident nd her laksh..she thanked doc who helpes her nd gets discharge after 2 days..she went to clz to meet laksh but laksh already left nd cme to his she cme to mumbai to meet laksh but she was unware about his address..finally she met laksh in park..(sry if it is illogical)
Fb ends..
Laksh hugs sanskar nd says im very happy bhai i got my teni so happy..sanskar smiles nd patted his back..
Ragini smiles at them..

Laksh:sry bhai..i troubled u both..
Sanskar:leave it u r happy na thats enough for me..
Ragini:oye if u brother’s love gt over then give sme time for me..laksh will u plz..
Laksh:k..k..bhai..i can going..all d best bhabi
Ragini smiles..laksh leaves..ragini closed d door..
Sanskar:y r u closing d door..i need to go
Ragini:y r u over asking apologies na..u should have forgive me na
Sanskar:y should i forgive u..u hurted me
Ragini:thats y im saying sry na..plzzz
Sanskar nodded as no
Ragini (pinned him to wall nd kissed his cheek):now
Sanskar (in mind u teased me na now its my time)noddes as no
Ragini(kissed on another cheek):now
Sanskar nodded no
Ragini(kissed on his lips):now
Sanskar (who was lost in her kiss cme to sense by her voice nd gerks):what r u this d way to ask forgiveness
Ragini:i have learned frm u only na..
Sanskar smiles in side..
Ragini:dont hide ur smile
Sanskar(with serious face):im not smiling
Ragini(pouts):fine tell what to do..i will do whatever u say

Ragini nodded
Sanskar:think once..u should not back off afterwards..
Ragini gets thinking
Sanskar:socho socho
Ragini looks at him.who was smirking..
Sanskar:r u ready
Ragini(took a deep breath) ready.

Sanskar:im telling u again..u cant back off..
Sanskar smiles nd pulls on him holding her waist nd looks at her romantically,ragini was tensed as she dont knw what he will ask..
Sanskar (whisperd in her ear):then get ready for tonight..
He leaves her nd opens d door..
Ragini:night????? For what
Sanskar:dont act innocent..dont u knw what will do one boy nd one gil at night..
Sanskar:get ready..remember u promised..
Saying he walks smirking..leaving stunned ragini there..

Ragini was roaming here bd there while biting her nails worriedly..
She says to herself is he really wants to could he..we loves eo nd we trusted eo..but..
She was sweating badly..jst then she got a call frm shocker..
Sanskar:r u ready
Sanskar:but im sry baby..i have no mood now
Ragini got a relief
Sanskar:but u dont wry..we will postpone it to tomorrow night..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar:good night..have a my u..
He cuttes d call..
Ragini:tomorrow!! u have to do something..
@next day
Laksh got teni to home where his family nd ragini family also there..he introduced teni to all..all gets happy..teni got elder blessings..ap thanked ragini nd her family as for what she did for laksh..nd all r chatting normally..ragini comes to sanskar:
Sanskar:what baby..cant u wait till night..
Ragini(glares at him):i need to talk to u
Sanskar:we will talk at our special night..have patience baby..

Before ragini could speak.. he goes nd sits beside laksh..
Suji:our laksh got his life partner..sanskar about u..
Sanskar looks at ragini who was looked worried nd lost somewhere..he smiles looking at her..laksh tapped his shoulder nd says bhai concentrate here..
Sanskar:kya maa
Suji:when will u marry..i want to see my bahu
Sanskar:she is here only na..see
All r their eyes widened.ragini rolled her eyes…swalak who knws about their love looked at him surprised..
Suji(excited) only where..
Laksh:chachi..he means she is in bhai’s heart.. means someone is there in his heart
Laksh nodded without realizing..
Sanskar glares at him laksh bited his tongue
Suji:who is she..batao na ur would not better to hide frm me..
Ap:tell na sanskar..r u in love..u dont wry we will accept..
Ragini was tensed as she thought,she wants to tell her parents herself only after completing her sem exams ,if they will get to knw like this they will feel bad..
Ragini signed him to no

Sanskar:ha maa im in love
Ragini makes a annoyed face.
Suji:schhi..where is she..what she was doing..when will u introduce
Sanskar:bas has still time to introduce her..
Sanskar:plz maa..i will tell u later.. she beautiful
Sanskar( looks at ragini,who was smiling ):she is d definition of beauty..her big eyes,cute nose,beautiful lips. her smile nd (laksh cough to get him reality)
Sanskar:vo..vo..i mean she is beautiful..
Ragini blushes..
Suji:tell about her na..

Sanskar:she is diva of my life..some times behaves childish,some times behaves mature..some times becme naughty nd her cute antics..when she was an angry ,she keeps a looks so cute..
Ragini was jst staring at him lovingly…
Sanskar:she loves me so much..she can do anything for me(he stressed this sentense),
Hearing this ragini remembers about night she gulped..
All r gives a teasing look to sanskar..
Sanskar:stop u all looking at me like this..

Suji:i want to see her..
Sanskar:not now..have i have to go office bye..
Saying he leaves giving a naughty smile to ragini..

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