My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-25

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When sanskar calls ragini nd says to her he will drop her to clg today..but ragini says no need laksh said he will come,im going to get ready bye..immediately she cuts d call leaving puzled sanskar..
Sanskar comes to ragini clg to pickup her..but she was no where..he called her..she says she already left clg aa laksh came nd she was going out with laksh..
Sanskar(gets angry):what the hell..what happened u
Ragin(slowly):sanskar i m with laksh..i will talk to u later bye..
Sanskar throws his mbl angrily..
Some time passed..
Sanskar was restless. He was waiting for raglak..
Whenever he sees laksh who was coming smiling,stopped him..
Sanskar:laksh is ragini cme home
Laksh:ragini???who was she
Sanskar(realized what he said ,he consold himself to behave normal):vo..nothing laksh..kya hua u r looking so happy today.
Laksh:ha im so teni is d reason..u knw bhai she loves me so much..
Sanskar in mind what she did ,i asked her to act but she was living..he fumed
Laksh:after a long timw we spend a good time..
Sanskar:good time???
Laksh shows him a photo which raglak took before a while..he caressed that photo nd says see bhai my beautiful she is..
Sanskar in mind ha she is..but she is my ragini..only mine..sanskar enough of this drama..tell him truth..he took a deap breath..
Sanskar:laksh i need to talk to u,its important..
Laksh:tell bhai..
Jst then laksh mbl rings..laksh says bhai we will talk later..saying he goes..
Sanskar was roaming in his room nd says to himself today he should finish this drama..he thought call ragini but he stopped seeing his broken mbl on floor..he hits d wall frustrated..he thought to meet ragini at her house so he comes out of room,he noticed ragini who was ascending stairs..he thought she was coming to him..but his suprise she moves towards laksh room..sanskar clenched his fist he angrily goes to her nd drags her to his room..
Ragini:ochh..sanskar kya hua
Sanskar:kya hua..where r u going
Ragini:to laksh..
Sanskar:what happend to u ..y r u behaving like this..
Ragini:like this
Sanskar(holds her nd pulls her close):dont act innocent..u r enjoying with laksh ignoring me..
Ragini:u only told na..he was sad..behave properly nd bla im doing what u have told..
Sanskar:i have only told..that was my u knw..u didnt talk with me properly since last dying here but u look so casual..
Ragini controlling her smile..
Sanskar:what r u looking..tell me damit..y u didnt talk with me..
Ragini looks at his eyea which seems hurt..she suddenly hugs him tight..sanskar too reciprocates..jst then they hears laksh voice..
Sanskar(brks d hug):laksh..vo..vo..
Laksh:what is this bhai..
Sanskar:vo laksh..first listen to me
Laksh:i cant believe this bhai..u cheated on me bhai..u cheated..
Sanskar:laksh meri baat suno..
Laksh:enough bhai.enough..
Sanskar tensed
Laksh cries..nd comes to ragini looks at her.both burst into laugh which is shocked sanskar..
Sanskar:laksh..kya hua..
Laksh:sry bhai
Sanskar:y r u laughing both..
Laksh stops laughing..nd makes him sit on bed..
Laksh:i will tell i will tell
Sanskar lools at them confused..
When raglak wr in park..
Laksh:u changes teni..u changed
Ragini:its not like that laksh..
Laksh:do u really loves me..
Ragini dont knw what to do she nodded hesitantly..
Laksh:come we will marry now itself..ragini looked at him shocked..
Laksh holds her wrist nd walks..ragini was tensed she was trying to call sanskar but it was not reachable..
Ragini:laksh..listen to me once..
Laksh:no teni..
While they r walking suddenly one girl dashed laksh..she was about to fall but laksh holds her leaving ragini wrist..seeing him that girl eyes filled with happy tears..laksh heart beating fastly..
Laksh makea her stand..that girl immediately hugged him..laksh dont knw but he too wants to hug her so he reciprocated hug..both lost in eo..ragini stood confused..
The girl brks d hug nd caressed his face..laksh comes to sense..
Laksh:who r u
Girl:im ur teni laksh..
(teni now played by jasmine bhasin)
Raglak shocked..
Teni:ha im ur teni
Laksh:no u r lieing
Teni :look into my eyes laksh..she takes her hand nd keeps on her heart..
He hugged her..after a while laksh brk d hug..
Laksh:what happened to u… ur face…nd who is she..
Teni:who laksh
Laksh pointed towards ragini..teni was shocked to see her look alike..
Teni:mera chehra..
She comes towards ragini..
Ragini:r u teni
Teni nodded..
Ragini gets happy nd hugs her..
Laksh:who r u
Ragini:now its time to tell..u dont knw how much i nd ur bhai r trying to tell this..
She told everything to laksh teni..
Laksh:i knw my bhai loves me but i dont knw he loves me this much.btw u nd bhai
Ragini smiles..
Laksh:so u r mh bhabi..thank u so much..nd sry i troubled u both
Ragini:its k..laksh ..aftrall u r my devar..cant i do this thing..
Laksh:bhabi u r so sweet..
Ragini smiles
Laksh:did all family knw about u both..
Ragini nodded as no
Laksh:k i will also keep it secret..
Ragini(smiles):k u both talk i wi be back..saying she goes aside to call sanskar but it was not connected..she thought something nd smirks..
After a while laksh came after bidding bye to teni..
Laksh:bhabi chale
Ragini:ha laksh..i forgot ask..i beard she have died but..
Laksh:she told me everything..i will tell u later..fisrt come i want to meet my lovely bhai..
Ragini(biting her nails):vo laksh..dont say anything to ur bhai
Ragini:jst i want to tease him
They both smiles…
Fb ends..
Sanskar feels happy as his bro got his well as angry on raglak..
Laksh:sry bhai
Ragini:me too(with cute puppy eyes)
Sanskar looks away frm them..

I will tell in nxt episode how teni got survived nd all as i have typed 3updates today so my fingers r paining…

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