My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-20


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Ragini:i..i..(in mind god help me)
She (closed her eyes tightly):i…
Ragini(opened her eyes nd turns to him..a bright smile appears):i love u..i love u so much..
(guys hope u gt d scene..she said i love u after turning at him not laksh)
(it was sanskar who came by following them,ragini told i love u to him only)
Sanskar:ha laksh..vo..actually when i was paasing through this car tire got punctured..i found ur car there..i have to go home sry for disturb u both..
Ragini in mind wahh what an acting..

Laksh:areh bhai its not like that..
Sanskar:i will take ur car..nd i will send driver for u both until u both should spend some time together..(he said with halfheart)
Laksh:ni bhai no need..we should also come with u..
Sanskar nodded
Ragini smiles seeing sanskar whose face lighten up after hearing laksh…
They trio sits in car..sanskar was driving laksh sat beside. Ragini sat back..
Sanskar stares at ragini through d front view mirror,laksh also stares at her side view mirror..ragini smiled at sanskar..laksh thought she smiled at him..laksh was happy today as he was getting his teni back…

They reached..ragini bid bye to sanlan nd walks towarda her home..
Sanskar:laksh u go inside..i wilk come in 5min.
Laksh nodded nd gets inside his home..sanskar runs towards ragini stops her holding her wrist when she was about to enter inside her home..he pulls her..she landed on his chest..he encircles his both hands around her waist nd pulls her closer..
Sanskar:where r u going huh
Ragini:then what can i do

Sanskar:u can do anything..i dont have any pblm..he winks at her..
Ragini hits him playfully nd placed her head on his chest..
Sanskar:ragini tomorrow im going to laksh clz in delhi to find out about teni..take care..i will be back soon
Ragini:i want to come with u
Sanskar:no ragini..u stay here nd take care laksh..
Ragini:im here with laksh that too without way..plz i will come with u..plz..plz..pretty plz..

Ragini:thank u..
Sanskar:love u too

Ragini:im getting sleep..bye
Sanskar:may i drop u at ur room..
Saying he lifts her in his arms..
Ragini:what if maa papa would see

Sanskar:they might be slept
Ragini smiles she encircles her both hands around his neck..sanskar took her to room..she kissed his forehead nd says good night..sanskar also says good night in his way pecking her lips nd leaves…

Ragini comes to shekhar who was reading paper..she hugs him..
Shekhar:kya hua a days u r getting bsy..
Janki:she was going to acting class now a days(janki knws about laksh ,ap told her)
Parth(who jst came):ha dude..ur daughter will get Oscar..
Parth janki gives a hi fi eo..
Ragini:u both chup..dont tease me.
Shekhar:princess what happened..

Janki:i will tell u..she told about laksh nd ap asked to ragini act as teni..
Shekhar:what..this much happened..but no one told me
Janki:u tho bsy with ur work..u didnt give time to tell..

(shek jan dont knw about ragsan)
Ragini:papa am i doing wrong
Shekhar:my princess never do wrong..
Ragini:love u papa

Janki:u forgot ur maa..i also supported u..
Ragini :but mein toh papa princess na..she winks at shekhar..
Shekhar:u r crt princess
Janki pouts
Parth:areh jaanu your parth is with always ur u so much..
Janki:love u too dear
Parth:u knw u r d best in u jaan
Ragini:achaa then what about divya..

Janki:divya!!!who was she
Ragini:his love..
Janki:what..parth didnt u told me..u hided ur love frm me..
Parth:before i could tell..she told ..sry janu
Janki keeps annnoyed face..
Shekhar:janu u r looking so cute like this..
Ragini:ha papa super cute .
Parth (glares at them):im really sry janu..

He holds his ears…janki take off his hands frm ears..
Janki:mein maaf kardiya..
Parth:thank u jaan..he hugs her..
Janki:when will u introduce her..
Parth:soon..achaa jaan..i want to tell u one thing
Janki:kya dear

Parth:u know sanskar na..
Parth looks at ragini who widened her eyes..
Janki:ha..suji ji son..
Parth signs ragini..y booked me na now see..ragini signs him no..parth signs yes
Janki:tell parth..what about sanskar..
Ragini pleaded him through her eyes..
Parth:vo..kuch nay talking about his care towards his brother..
Janki:ha..he was really good..
Ragini gives a proud look to parth..
Janki:k now stop talking..u both r getting late for clz..
Ragini:k maa give breakfast

Janki:u love ur papa na..ask him only..
Ragini shekhar looks at eo..
Ragini:areh maa..papa loves u..i love i too love u..u r the best maa..
Parth:jaan..dont fall into her trap

Ragini:tu chup duffer…
Ragini hugs her nd says i really love u maa..she kissed her cheek..janki smiles..they trio hugs..parth pouts..shekhar says to parth..what r u doing there with monkey face..come..parth smiles..they 4 have a sweet hug..
After having bf..ragparth leaves..

Parth stopped his bike in middle,where sanskar was waiting for ragini..she gets down frm bike..
Parth:bye..take care..hope we get teni..
Ragini:bye duffer..
Parth bid bye to sanskar..
Ragini: duffer will miss u..
Parth:me too..bye

He leaves
Ragini turns at sanskar who makes a annoying face..
Sanskar:u will miss him na..k then u stay with him only..i will go alone
Ragini:dont be jealous..if u r not with me..i will miss u more..
Sanskar smiles nd drives..

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