My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-13

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Sanskar picked up ragini frm clz..he stopped his car infront of some hotel…
Ragini:hotel..sanskar y we came here
Sanskar doesnt say anything..he walks holding ragini wrist..
Ragini:sanskar bol na
Sanskar talking with receptionist
Ragini looked at him confused
Ragini:first u tell..y we came here
Sanskar:to spend tonight here..(he winks at her)
Ragini got widened her eyes in shock…

Sanskar:shall we go
Ragini:no..take me to home
Sanskar:we will go tomorrow..come
He pulls her with him..
Ragini:sanskar what r u doing leave me..
Sanskar opend one room door where one girl is there…ragini looks at sanskar then d girl..
Ragini glares at sanskar.sanskar smiles..
Uttara:who is she bhai..

Sanskar:ur bhabi..
Ragini blushes..
Uttara:really bhai..omg she is looking beautiful..
She goes to ragini nd introduced herself..they hugs..
Sanskar(to ragini):she is the one whome i met in lovely sis uttara..
Ragini gives a sry look..for doubting him..
They had some chit chat..

After dropping uttara to airport as uttara returns to usa..sanskar dives off…in car
Sanskar(noticed ragini who was kept quite):angry on me
Ragini:how could u play prank on me like that(in hotel)..
Sanskar:so u dont have trust on me na
Ragini:its not like that
Sanskar:then shall we go to hotel
Ragini glares at sanskar..
Ragini smiles..

Ragini comes to sanskar room through balcony..nd she got her eyes widened seeing sanskar who jst came out frm washroom inly towel around his waist..
Ragini(immediately turned nd closed her eyes):sry sry..i came in wrong time..
Sanskar(with naughty smirk):u came in right time only..
Sanskar came close to her nd back hugs her..ragini jst frozen in her place feeling his naked cold body..
He placed his chin on her shoulder..
Sanskar:why u came this time

Ragini(words not coming frm her mouth):vo..vo..
Sanskar smiles..he brks d hug nd makes her turn to him..she was still closed her eyes..
Sanskar:now tell
Ragini:i..i want to see i came
Sanskar:how can u see with closed ur eyes na..
Ragini:wear ur dress
Sanskar:no..first open ur eyes..

Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar pulls her by holding her waist..she landed on his chest automatically opend her eyes..
Sanskar:if u want to see me..u should have told me ma..i should only came na..
Ragini:k..wear something
Sanskar:kyun..u r not controlling urself na..seeing me like this..
Ragini:chi..its not like that
Sanskar(running his finger on her face):then
Sanskar noticed some water droplets fell on her neck frm his wet hair..he drags her even more close..ragini breaths heavily…sanskar sucks d water on her neck..ragini shivers…
Sanskar then slightly kissed her neck..

Sanskar was nuzzling her neck..
Ragini:sa..san..sanskar stop it
After composing herself she pushed sanskar..
Sanskar:kya hua..cant i romance with my lady love..
Ragini:enough of ur romance..go nd get wear dress
Sanskar nodded annoyed nd got dressed..both sits on sofa nd chit chatting…ragini told about parth nd divya..
Ragini:im very happy for my duffer..they make a good pair..

Sanskar jst smiled hiding his smirk..
After chit chatting some time…ragini goes to her home..

[email protected] room(this is for my shrilatha sis)
Swara struggles in adarsh hold who was pulling her close..
Swara:adarsh leave me na..i have to make breakfast..
Adarsh:no..yesterday mom told..she wants poti r pota..

Swara blushed..
Adarsh:if u always told leave me..leave me..then how can we give..
Swara:but adarsh..last night we(she stopped)
Adarsh(naughty):last night we???
Swara blushed hard nd hugs adarsh in shy..
Sanskar who jst came there clears his throat..

Swadarsh departed..adarsh makes excuse with embarrassment..
Sanskar:bhabi..i dont knw bhai was this much romantic.
Swara:afterall he is tje king oc romance(san)brother na..
Swara:k wats d matter..u came
Sanskar:bhabi..i planned picnic for both families..(maheswaris nd gadodias)..can u plz make ragini parents agree for this..
Sanskar:plz bhabi..ragini told she will only come if they parents too
Swara:k..i will try..

Sanskar:my sweet bhabi..
Swara:may i talk with ap mom about ur marriage with ragini.. bhabi..let them enjoy our love first..
Swara:k devar ji..enjoy..
He smiles nd goes

Ragini comes to market with janki…she was shocked to see sanskar who was talking with divya in some corner..
Ragini in mind sansksr with divya..r !they knws eo..but sanskar didnt told ..or..r they met accidentally..if they accidentally met then what they r talking about this much time..her mind filled with questions..
She called sanskar nd asks normally what he was doing…he told he was in office for important work…ragini stunned by his lie…she gets thinking ,divya sudden arrival in clg nd all…she understood his plan..but again she gets thinking whether she was thinking correct or not..she was in mixed emotions..

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  1. Oh god…Divya is planned by sanskar…..??
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    nice and I had the doubt that Sanskaar planned Divya as he was jealous of Parth,,,loved it xx

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    hello lahari ji..ammu..i mean shrilatha is again admitted in hospital ..she will be admitted for about a week…I am ur silent reader…it was awesome

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    Awesome… Cute bonding……. Amazing fact???

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