My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-11

Episode 10

Ragini calls parth who was in deep sleep..he lifts with closed eyes..
Ragini:hello duffer
Parth:kya yaar..
Ragini:r u still sleeping.. sunday he na..y r u disturbing me yaar..let me sleep
Ragini:here im restless..u r sleeping peacefully there
Parth:what happened yar
Ragini:come home immediately..
Before he could speak..she cutted d call..
Janki comes there nd handover one box to her.

Janki:go nd give to ap aunty..
Ragini:no maa i dont want to go there
Janki:go na ragu..ap ji asked me to made this maalpuri(sweet) as its sanskar fav..?
Hearing sanskar name she got angry..
Ragini:i will throw it to dustbin..but i wont give anything
Janki:raagu kya hua..y r u getting angry on small thing..what is d prblm to give..chup chap go..
Ragini unwillingly goes to sanskar home..she comes to kitchen where all ladies r there..
Ap:areh ragini beta tum

Ragini:aunty maa gave it u..
Ap(opend d box):maalpuri..
Suji:san only i will give him
Swara:chachi ruko..he was sleeping
Suji:still he was sleeping
Swara:ha..last night he came late frm office so..
Ragini in mind office my foot he might have spend time with that girl..thats y he late..
Then they hears sanskar voice who was shouting frm his room..”bhabi coffee”
Swara (made a coffee):ragini plz can u give it to sanskar..i have work in kitchen
Ragini:mein!!! no ..di..i will not give
Swara:plz ragini..give na
Ragini nodded as swara pleaded..

Whenever ragini entered ,sanskar was surprised to see ragini there..he rubbed his eyes to check whether he was dreaming r not..after pinching himself he confirmed it was not dream..ragini handover cup to him with angry face.. a beautiful morning today i have..
Ragini kept quite
Sanskar:u came to see me na..
Ragini:take d cup

Sanskar:areh first sit here..
Ragini kept d cup on table nd about to go..sanskar holds her wrist nd stopped her..
Ragini:leave my hand
Sanskar:u seems angry..what happend
Ragini:leave my hand
Sanskar:im asking something
Ragini:i dont need to reply to u
Saying she frees her hand nd left..leaving confused sanskar…

She comes to her home nd sees parth…
Ragini:u came na
Parth:ha..kya hua
Ragini:i was getting angry on sanskar..
Ragini:how could he do like that

Parth:rags can i ask something
Parth:did u fell for him
Parth:u r getting angry when u got knw he was with one girl..this is called jealous..u started loving him na..
Ragini:its not like that..he proposed me na then how could he..
Parth:look at me nd tell
Ragini:i dont knw parth..but it hurts me when i thought he was with another girl..
Parth:now what u want to do

Ragini gives i dont knw look..
Parth:k leave that all..come with me
Parth:jst for ride
Ragini:not intersted
Parth:u r coming with me thats final..

Parth takes ragini to ice cream parlour nd he got her fav ice cream..ragini had it silently with dull face..then parth takes her to rag fav park…parth in mind i got her here to lighten her mood but she?..parth says to ragini he will be back in 2min wait here..ragini nodded..
After a while one girl came nd sits beside ragini..the girl was crying ,her face was not visible as her saree pallu covered it..
Ragini:excuse me..kya hua..y r u crying
Girl didnt say anything

Ragini:y r u crying..bolona di
Girl:what to to say..(while sobbing).one idiot cheated me..he proposed me nd when i start loving him..he
Ragini:dont cry di..boys r like this only..we dont fall weak..we have to be strong..
Girl(turns at her):correct..

Ragini widend her eyes seeind d girl was parth only in girls attair..
Parth:ha..u r saying someone be strong..but what about u..y r u falling weak..u have to be strong na..i dont think my lady jemesbond became weak like this..u knw rags i dont like ur dull face it was looking horrified..i only like my rags who always happy nd made others happy.
Ragini looks at him emotionally.
Parth(sensed her emotional divert her):dont u have shame to see me like this..(he acts as girl nd covered his body with saree pallu)

Ragini glares at him nd drags d saree pallu frm him..parth shouts bachao a girl..ragini laughs seeing his cute antics..after seeing her laugh parth gets happy..
Parth comrs to her nd says my rags is back..ragini smiles nd says while pulling his cheeks.. anything for my duffer friend..they share a friendly hug..this is all witnessed by sanskar who was seeing, sitting in car..ragini noticed sanskar who was approaching them..ragini asks parth lets go..we should go home..saying he drags parth with her..before sanskar could reached there..sanskar was confused bt her sudden behaviour..

Rag parth had dinner nd chitchatting in ragini room..
Sanskar comes there through d balcony..parth gets angry as sanskar made his friend sad..
Ragini:what r u doing here..go
Sanskar:i need to talk to u
Ragini:but i dont

Sanskar:u have to
Parth:she was telling u na
Sanskar:u jst shut up nd go
Parth:no i will not go anywhere..u should go
Sanskar:ragini tell ur friend to go orelse i dont knw what i will do..
Ragini asks parth to go..parth says no..ragini requestd him to go..she will be k..parth nodded nd left..
Sanskar:y r u avoiding me
Ragini:y its bothering u
Sanskar:y not..i love u
Ragini smiles sarcastically

Sanskar:y r u smiling
Ragini:do u think im a fool
Sanskar: what r u saying..i didnt get
Ragini:dont act..u r not loving me..
Ragini:ha..u cheater
Sanskar holds hwr shoulders nd asks can u plz tell y r u talking like this..what i have done
Ragini:if u loves another girl then y did u proposed me..
Sanskar:another girl..who was she

Ragini:the one who u met in airport
Sanskar then understood..
Sanskar:have u seen us
Ragini kept quite

Sanskar:if u r angry on me about that thing then plz dont..its nothing luke thst what u r thought
Ragini:dont try to fool me
Sanskar:she is my sister uttara
Ragini:good joke..if she is ur sister then y she didnt come to ur home..
Sanskar:she ran away frm home..
Sanskar:ha..she loved someone..but in my home no one agreed for their i only helped them to ran away..she living in usa with her hub..she had somework here so she came nd i went to pickup one knew about this in my family i helping them..
Ragini:u r telling truth na
Sanskar:ha baba promise..i love u only..

Ragini bowed her head for doubting him without knowing properly..
Sanskar:btw ragini..y u got angry seeing me with someone..
Ragini( bites her cheeks):vo..vo..
Sanskar:u loves me na
Ragini(controlling her blush):its getting late..go
Sanskar:plz answer me na
Ragini:im sleepy go
Sanskar:plz tell na

Ragini:i will u tell u later..
Sanskar:i will wait

Ragini smiles..sanskar pecked her lips nd goes saying good night..she blushes..nd immediately called parth nd told everything..parth gets happy as ragini was happy..

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