My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-10

Episode 9

Rag parth reached clz..ragini was still thinking for whom sanskar bought bouquet…they walks to their cls room nd surprised to see d bouquet on her was d same bouquet which sanskar bought before a while..parth widened his eyes nd says omg rags he bought it for u only..a bright smile appread on her face..

Clg got over..parth was waiting for ragini who was in library..divya comes to him nd asks him to drop her if he can..parth was on cloud 9..he nodded nd asks her to wait 2 min..he goes to ragini..
Ragini:kya duffer
Parth:vo..divya askd me to drop her
Parth:can i drop her
Parth makes a sad face..
Ragini smiles nd says go..
Ragini nodded with smile
Parth side hugged her nd leaves happily…
Ragini comes out frm clz nd surprised to see sanskar there..
Sanskar:come get into car
Ragini:tum yaha
Sanskar:i came for u
Sanskar:no but nd vut..will u come r will i make u sit..
Ragini immediately get into car nd sits..sanskar drives off..both kept quite..ragini says in mind y he was not talking anything..btw ragini y its bothering u..her mind convo disturbed by sanskar..
Sanskar:did u likd flowers
Ragini(to tease him):no..i didnt like
Sanskar makes sad face…ragini smiles…after a whike they reached..ragini get down frm car..before she cout leave she says i lied..i loved d flowers..thank u..saying she runs to her home..leaving smiling sanskar there..

Sanskar sees ragini again climbing down..he murmers this girl na.i told her dont go at this time but she never listened to me..
He comes out frm his house nd about to go to ragini but stopped seeing shekhar with her…

Shekh ragini comes to pub nd sees parth who was waiting for them..sanskar who came behind them sees parth nd murmurs this idiot too came..
In pub..rag parth nd shekhar r dancing nd enjoying..sanskar jst watching them standing in one corner..after a while divya came to same pub..parth sees her nd comes to her..
Parth:hii..tum yaha
Divya:cant i come here
Parth:no no u didnt mean that..
Rag shek comes there
Ragini:hii divya
Shekhar whisperd in parth ear..who is this beautiful girl ha..u didnt tell about her..plz arrange date with this girl na…parth folds his both palms infront of shekhar nd says plz leave her for my sake..
Divya:kua hua
Parth:kuch nay..he is ragini’s father
Divya:namaste uncle
Hearing uncle parth chuckles..shekhar glares at him..
Parth:divya can u dance with me
Divya nodded..nd they dances..rag shek smiles at parth..after a while divya got a call nd left..trio sits near drinking counter..ragini ordered juice..parth nd shek ordered alcohol..ragini glares at both..
Shek:only one peg
Parth:me too
Ragini:no way
Shek parth:plzzzz
Ragini:k..only one
They nodded..

Ragini goes to washroom after warning both to not drink…but when she came back frm washroom..she sees both got full drunk nd half conscious..she gives a unbelievable look..she dont understand how to handle them now..nd how to take them to home..then she hears a voice..
Voice:do u need help
Ragini turns nd finds sanskar there she takes a relief nd nodded..he helps her to get them out nd makes them sit in car..first he drives to parth home..they makes him lie on bed..ragini removed his shoes nd cover him with blanket..sanskar felt jealous seeing her care towards he drives to ragini home nd got shekar inside…
Ragini:thank u so much
Sanskar:i dont need ur thanks..i want something instead of thanks
Ragini:what do u want
Sanskar:i will tell u give me a hug
Sanskar:u only askd me na..give
Sanskar:k..i will not go frm here till u gve
Sanskar:then give
Ragini moves towards him..sanskar spreads his both hands widely ..ragini moves close nd hugs him..sanskar wrapped his both hand around her tight..they lost eo in their embrace..after a while ragini gets sense she pushed sanskar..sanskar holds her wrist,pulls her nd pecks her lips nd says gud night…he leaves.
This time ragini doesnt get angry..she was blushing..she dozzed of thinking about sanskar..

Shekhar apologizing ragini for last night..but ragini seems angry..parth came..
Parth:hiii dude..hi rags
Shekhar signs him to chup nd shows ragini..parth understand..
Shekhar:sorry princess..i will not repeat this next time..
Parth:me too..promise
Shekhar:this is all bcz of this idiot..
Parth(glares at shek):mein..what i have done..
Shekhar:i said enough after taking 2 but u told continue rag will not say anything..
Parth:no rags he was lying
Shekhar:no princess im saying truth
They argued like small kids..
Ragini:both chup..

Both kept their fingers on their lips..
Ragini:if u repeat this again..i will not talk to u both..sanskar helped me to got u both to home orelse i should have stay in pub itself with u both..
Parth:what that khadoos helped
Shekhar:who..our neighbour sanskar
Ragini:ha..he only..i dont knw what he thought about us..
Parth:u dont fell..i knw he didnt thought anything..nowdays its common na..
Ragini glares at him..parth bites his toungue whike shekhar hits his forehead..
Ragini kept quite
Parth:plz forgive us yaar..we r saying na..we wont repeat it..
Shekhar:ha princess
Both kept sad pout..rag smiles..
Parth:thank god u smiled..u r my sweet friend..

He hugs her but as soon as breaks seeing sanskar who was fuming near door..parth gulped..
Janki(who jst came frm kitchen):areh sanskar beta tum..
Ragini sres him nd smilrs
Sanskar:ha aunty..vo..i came here yo give uncle watch
Ragini in mind oh it might me fell in his car last night.. came it to u
Ragini:vo..maa..vo..i only gave watch got asked me to make repair it..nd i told to sanskar..he na sanskar..
Sanskar:ha ha aunty..
Janki:but beta
Ragini:maa im getting late for clg..get my lunch box
Begore janki could speak..ragini sent her inside..shek parth rag get relieved..
Sanskar:sorry..i should have give this watch later..i didnt expect aunty would get doubt..
Ragini:its k..i will manage maa..
Sanskar nodded nd goes..parth looks st him with corner of his eyes nd murmurs khadoos..sanskar turns ,parth widened his eyes nd turns another side…

Ragini was drown in sanskar thoughts..she was smiling thinking about sanskar..disturbed by call frm parth..
Ragini:kya duffer
Ragini:kya hua
Parth:i have seen sanskar with one girl at airport..

Parth came to airport yo receive one of his friend..then he saw sanskar there..then one girl came to sanskar..sanskar smiles nd hugs her..nd they leaves in sanskar car
Fb ends

Parth:i tried to follow them but i missed..
Ragini:who was that girl
Parth:how came i knw
Ragini:r u sure it was sanskar na
Parth:ha rags
Ragini cutted d call angrily..

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